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S/MIME, BES, and BB OS 4.5 vs BB OS

All -


Background info:  We have a 3Com VoIP phone system where whenever a voice-mail is left, the person gets a copy of the voice-mail as a WAV attachment in an e-mail.  Since upgrading BES from 4.1.5 to  4.1.6, we had the NBES.EXE service on the BES crashing on a daily basis.  I had to go into Server Properties, Messaging, and set Rich Content Enabled and Inline Images Enabled to False to prevent the server from repeatedly crashing.  Doing this then meant that the e-mails that the users received with the attachment could no longer scroll to the bottom of the message and click 'Open Attachment' to hear their voicemails.  I was under the hope that when I applied 4.1.6 MR1, I could then reenable the Rich Content Enabled and Inline Images Enabled to True and we would have this ability back.  This is not the case.


I have since gotten my own Blackberry 8820 with OS 4.5 on it working with our BES 4.1.6 MR 1 using S/MIME and I have this ability back.  I would like to turn this on with my other users as well (8800s, 8820s, and 8320s) but I can't find where to get S/MIME onto them to get this working or if it is even S/MIME being the way that this is working now.


I have downloaded and installed the S/MIME add-on to one of my users 8800s for testing and I can now see S/MIME on the device.  But when I look at the user on the BES, properties, Blackberry Device, Capabilities, the S/MIME is listed as False.  Mine (the one with OS 4.5) lists it as True.


Am I looking at a 4.5 issue here?  Should I have turned on something else on the BES to allow for this capability that I may have turned on for myself, but missed for other people?  Anyone have any other suggestions as to what my issue could be?


If my issue is that I need to go to 4.5 on my devices, that's fine - could someone then kick AT&T in the bottom to have them get the code approved so I can use it!??!?!  Heck, even if it isn't a 4.5 issue, if anyone wants to kick AT&T anyway to get them going to get the 4.5 code out, I would GREATLY appreciate that too!!!!


Please let me know if anyone can help - thanks!!!




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Re: S/MIME, BES, and BB OS 4.5 vs BB OS

I have used 4.5 on AT&T devices now for over a month on 8100 8310 8800


Just get the 4.5 OS from another country and make a special package for it with osclean unless you want all other carriers stuff on it.


also http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GGLL_en&q=Optimize+your+BB+john+clar...

This is intense but is worth it.

 look at first one on BBF



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