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enterprise activation problem..Please help

Hi all,

I am new to this blackberry "world". Hopefully, I posted this in the right place.I will post the log on the next posting.

 What I know is the device managed to send etp message and BES also managed to consume that message from the inbox, so I guess there is no problem with the permission.


 So I guess the process is stuck at BES sending acknowledgement to device since the device's screen still displaying activating...

 Please help..



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Re: enterprise activation problem..Please help

first half of the log


[40423] {0x980} {Usr@svr.com} Queuing new mail through notification (external). EntryId=24

[40724] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Get record key for this MAPI object, EntryId=24

[40435] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Queuing new mail through notification. EntryId=24. Msgs Pending 0

[40719] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} GetFolderIDFromList No folder ID in list for EntryID

[40282] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Queuing DATA from etp@etp3001.etp.ap.blackberry.net, Tag=-1470351821, EntryId=24

[30083] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Sent ETP:Smiley FrustratedTATUS to BlackBerry system, Tag=-1470351821

[40700] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Receiving packet from device, size=525, TransactionId=-2116566759, Tag=-1470351821, content type=OTAKEYGEN, cmd=0x3

[40000] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} *** OTAKEYGEN *** receiving KEY_REQUEST, transID = 1782748587

[40000] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} *** OTAKEYGEN *** receiving ACTIVATION request, transID = 1782748587

[30000] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Sending data to Dispatcher, size=379, Tag=64

[40000] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} SendToDispatcher, Tag=64

[40000] :{0x8B4} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=64

[40000] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Generating AES256 key

[40000] {0xF44} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=64

[41079] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} PagerImp:Smiley FrustratedaveChanges: changed items = 70 Size = 25
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Re: enterprise activation problem..Please help

[40583] :{0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Sending packet to device, Size=249, Tag=65, TransactionId=-892416279

[40279] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=65

[40000] {0x8B4} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=65

[40279] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=-1470351821

[40000] {0x8B4} [BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=-1470351821

[40239] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Still handled by desktop

[30160] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} GetDeviceId() did not return a PIN, PIN currently is not set for this user.

[40442] {0x1324} User settings: email=Usr@svr.com, routing=Usr@svr.com, service=, device=, calendar=1, MDS=1, userOTAFM=0, incradle=0, SMIME=0, sentItems=

[40000] {0xF44} [BIPP] Received status FAILED, Tag=65
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Re: enterprise activation problem..Please help

On the handset, go to:
Options - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table
and click Register now, and escape back to the home page.

Wait 2 minutes.

Then go to Options - Advanced options.
Do you have the Option Enterprise Activation?

If so then you should be enabled for the BES data plan. if you dont have the BES data plan then the option should be removed from the handset.


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Re: enterprise activation problem..Please help

[ Edited ]

If the ETP is delivered and picked up from the mailbox, you're most of the way there. How long are you leaving it? Does it throw an error? Wireless enterprise activations can take some time depending on the signal strength/type, size of the users mailbox, server hardware, etc.


The line "[40239] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Still handled by desktop" MIGHT be giving us a hint..


Does the user have BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed? Were they ever using the Desktop Redirector? We sometimes see this message if the ETP message is not being recognized as a proper ETP message. Is there any indication that it has been modifed by an AV scanner or spam filter?


What happens if you have the user close Outlook and try the activation again?

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Re: enterprise activation problem..Please help



Found it.


>[40239] {0x1324} {Usr@svr.com} Still handled by desktop


Search for that on BTRSC...


(Sorry, run out of time to search fo rit!.


Checked out my Blackberry FAQ's and Links to Needed Articles here