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slow delivery of push messages

I'm having a problem with push messages getting down to phones in a timely manner and not sure what the cause could be...The app is pushing critical messages down through our MDS push server to a couple of test phones - one is a curve on 4.5 and one is a Storm running 4.7. I'm pushing the messages with the following headers from a .NET WCF Service:


req.Method = "POST";


req.Headers.Add("X-RIM-Push-NotifyURL", this.NotifyURL);

req.Headers.Add("X-RIM-Push-Reliability-Mode", "TRANSPORT");

req.Headers.Add("X-RIM-Push-Priority", "high"); 


For now I am stuck using TRANSPORT reliability mode because the BES admins haven't opened up a reliable push port for me to use and I'm wondering if that is part of the problem. The POST to the MDS server is happening within 1 second of me receiving my event from another source, but it takes, on average, 5-10 minutes for the push to reach the phone. These messages are critical and, ideally, must be delivered to the phone within 5 seconds - with about 15 seconds being the maximum acceptable time limit.


The push URL is using the PIN as the delivery address, not the email address. 



What is the standard time for delivery of push messages?


Does application vs. transport reliability mode have any bearing on how quickly the messages are delivered?



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Re: slow delivery of push messages

So I think this might be because I was specifying a NotifyURL that wasn't a valid URL (it was leftover from the httppushdemo sample code)...My guess is that the MDS server was trying to notify of delivery and not doing so asynchronously so it would wait until that timed out until it sent the next message.  This would explain why it appeared the first push message would come through quickly, then each one from that point one was really slow. Taking out that header appears to have sped things up, though I'm going to need to test more to be sure.


Anyone know how the MDS push server handles the notification and if it does indeed block further push messages, maybe only from the same host, while it waits to notify of the delivery of the previous message? 

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Re: slow delivery of push messages

what sort of things do you use your MDS for?
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Re: slow delivery of push messages

You can use MDS for making your own apps, CRM, ERM, ICS etc..


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Re: slow delivery of push messages

Same problem here! i think i'm the only one who got this problem.

When i send rim/pap push to MDS it happening instantly, but it takes about 2~5 min (same like DingusMcgee)

NotifyURL set to localhost:7778 is it corect?


any help for this problem?

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