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Mobile fusion iOS enteprise app Software definition


I was finally able install mobile fusion with UDS, to enrol my iPad , policies and software definition works well, that is if the app is located on the apple app store. We use an enterprise app. How do I enter this one into the software definitions ? I tryed uploading the .ipa and most of the possible combinations but there is to many variant

-How do I get the App ID: I tried the bundle ID with the number, without the number

-I tryed to upload the ipa,

-I tryed the web source URL that published the .plist file, I tryed the URL that starts with: itms-services://, I tryed the url of the .ipa, doesn't work


Do you guys have working example? 






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Re: Mobile fusion iOS enteprise app Software definition

I have the same issue. We develop in-house apps, and I was able to follow the instructions given on adding the .ipa file, and created the software config, but that was over 24 hours ago, and nothing has shown up on my activated device under Work Apps.


You have one better than me, though. Even App Store apps are not showing up either.


RIM, can you please release some updated documentation? There is not much to go by...

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Re: Mobile fusion iOS enteprise app Software definition

Hey guys - here is how I did it.  I want to make the Citrix Receiver and the Find My iPhone apps mandatory on our iPads, with iBooks optional.  I'm using the Citrix Receiver in the example below.


  1. Fire up iTunes and download the applications you wish to install to your machine.
  2. Navigate to %userprofile%\Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications
  3. Using 7-Zip, extract the .ipa to it's own folder (i.e. Receiver 5.5.3.ipa).
  4. Navigator to the extracted ipa folder and open iTunesMetadata.plist with your favorite text editor.
  5. Using wget (or your browser), download and save the string listed under <key>softwareIcon57x57URL</key> - this will be your icon. (i.e. wget http://a888.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/064/Purple/v4/91/b5/41/91b541bc-7d6f-7a74-ab42-25c882fd5c4f/Ic...
  6. Locate the key "itemId" and copy to the string immediatley under it (i.e. "Citrix Receiver.")
  7. In iTunes, click on the iTunes Store, and search for that string (i.e. "Citrix Receiver.")
  8. From the found app's dropdown button (it should read Downloaded to start with because of Step1), select Copy Link and paste it into notepad
  9. In your browser (logged into the UDS console), navigate to Library --> Application Definitions, click the + button to add a new app.
  10. Set the Definition name and desktop to be the string in the step above (i.e. "Citrix Receiver.")
  11. Click the + button for Application Sources and use the following settings obtained from the iTunesMetadata.plist
  12. Application Name = itemName  (i.e. "Citrix Receiver.")
  13. Vendor = artistName  (i.e. "Citrix Systems, Inc.")
  14. Application Version = bundleShortVersionString   (i.e. 5.5.3)
  15. Application icon = the PNG you downloaded above  (i.e. http://a888.phobos.apple.com/us/r1000/064/Purple/v4/91/b5/41/91b541bc-7d6f-7a74-ab42-25c882fd5c4f/Ic...)
  16. Application Identifier = softwareVersionBundleId  (i.e. com.citrix.ReceiveriPad)
  17. Application Source = Application web address
  18. Application web address = the URL you copied above in step 8  (i.e. http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/citrix-receiver./id363501921?mt=8)
  19. Save the "Edit Application Source" dialog box
  20. Save the "Edit Application Definition" dialog box
  21. Navigate to Library --> Software Configurations and click the + button to add new Software Configuration.
  22. Enter the new configuration name and description (i.e. Mandatory iPad Software Configuration)
  23. Click the + button and select the Application(s) you created above.
  24. Adjust the disposition to set the application as Required or Optional
  25. Click the Add button to finish adding the Software Configuration
  26. You can now assign the new Software Configuration to either users or groups (or both).
  27. Give it a bit of time to sync the new Software Configuration requires to your devices.

These steps worked for me - your milage may vary... And there may be other ways to do it, but this is what worked for me after some trial and error.  The documention from RIM leaves a lot to be desired.



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Re: Mobile fusion iOS enteprise app Software definition

Thanks for the prompt reply. I was actually going to login to update my post. After about 13 hours, my Apple App Store apps finally showed up under Work Apps on my device, but still no sign of our in-house developed app. I followed the steps to a tee. Since we developed the app, I have the identifier, the ipa file, everything needed and loaded "successfully" in both the Application Definitions and Software Configurations, but that has been over 24 hours ago, and it still won't show up on my device.


Then again, if it took 13 hours for the Apple App Store apps to show up, and they are just basic links, our in-house app (a good 35 MB) might take 72 hours to show up?

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Re: Mobile fusion iOS enteprise app Software definition

The size of the applications doesn't matter. It's only about the device communication interval - make sure you set a short interval in device communication settings (in UDS GUI). You can set to 60 secs to have the things done quicker.


Another option... There might be something wrong with the OS  version set for the application definition in UDS. Try to use "All" platform versions when creating apps.

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Re: Mobile fusion iOS enteprise app Software definition

So it turns out that adding in-house developed iOS applications is not quite ready for prime-time (so says RIM), but it is supposed to be addressed in the next release (hopefully sooner rather than later, as this is a critical piece that will determine if we adopt Mobile Fusion as our permanent MDM solution).

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Re: Mobile fusion iOS enteprise app Software definition

Thanks for the guide. We've been trying to push out Apps to the catalogue without success for the past few days. Hopefully configuring the icon as you have will be the missing link as everything else matches up so far.


Fingers crossed!

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Re: Mobile fusion iOS enteprise app Software definition

Just  a quick update that after upgrading UDS to 6.1 and the iOS client to 6.1,  I am now able to upload our in-house app (using our .ipa file) successfully to the Universal Device Service. UDS 6.1 and iOS 6.1 creates a "Work Apps" icon on the iPhone. In that icon, I say our internal app and successfully downloaded and installed it.


Thanks RIM!

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Re: Mobile fusion iOS enteprise app Software definition

Did you have to do anything with the certificate provided my Apple when you registered the app?  I am inthe process of doing this myself and my developer is talking about providing me an .IPA file for the app  and a certificate profile provided by Apple?