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Test software before updating for all



I have successfully deployed a 3rd party appliction from my BES.

The vendors will send regular updates for this application. Each time this happens I would like to deploy the update to one device as a test before updating all the 100's of devices we have.


This is my first time deploying anything from a BES and it looks to me like I am unable to update the application without it filtering through immediately via the software configuration to the end user.


If I try to add the same software as a separate application it detects information for an existing application and does not install.


Does anyone have or know of a procedure that will allow me to run a test and live versions of an application side-by-side?



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Re: Test software before updating for all

Yes you can deploy a newer version of an app to a single BB before rolling out to your user base.  Remember that you do not assign an Application to a device but a Software Configuration to the device**,  and these configurations contain one or more applications.


** Software Configurations are not assigned to the device, but to the BES user, or BES group.



Here is a procedure that you can use to test out a new version of Google Maps.


Assumptions:  User base has Google Maps 4.5.2 installed, where GM4.5.2 is part of a Software Configuration that we will call "MyCompany Standard Apps".  You want to deploy Google Maps 4.5.3 after testing it on a single device.


1.   Add the 4.5.3 version of Google Maps via "Add or update applications" and provide the .zip file containing the components for the app.


2.  Create a new Software Configuration, such as "GoogleMaps453". 

3.  Edit this new Software Configuration and select "Add applications to software configuration", choosing version 4.5.3 that you added to the BES in step 1.

4.  Assign this Software Configuration to your test user.  Note that you can have multiple Software Configuration assigned to a user (or group), and BES will resolve all of the apps from all of the associated Software Configurations and install only the 'newest' version of an application.

So our test user is now assigned two Software Configurations:

"MyCompany Standard Apps" containing Google Maps 4.5.2, and 

"GoogleMaps453" containing Google Maps 4.5.3

BES will resolve this to install 4.5.3 on the target user's BB (assuming that the device meets all requirements specified in the .alx file of the application (this file is part of the application .zip file that you added in Step 1).

5.  Verify the newer version of Google Maps is deployed to your test device(s).

6.  When you are satisfied that it's safe to roll the new version to your user base, add the 4.5.3 version to your existing "MyCompany Standard Apps" software configuration. 


Note that you can have different version of the same application in a software configuration.  This is very useful because you may have a user whose device doesn't meet the requirements for version 4.5.3, so they will still retain version 4.5.2 since it's still part of the software configuration.  If you added 4.5.3 and removed 4.5.2 from your "MyCompany Standard Apps" software configuration, then BES would resolve the apps/configs and remove version 4.5.2 from devices that didn't meet the requirements for 4.5.3.  Then your helpdesk phone lines will light up with users wanting their app back.


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Re: Test software before updating for all

That is a great reply.

Thank you very much.

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Re: Test software before updating for all

Also important is a note on the gmm_453.alx file that comes with GoogleMaps453.zip


Contents of gmm_453.alx


<loader version="1.0">
 <application id="Google Maps">
    Google Maps (dc=enterprise)
  <name> Google Maps </name>
  <version> 4.5.3 </version>
  <vendor> Google </vendor>
  <copyright> Copyright (c) 2008 Google, Inc </copyright>
  <directory _blackberryVersion="[4.3.0,4.6.0)">BlackBerry-43</directory>
  <directory _blackberryVersion="[4.2.0,4.3.0)">BlackBerry-42</directory>
  <directory _blackberryVersion="[4.6.0,4.7.0)">BlackBerry-46</directory>
  <directory _blackberryVersion="[4.7.0,7.0.0)">BlackBerry-47</directory>
  <fileset Java="1.5">



The line in red is the reason that BES will not 'resolve' this app for your Torch 9810 (and maybe others).  Torch 9810s all have an OS slightly higher that 7.0.0. (my 9810 show, so BES will not deploy it to any OS 7 device. 


I modified the line to read:

  <directory _blackberryVersion="[4.7.0,9.9.9)">BlackBerry-47</directory>

then zipped it back into GoogleMaps453tweak.zip, and added to our BES.



The following URL gets you version 4.5.3 (the link from Google Mobile for Enterprise, http://www.google.com/mobile/enterprise/ , points to version 4.4.0):