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Issue enrolling BB10 and playbook



both on BB10 and playbook, I'm receiving the following error on enrollment attempt  over wifi:


Contacting server

Establishing secure communication with server

Activation can't be completed. Check that you are connected to a network or contact your administrator for assistance.


I cannot see teh request arrive from the log, but I cannot fing any issue.


I've already checked http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-Enterprise-Service-10/Unable-to-activate-any-BB-de... but it has not solved my issue.


Here an extract of the DISP logs, were I've changed servername/username


<#03>[30518] (06/04 14:51:58.623):{0x1420} [BIPPe] {Test User} Forwarding data to ext service (IPPP), size=385, extTag=116, Tag=-748821167
<#04>[40279] (06/04 14:51:58.623):{0x1420} {Test User} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=-748821167
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:51:58.624):{0x1418} [BIPP] EVENT=Send_RECEIVE, VERSION=1, TAG=116, SIZE=480
<#04>[40324] (06/04 14:51:58.624):{0x1418} [BIPPe] (IPPP,1) Datagram SENT (501A9F76:116:385)
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:51:58.625):{0x1418} [BIPPe] (IPPP,1) Received ACCEPTED (116)
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:51:58.625):{0x1414} [SRPSmiley Frustrated10255403] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=-748821167
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:51:58.625):{0x1414} [SRP] EVENT=Send_STATUS, VERSION=3, TAG=-748821167, STATUS=1
<#04>[40329] (06/04 14:51:59.071):{0x1418} [BIPPe] (IPPP,1) Datagram RECEIVED (501a9f76:728825968:1808)
<#03>[30222] (06/04 14:51:59.078):{0x1424} {Test User} MTH: contentType=IPPP, sizeOTA=1428, sizeOTW=1603, TransactionId=728825968, Tag=127, device=501a9f76;KNauT6nW2a4pnBWt3inAbgh8IqjUX2FiZS/OamTyOWU8EB3Zmgyc0r0lbcEUbj2b
<#03>[30313] (06/04 14:51:59.086):{0x1424} {Test User} Sending external data to device, contentType=IPPP, routing=S10255403, device=501a9f76;KNauT6nW2a4pnBWt3inAbgh8IqjUX2FiZS/OamTyOWU8EB3Zmgyc0r0lbcEUbj2b, size=1535, cmd=0x3, TransactionId=728825968, Tag=127, Submit=0
<#04>[40279] (06/04 14:51:59.086):{0x1424} {Test User} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=127
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:51:59.086):{0x1414} [SRPSmiley Frustrated10255403] Send data, Tag=127, Submit=0, Size=1535
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:51:59.087):{0x1414} [SRP] EVENT=Send_DATA, VERSION=3, TAG=127, SIZE=1535
<#03>[30452] (06/04 14:51:59.623):{0x1498} CheckUserListChanges: found 1 removed user
<#03>[30045] (06/04 14:51:59.623):{0x1498} Stopping account for BBAcctID=[Test User, UserId=15]
<#03>[30070] (06/04 14:51:59.627):{0x1428} User Test User, UserId=15 shutting down...
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.108):{0x1410} [SRP] EVENT=Receive_STATUS, VERSION=3, TAG=127, STATUS=1
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.108):{0x1410} [SRPSmiley Frustrated10255403] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=127, AckRequired=0
<#03>[30368] (06/04 14:52:00.108):{0x142C} {Test User} Packet has been delivered to device, Tag=127
<#04>[40321] (06/04 14:52:00.109):{0x1418} [BIPPe] (IPPP,1) Datagram DELIVERED, extTag=728825968, status=1
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.109):{0x1418} [BIPP] EVENT=Send_STATUS, VERSION=1, TAG=728825968, STATUS=1
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.123):{0x1498} CleanMonitoringUserContext : 15 - [<unknown>]
<#03>[30558] (06/04 14:52:00.123):{0x1498} Total number of users: 2
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.814):{0x1410} [SRP] EVENT=Receive_DATA, VERSION=3, TAG=1525523619, SIZE=1467
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.814):{0x1410} [SRPSmiley Frustrated10255403] Received datagram, Tag=1525523619, Size=1467
<#04>[40700] (06/04 14:52:00.815):{0x1430} {Test User} Receiving packet from device, size=1467, TransactionId=457014646, Tag=1525523619, content type=IPPP, cmd=0x3
<#03>[30222] (06/04 14:52:00.816):{0x1430} {Test User} MFH: contentType=IPPP, sizeOTA=1360, sizeOTW=1418, TransactionId=457014646, Tag=1525523619, device=501A9F76;KNauT6nW2a4pnBWt3inAbgh8IqjUX2FiZS/OamTyOWU8EB3Zmgyc0r0lbcEUbj2b
<#03>[30518] (06/04 14:52:00.817):{0x1430} [BIPPe] {Test User} Forwarding data to ext service (IPPP), size=1529, extTag=117, Tag=1525523619
<#04>[40279] (06/04 14:52:00.817):{0x1430} {Test User} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=1525523619
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.818):{0x1418} [BIPP] EVENT=Send_RECEIVE, VERSION=1, TAG=117, SIZE=1632
<#04>[40324] (06/04 14:52:00.818):{0x1418} [BIPPe] (IPPP,1) Datagram SENT (501A9F76:117:1529)
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.818):{0x1414} [SRPSmiley Frustrated10255403] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=1525523619
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.818):{0x1414} [SRP] EVENT=Send_STATUS, VERSION=3, TAG=1525523619, STATUS=1
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:00.819):{0x1418} [BIPPe] (IPPP,1) Received ACCEPTED (117)
<#04>[40329] (06/04 14:52:01.347):{0x1418} [BIPPe] (IPPP,1) Datagram RECEIVED (501a9f76:728825969:272)
<#03>[30222] (06/04 14:52:01.351):{0x1438} {Test User} MTH: contentType=IPPP, sizeOTA=84, sizeOTW=70, TransactionId=728825969, Tag=128, device=501a9f76;KNauT6nW2a4pnBWt3inAbgh8IqjUX2FiZS/OamTyOWU8EB3Zmgyc0r0lbcEUbj2b
<#03>[30313] (06/04 14:52:01.352):{0x1438} {Test User} Sending external data to device, contentType=IPPP, routing=S10255403, device=501a9f76;KNauT6nW2a4pnBWt3inAbgh8IqjUX2FiZS/OamTyOWU8EB3Zmgyc0r0lbcEUbj2b, size=190, cmd=0x3, TransactionId=728825969, Tag=128, Submit=0
<#04>[40279] (06/04 14:52:01.352):{0x1438} {Test User} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=128
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:01.352):{0x1414} [SRPSmiley Frustrated10255403] Send data, Tag=128, Submit=0, Size=190
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:01.352):{0x1414} [SRP] EVENT=Send_DATA, VERSION=3, TAG=128, SIZE=190
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:01.946):{0x1410} [SRP] EVENT=Receive_STATUS, VERSION=3, TAG=128, STATUS=1
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:01.946):{0x1410} [SRPSmiley Frustrated10255403] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=128, AckRequired=0
<#03>[30368] (06/04 14:52:01.946):{0x143C} {Test User} Packet has been delivered to device, Tag=128
<#04>[40321] (06/04 14:52:01.947):{0x1418} [BIPPe] (IPPP,1) Datagram DELIVERED, extTag=728825969, status=1
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:01.947):{0x1418} [BIPP] EVENT=Send_STATUS, VERSION=1, TAG=728825969, STATUS=1
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:52:27.563):{0x1418} [BIPP] EVENT=Receive_INFO, VERSION=1, SIZE=41
<#04>[40355] (06/04 14:52:27.563):{0x1418} [BIPPe] (IPPP,1) Received INFO
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:53:01.958):{0x1414} [SRP] EVENT=Send_PING, VERSION=3, TAG=361
<#04>[40000] (06/04 14:53:01.958):{0x1414} [SRPSmiley Frustrated10255403] Ping 361 sent



Do you have any idea on what to check?




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Re: Issue enrolling BB10 and playbook

Hello mirparx,

Thank you for your question regarding Activation issues on BES 10.1.


Just to confirm the DNS record for the BAS POOL name (normally the FQDN of the server where BAS is installed)  is a HOST (A) record on the DNS server?

Let me know if you have any other questions.

- LW


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My Device: Curve 8520
My Carrier: Vodafone

Re: Issue enrolling BB10 and playbook

Yes, I confirm it is an A record.


Thanks for your reply