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"Best Practice" configuration for 10-user server setup

I work for a company that recently installed the Blackberry server for one of our customers. They currently have 10 users or less who will be using the service. We've configured and are now testing the server, but I would like to know if there is a guide or a document that states the different options in the server and/or the best setup for a 10-user system. Thank you for any help you can provide.


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Re: "Best Practice" configuration for 10-user server setup

BES out of the box should have all features enabled and it does not need any other tunning. It's up to you if you wanna play with IT policies...
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Re: "Best Practice" configuration for 10-user server setup

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Well depending on your mail environment this can change, but some best practices


1. I'd suggest you understand how BES works and talks to your mail platform, read KB articles on what you did when you actually did when you configured your BES. Take a look at the BES looks and look at this article to see how BES records error messages





2. Back up! Make sure, just like your mail environment, you have a disaster recovery plan for your BES. Remember that the more you get to use your BES, the more mission critical it becomes, talk about disaster recovery plans with people on your team, and make sure you have a failover, or some type of response incase you have an outage.


Great info here





3. Own a blackberry, you know if you are going to be the one helping people troubleshoot issues, even if its not your preferred mobile device, which hopefully after you use it, you understand the fuss. Its a lot easier to understand this technology if you use it a lot, run through a couple of activations, see how the sync process works.




4. Make sure your BES is up to date, but also make sure that you actually are going to use the features in the upgrade

are beneficial to your environment, If its not broken, no need to fix it type attitude. I guess the underlining attitude there is, make sure that you understand whatever are going to do to your BES.




5. Understand limitations of your BES, I know you said that you only have 10 users, but if you plan to expand in the future, check out this handy calculator to see when its time to get a new BES, or maybe do some hardware reanalyzing






6. Document everything you ever do with the BES, just like a mail environment, it is a disaster to pick up later if someone does something incorrectly and a new bes admin has to pick it up later, remember, treat BES like a mission critical server just like your mail platform.




7. Remember when new devices come out, you have to make updates on your BES so that you can activate and use these device, its a quick updates that takes seconds to do, its updating some xml files, here a great article






8. Understand how the services work, and what they all do, they all serve a huge purpose and mean something, and are a great troubleshooting tool, for example, did you know you have an attachment service? It converts support message attachments into a format the blackberry can read.


Great article here











9. Secure! Make sure you is just as secure as any other production server. Make sure you know who has access to the server, and that you have all the correct out of the box provisions set correctly. ( for example, if you set a password for a user to activate wirelessly, they have 48 hours to activate, you don't wannabe playing with something like this, because the higher time, more time someone else could activate etcSmiley Happy maybe not the best example, but regardless. Keep the amount of people who have access to the BES to a minimum, and make sure they understand what they are doing. Out of the box, bes is great, but you can make it so much more better on your end just by understanding the concepts, and how security works, and what port BES uses etc:


Great article




this article is on setting your BES services in diffrent network segments, even though I think that is silly, still a great article.





10. Ask questions, a lot of great people here to help you, usually between posting here and at blackberryforums.com I can either find my answer just by searching, or asking for help. Never be afraid to ask for help on an issue. the community is here to help.




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