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Administration service session fails to open: System error, before asking for credentials

I have Blackberry Enterprise Server v5.0 for Exchange running on a dedicated BES server, Windows 2003 64-bit. IIS has not been installed on the server. There is a single Blackberry server in this environment. The server was upgraded from BES v4.0.7.16, and the upgrade went smoothly with no errors. The BES database is on a SQL 2005 server running on a separate machine. BES is accessing mailboxes on an EXchange 2003 server, and several mailboxes on an Exchange 2007 server. Motivation for the BES upgrade was support of Exchange 2007, mail migration project in progress. Blackberry traffic is being delivered both inbound and outbound with no problems.


The Blackberry Administration Service web application ran fine from a workstation, I was not able to get it to run on the BES server. All was fine for several days. There have been no changes to the server since the upgrade.


today the Administration Service fails with the message "The application has encountered a system error. Please report this error to the system administrator". I have rebooted the BES server, with no change in behavior.


I have been through numerous forums. The most helpful link I have found is http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/microsites/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=KB18185&slic.... I have not found anything that applies.


Entries in the BBSA-AS log are numerous, and repeat exactly each time I attempt to start start the Administrative Service page. I am doing this as https://<serverName>/webconsole/login  To say again, this has worked flawlessly for several days following the upgrade, today it fails consistently, and even after rebooting the BES server. The web application fails before asking for login credentials.


I list header and tail of each block of entries in BBSA-AS for a single occurence.


Thank you for any help!



The BBSA-AS log has these entries:

(06/04 23:33:36:784):{http-BOSBESP01.NOVUSCAP.LOCAL%2F10.11.3.220-443-1} [STDERR] [ERROR] org.apache.tapestry.StaleSessionException: login required but session not logged in, about to throw StaleSessionException [context:/com/rim/bes/bas/web/adminconsole/pages/login/Home.page, line 25, column 79]
(06/04 23:33:36:878):{http-BOSBESP01.NOVUSCAP.LOCAL%2F10.11.3.220-443-1} [STDERR] [ERROR]  at com.rim.bes.bas.web.common.BASBasePage.pageValidate(BASBasePage.java:1034)
(06/04 23:33:36:878):{http-BOSBESP01.NOVUSCAP.LOCAL%2F10.11.3.220-443-1} [STDERR] [ERROR]  at org.apache.tapestry.AbstractPage.firePageValidate(AbstractPage.java:585)
(06/04 23:33:36:878):{http-BOSBESP01.NOVUSCAP.LOCAL%2F10.11.3.220-443-1} [STDERR] [ERROR]  at org.apache.tapestry.AbstractPage.validate(AbstractPage.java:307)


(06/04 23:33:36:893):{http-BOSBESP01.NOVUSCAP.LOCAL%2F10.11.3.220-443-1} [STDERR] [ERROR]  at org.apache.tomcat.util.net.JIoEndpoint$Worker.run(JIoEndpoint.java:447)
(06/04 23:33:36:893):{http-BOSBESP01.NOVUSCAP.LOCAL%2F10.11.3.220-443-1} [STDERR] [ERROR]  at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
(06/04 23:33:36:893):{http-BOSBESP01.NOVUSCAP.LOCAL%2F10.11.3.220-443-1} [com.rim.bes.bas.web.common.CommonExceptionPresenter] [WARN] [BBAS-2007] {unknown} Caught unknown exception

*** Start of original stack trace ***

org.apache.hivemind.ApplicationRuntimeException: subPageInit getOrganizationBrandingSessionCommand failed
 at com.rim.bes.bas.web.console.pages.login.Login.subPageInit(Login.java:1046)
 at com.rim.bes.bas.web.adminconsole.pages.login.Login.subPageInit(Login.java:129)
 at com.rim.bes.bas.web.common.BASBasePage.onPageInit(BASBasePage.java:1260)

Caused by: com.rim.bes.bas.command.CommandException: CommandException APPLICATION: com.rim.bes.bas.pluginmanager.NoPlugInModulesRegisteredException: com.rim.bes.bas.pluginmanager.NoPlugInModulesRegisteredException
 at com.rim.bes.bas.commands.pluginmanager.GetRegisteredPlugInModules.handleServerDoit(GetRegisteredPlugInModules.java:122)
 at com.rim.bes.bas.command.ServerCommand.handleDoit(ServerCommand.java:154)
 at com.rim.bes.bas.command.Command.doit(Command.java:247)
 at com.rim.bes.bas.web.console.pages.login.Login.subPageInit(Login.java:1031)
 ... 76 more

*** end of original stack trace ***