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Exchange 2013 and Blackberry Express - agents stopping

Hello Gurus, 

Having a major headache with Blackberry Express, we have migrated over from exchange 2007 to exchange 2013, patched blackberry express server appropriately etc


We had issues with multiple handsets not able to contact the server or activate, so have found we have had to assign multiple users to individual separate agents as they were unable to contact the server. however more and more of these seem to be failing, in the logs we see the following:




'{DBNS}:  There are not related tables'


followed by


'[user address] Failed to prepare the initial message body for pager, trying plain text instead'


followed by

''BES' agent 213: will not restart - reached the maximum of 10 restarts per 24 hours, next restart on Thu Aug 14 10:46:22 2014'


MAGT log:

all that is immediate before the agent crashes is the following:

[BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=1409880
[40695] (08/13 10:53:21.273):{0x1D38} {user@ Reload folders completed
[30000] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x1D38} {user@} Sending data to Dispatcher, size=464, Tag=1124152
[40000] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x1D38} {user@} SendToDispatcher, Tag=1124152
[40000] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x1FA8} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=1124152
[30315] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x1D38} {user@} Sending data to PIM Connector, size=344
[40000] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x38F0} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=1124152
[40279] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x1D38} {user@} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=1124153
[40793] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x1D38} {user@} GetConfig request sent to the PIM Connector. Target=GetConfig
[40000] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x1FA8} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=1124153
[40000] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x38F0} [BIPP] Received datagram, Tag=1409881
[40000] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x38F0} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=1124153
[30384] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x1D38} {user@domain.org.uk} Packet has been delivered to PIM Connector, Tag=1124153
[40000] (08/13 10:53:21.289):{0x38F0} [BIPP] Received datagram, Tag=1409882
[40951] (08/13 10:53:21.304):{0x1D38} {user@domain.org.uk} Private folder (Contacts) added for synching for user. (folderID = 4)
[40845] (08/13 10:53:21.507):{0x1D38} {user@domain.org.uk} SetPIMState - Registering for PIM synchronization (bState=1, bRet=1)
[30416] (08/13 10:53:21.507):{0x1D38} {user@domain.org.uk} Established session with PIM Connector
[40959] (08/13 10:53:21.507):{0x1D38} {user@domain.org.uk} Sync folder count: 22 mail, 1 calendar, 1 contacts, 1 tasks, 1 memos
[40799] (08/13 10:53:21.507):{0x1D38} {user@domain.org.uk} Processed request from PIM Connector: cmd=0x5, Tag=1409882
[40279] (08/13 10:53:21.507):{0x1D38} {user@domain.org.uk} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=1409882
[40000] (08/13 10:53:21.507):{0x1FA8} [BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=1409882
[40000] (08/13 10:53:25.049):{0x3760} RpcGetSubject is called. [CH=18035752, MH=18119424]
[40000] (08/13 10:53:25.049):{0x3760} RpcGetFirstAttachment is called. [CH=18035752, MH=18119424]
[40000] (08/13 10:53:25.049):{0x3760} RpcGetAttachmentInfoW is called. [CH=18035752, MH=18119424, AH=17876552]
[40000] (08/13 10:53:25.049):{0x3760} RpcGetNextAttachment is called. [CH=18035752, MH=18119424]
[45187] (08/13 10:53:25.065):{0x1A58} HTML email requires 14222 bytes for 0 bytes of plain text
[35036] (08/13 10:53:25.065):{0x1A58} Not enough content fits into first packet using HTML
[20710] (08/13 10:53:25.065):{0x1A58} {user@domain.org.uk} Failed to prepare the initial message body for pager, trying plain text instead
[30550] (08/13 10:53:25.065):{0x1A58} {user@domain.org.uk} HTML email RefId -221933411 contains too little actual text data, reverting to plaintext
[40000] (08/13 10:53:32.789):{0x3760} RpcGetSubject is called. [CH=18035752, MH=18119424]
[40000] (08/13 10:53:32.789):{0x3760} RpcGetFirstAttachment is called. [CH=18035752, MH=18119424]
[40000] (08/13 10:53:32.789):{0x3760} RpcGetAttachmentInfoW is called. [CH=18035752, MH=18119424, AH=17876552]
[40000] (08/13 10:53:32.789):{0x3760} RpcGetNextAttachment is called. [CH=18035752, MH=18119424]
[40669] (08/13 10:53:32.789):{0x1A58} {user@domain.org.uk} Sending 1500 bytes of message body 25697 bytes, RefId=-221933411, EntryId=89
[30081] (08/13 10:53:32.789):{0x1A58} {user@domain.org.uk} Sending message to device, size=2070, EntryId=89, RefId=-221933411, TransactionId=-739560064, Tag=1124154
[40279] (08/13 10:53:32.789):{0x1A58} {user@domain.org.uk} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=1124154
[40000] (08/13 10:53:32.789):{0x1FA8} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=1124154

CTRL log:

[30000] (08/13 10:53:34.849):{0x11F8} 'BES' agent 213 stopped. Exit code = 128
[20406] (08/13 10:53:34.849):{0x11F8} ' BES' agent 213: will not restart - reached the maximum of 10 restarts per 24 hours, next restart on Thu Aug 14 10:46:22 2014
[30000] (08/13 10:53:50.033):{0x11F8} Agent 2: CPU usage 15.834633%
[30000] (08/13 10:53:50.033):{0x11F8} Agent 205: CPU usage 11.700000%



we have run the shell command to amend throttling on exchange as per the KB24613, but still this keeps happening, only way to combat it is to restart the box (server 2003)


any help would be massively appreciated