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TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)



can anyone help with this issue? i tried possible workaround provided in BES KB. MAGT log below and i have an exchange 2013 environment.


[30000] (09/15 08:45:52.492):{0x12DC} [ENV] [DB] Connection String = Server=BESX\BLACKBERRY;Database=BESMgmt;Network=dbmssocn;Trusted_Connection=Yes
[30000] (09/15 08:45:52.492):{0x12DC} [ENV] [DB] DBMS Name = Microsoft SQL Server;  DBMS Version = 10.50.1600;  Provider Name = sqlncli10.dll;  Provider Friendly Name = Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 10.0;  OLE DB Version = 02.80;  Provider Version = 10.50.1600.1;  Failover Partner =
[35019] (09/15 08:45:52.508):{0x12DC} [ENV] [DB] Database Schema Version:  5.0.4 <5.0.2012.08.09>
[30000] (09/15 08:45:52.602):{0x12DC} ADO ConnectionTimeout value = 30s
[30000] (09/15 08:45:52.602):{0x12DC} ADO ConnectionTimeout for re-initalizing the pool = 45s
[40682] (09/15 08:45:52.633):{0x12DC} AddPagerToList(user) - UserId=1
[40682] (09/15 08:45:52.664):{0x12DC} AddPagerToList(BES Admin2) - UserId=2
[30231] (09/15 08:45:52.758):{0x12DC} [CFG] 3DES encryption keys are ENABLED on this server
[30231] (09/15 08:45:52.758):{0x12DC} [CFG] AES256 encryption keys are ENABLED on this server
[40000] (09/15 08:45:52.898):{0x12DC} [CFG] Trait Settings: EnableLegacyProfileConfig is true
[30054] (09/15 08:45:52.898):{0x12DC} Starting Message System
[30055] (09/15 08:45:52.929):{0x12DC} Using MAPI profile BlackBerryServer
[40206] (09/15 08:45:52.945):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedubsystemInitialize - Using MAPI profile 'BlackBerryServer'
[40113] (09/15 08:46:59.284):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66040003) Value=6
[20137] (09/15 08:48:07.091):{0x12DC} MailboxManager::TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)
[40113] (09/15 08:48:07.091):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66040003) Value=32774
[20137] (09/15 08:50:21.608):{0x12DC} MailboxManager::TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)
[40113] (09/15 08:50:21.608):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66190003) Value=9
[40113] (09/15 08:50:21.608):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66040003) Value=6
[20137] (09/15 08:51:29.109):{0x12DC} MailboxManager::TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)
[40113] (09/15 08:51:29.109):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66040003) Value=32774
[20137] (09/15 08:52:34.215):{0x12DC} MailboxManager::TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)
[40113] (09/15 08:52:34.215):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66190003) Value=10
[40113] (09/15 08:52:34.215):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66040003) Value=6
[20137] (09/15 08:53:39.448):{0x12DC} MailboxManager::TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)
[40113] (09/15 08:53:39.448):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66040003) Value=32774
[20137] (09/15 08:54:44.553):{0x12DC} MailboxManager::TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)
[20137] (09/15 08:56:54.401):{0x12DC} MailboxManager::TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)
[40113] (09/15 08:56:54.401):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66040003) Value=6
[20137] (09/15 08:57:58.542):{0x12DC} MailboxManager::TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)
[40113] (09/15 08:57:58.542):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66190003) Value=9
[40113] (09/15 08:57:58.542):{0x12DC} MailboxManager:Smiley FrustratedetProfileProp - HrSetOneProp(BlackBerryServer_Agent1,0x66040003) Value=32774

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Re: TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)

Hello raypedong,

Thank you for your question regarding TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111).


Can I get you to confirm you have been through both of these KB articles below. These are specific to Exchange 2013.


KB33406 - BlackBerry Enterprise Server support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013


KB33413 - How to configure the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to leverage RPC/HTTP for Microsoft Excha...

Let me know if you have any other questions.

- LW


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My Device: Curve 9300
My Carrier: Mobifone

Re: TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)

Yes i have done this kb
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Re: TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)

Did you fixed this ?


Experiencing the same thing on this BES after service account mailbox was moved to Exchange 2013 (Single server with CAS and MBX)


When i try to re-create the MAPI profile, and type the service accountname, and servername of either:


Exchange 2013 FQDN

Exchange 2013 NETBIOS

Exchange2013 GUID


I get an error:

The name could not be resolved. Network problems are preventing connections to the Microsoft Exchange server.


If i then type the AD DNS, a DC, or the old Exchange 2010 servername i can resolve the name, and it corrects the servername to the new Exchange 2013 server.


If i then restart the BES services i get the same error in the MAGT log


Help is greatly appreciated


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Re: TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)

are you using the OLD BES and trying to connect to 2013?


You cant do that as 2013 uses RPC and not MAPI


You have to make a new BES to support 2013 for a migration


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BES 12 and BES 5.0.4 with Exchange 2010 and SQL 2012 Hyper V

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Re: TestOpenMsgStore - OpenMsgStore (0x80040111)



Thank you for your reply.


I found out to basicly follow all steps in kb33413

(some misunderstandings regarding the Mixed mode explanasion (Mixed 2010/2013 and Mixed Office 365)?)


Since the MAPI profiler cannot get configuration from autodiscover service (Exchange GUID and RPC over HTTPS), this must be entered manually regardless of environment.


- Laaz