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BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10

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Accepted Solution

MAPI (8004011d)

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First of hello! This is my firstpost and I've looked around this site quite a bit in recent times. Has been a valuable resource. Now it's my turn to ask questions as I can't find ze answers. ;-)


Ok. So I have a stable and installed blackberry/email server. This is being migrated to a virtual environment in another country. We only have 20 BB users. The mail server has been successfully migrated and works (internally) in it's new place (same domain - MX records are being switched this weekend). The original blackberry server is also working still.


The new server is MS Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with Exchange 2007 SP1. BES  v5.0.1. The environment has several mail servers, mine being the newest one (all are identical setups), with no other BB servers.


I've installed the BES 5 as per instructions being careful to follow all pre-reqs etc before even running setup. I believe I have set up the BES Admin (will ref as 'besadmin' for the rest of the post) account properly but I've hit a few things that lead me to believe I've missed some vitals. I can login to the BB Admin control panel. I do not authenticate using LDAP.



First off when I go to add users I cannot find other users in the directory. I'm guessing this is a permissions thing and the user cannot access AD. So following post resolutions lead me to test the account using IEMSTest.exe. So I login to the server and bring up a command prompt under BESAdmin credentials. I'm hit with the error

OpenMsgStore() for this profile failed (8004011d)


I'm at a wall with this. I've double, triple and quadruple checked the account permissions. It has Send As, View As Admin, it's only in Domain Users group. I've installed ExchangeMapiCDO files.


Would appreciate some assistance

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My Device: Curve 8520
My Carrier: Vodaphone UK

Re: Errors setting up server!

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Also.. And I'm not sure how relevant this is as I got this error on our other BB server but when I click Edit MAPI Configuration on the Blackberry Server tab on the config panel I get

'The MAPI subsystem cannot be correctly initialized and used. Please make sure MAPI is installed and configured properly.'


EDIT: I've read this post which seems this is the button I need to click to re-assign the service account.





Ok You can forget this post.. I ran the BB Control Panel Util as BESAdmin and reset the Service account. Still get the error though.

I can only resolve the server name while doing this using the IP (which then gives the server name.. It has a DNS Host (A) record so not sure why this happens).



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My Device: Curve 8520
My Carrier: Vodaphone UK

Re: Errors setting up server!

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Thanks for all the help. You were amazing... I mean so many replies.. Smiley Indifferent


Anyway.. I solved it all myself. You can see it here





Just to clear this up for anyone who was having similar issues.

I uninstalled BES Express 5.0.1 and attempted to test from scratch. I went through all the pre-install tasks hitting warnings about permissions already existing.. Fine all the way through till..


During install the BES installer wouldn't resolve it's own name.. It would by IP, but also wouldn't then continue through the setup.

Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard + Exchange 2007 (x64)


This problem was resolved by disabling IPv6. I was told not to do this as Exchange 2007 doesn't work well without it but after testing my emails are still getting out and internal emails are still working. (I'm yet to recieve emails from the outside world but this will be fine one I finish migration and MX records are switched - Expected result)

For those without EE access the resolution is documented on the MS site also.

So. I continue on my journey wondering what is next in store for me..

Very minor problem and fixed within a few minutes. During the install of BES it upgraded my version of SQL Express (I think to SP3). I hit an error while trying to create the SQL database.

Nice and easy. While logged in as the account I wanted to promote (to have SQL superpowers) I did the following;
Start > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Surface Area Configuration
Then 'Add New Administrator' and move all available permissions over (Check your user is in the top right text box.

Excellent.... What next??

OpenMsgStore() for this profile failed (8004011d) after testing IEMSTest.exe with the BESAdmin account.

I was also given an error during install which is why I again tested IEMSTest.exe. On BES Express 5.0.2 install you have a tick-box to check permissions for the user. A great addition to the install process.

It turns out in my haste at the beginning of the pre-req setup I had created a local BESAdmin account with the same name. Having done this on the Exchange server I noticed I was adding the permissions for this to exchange (ViewOnlyAdmin, etc). I disabled this account as I do not need or want it. I then proceeded again with new found hope, and run the 'script/command' again using 'Domain\User' to identify the user I want to promote. It worked and permissions were applied.

So I plod along through the install, now confident this will work as it's been happier than the last time I attempted this.

I click finish and it's done!. Excellent!

One more thing I will note though. When loading into Internet Explorer I get an error about the certificate. I plan on tidying this up but a crude fix to skip clicking 'Click here to continue (Not Recommended)' was to install the certificate to the 'Trusted Root Certificate Authorities' store.

Thankyou & Goodnight!!!

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Re: Errors setting up server!

Thanks for sharing your solution. I though on your second post to ignore. glad to see your diong better/.


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