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My Device: Blackberry Tour 9630
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Merge Address Book on Tour

I have the Tour 9630 with Verizon. I'm using Outlook 2007 and the BES is 5.0

Here is the problem. I have 3"Contact Lists" showing on my Tour. You get there by clicking on the address book then go to options. This is what it looks like below.


65 contacts (Desktop) which you change wireless sync to yes or no.

359 contacts(Unknown) which you cannot change sync, doesn't show the option

74 contacts (Unknown) which you cannot change sync, doesn't show the option

Total of 498 contacts


I need to merge all of these contact lists into one and then sync it back to Outlook.


I  backed up all my contacts using the Blackberry Desktop Manager but it separates the contacts with "Address Book" and "Address Book All" in my device.


I shut off wireless sync first on my device then used the Advance Button in Backup and Restore on my Blackberry Desktop Manager, it actually shows 2 contact lists but when you restore it shows 3 contact lists in the Blackberry Tour.

I did this after a complete wipe of my device several times.

Clearing the address book  on my device using the advance feature will clear both address books inside.

Then you highlight both contact files using the control key and send to device, same thing it separates the contacts again.

I even used a Blackberry Curve to see if the problem was with my Tour, same outcome.


With wireless sync back on it says that its syncing my contacts but I got nothing in Outlook.

I can add a new contact in Outlook and it will sync that new contact on my blackberry but that's it for syncing anything from my device.


I need a way to "Push" all of my contacts back to Outlook.


If anyone had this same issue and was able to fix this "Merge or Push" back to Outlook please respond it would be greatly appreciated.


Trust me I have done everything and search this entire forum for a solution and I think I might be the only one with this problem???










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Re: Merge Address Book on Tour

Hello TourUser808,

Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.


Please try the following, after wiping the BlackBerry Smartphone only restore the address book – all database in the Advance restore. (Prior to activating the BlackBerry Smartphone). This should restore all of the contacts into 1 database on the BlackBerry Smartphone, then you can configure the synchronization and do a wired sync to your Outlook.


Here is a link to our knowledge base on how to configure the synchronization.


Link: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB17022


Thank you



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My Device: 9630 Tour
My Carrier: Verizon

Re: Merge Address Book on Tour

I have the same problem as stated above.  Wiping out my blackberry and reloading will take hours, are you certain that doing the steps you suggest will work?


And why is this happening or this there another method to fixing this problem.  There doesn't seem to be anyway to change the contacts under "unknown" into the "desktop".  I have 1150 contacts under a view called "unknown" and 24 in the one called "desktop".

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Re: Merge Address Book on Tour

Got the same issue with a Bold 9700..


User backed up contacts before leaving previous company, but now when restoring them to the new device it will only do it with wireless sync off, then when you turn it back on they will not pull through to outlook.


I will try wiping it again and restoring contacts prior to activation...

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My Device: Tour 9630
My Carrier: Verizon

Re: Merge Address Book on Tour

Even following these steps I was unable to with merge the two contact lists.  I had my BES give me a new activation password after i wiped (and i really wiped removing the old policies from my last company's BES through a DOS window commands which you can find on another thread).  But, for some reason, there are still two desktops.  I don't believe my BES Admin really knows what he or she is doing.  I believe there was still some trace of my last activation on the server and it ignored the 1245 contacts that were on the "new" phone.  ABSOLUTELY frustrating.  When will Blackberry and the rest of the companies realize that making contact lists proprietary equates to future extinction of the OS.  I've had four crackberries in so many year, and love the keyboard.  But the headaches with the contact lists are unreal!!  Please change this BB ppl!!!!



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My Device: 8960
My Carrier: orange

Re: Merge Address Book on Tour

Do blackberry moderate these fora?  Here is a clear request for help.   Essentially Blackberry have made most of my 1600 contacts stranded on the blackberry with no ability to sync them out to Outlook.  No help is offered.  Its a known problem since at least 2005.


Why would anybody have a blackberry.  I feel utterly cheated.

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Re: Merge Address Book on Tour

turn off wireless sync in contacts then you should be able to sync then with desktop manager to outlook.


make a backup of your contacts in outlook into a new folder and tell desktop manager to sync from device to PC.


sync issues can be caused form many things and it can affect any type of device.


I feel cheated with EAS devices (iphone, droid, windows, etc) with all the issues with them and the fact an admin has almost no control over them. We have 1/3 on EAS and have 300% more issues with EAS than BES. I have to reove EAS on devices at least 3 times a week due to sync issues. the BES just keeps humming along.


good read from an ex EAS user.





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