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Registered: ‎10-09-2012
My Device: Blackberry Server Express 5.0.3
My Carrier: TMob

BES Xpress 5.0.3 and remote SQL2005 DB issue

I've installed BES Xpress 5.0.3 on one W2K8 R2 VM with the config database on a remote SQL2005 instance.


The installation seemed to run ok and I could log into the BES admin java portal, configure polices, add usres from AD and register users phones, however, the database on the SQL2005 server has grown to over 11Gb in one week! I am seeing lots of "Login failed" for user "BesMgmt" (default user name for install) in the SQL server logs with actual log eror ID pertainign to password mismatch and the local BES "BBAS-AS_01_20121009_0002" log file is growing to over a 1 Gig a day...I'm seeing lots of the following lines which I can only presume is stored procedures or tasks not running/not flushing


00] {u=SystemUser, t=2959435} _createReconciliationEventTaskAfterJobClosed RECONCILIATION: created event task -1 added to closed event job 363 for processing 365
(10/09 12:21:11:171):{WorkManager(2)-738} [com.rim.bes.bas.reconciliationmanager.ReconciliationManagerBean] [DEBUG] [BBAS-200] {u=SystemUser, t=2959435} _executeCreateReconciliationEventTask RECONCILIATION: executing the create reconciliation event task for processing job 365 with delivery job -1 post false
(10/09 12:21:11:186):{WorkManager(2)-738} [com.rim.bes.bas.reconciliationmanager.ReconciliationManagerBean] [DEBUG] [BBAS-200] {u=SystemUser, t=2959435} Exit bean ReconciliationManagerBean.createReconciliationEventTaskDelayedLocal
(10/09 12:21:11:202):{WorkManager(2)-738} [com.rim.bes.bas.reconciliationmanager.ReconciliationManagerBean] [DEBUG] [BBAS-200] {u=SystemUser, t=2959445} Enter bean ReconciliationManagerBean.createReconciliationEventTaskDelayedLocal
(10/09 12:21:11:202):{WorkManager(2)-738} [com.rim.bes.bas.reconciliationmanager.ReconciliationManagerBean] [DEBUG] [BBAS-200] {u=SystemUser, t=2959445} _createReconciliationEventTask RECONCILIATION: do delivery job 364, processing job 365, post false
(10/09 12:21:11:202):{WorkManager(2)-738} [com.rim.bes.bas.jobmanager.JobManagerBean] [DEBUG] [BBAS-200] {u=SystemUser, t=2959446} Enter bean JobManagerBean.findLastTaskForIncompleteJobLocal


I am at a bit of a loss as to how to fix this as I can't find anything on the BES server to check in terms of username and password for the SQL login


chers in advance if anyone has come across this and can offer a pointer