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128 MB Application Memory

Once upon a time I thought that my Bold could handle installing additional programs as long I had the memory to store it. Ok, I got a device that has a storage capacity of 1G and I can go out and buy a card that can increase the available storage capacity. When making the decision should it be 4, 8 or 16G, I thought about the music, pictures and videos that are going to very quickly eat up memory. I’ll relegate the 1G on board memory for applications and the operating system while the purchased memory card will take care of media and whatever else in data that I can transfer over to it.

I go to the blackberry site and start downloading additional free programs and trials. I’m experiencing different programs that may seem to overlap in what they do and keeping them around to see which one I am most comfortable with. For example, I notice individual GPS programs have a nice feature or features that the other one doesn't. I got 1G of memory, no problem. I have the luxury of comparing while learning how to organize the icons and ...

Time marches on and after about a month then it started without me being aware of what was actually happening. I’d open up the browser and after a few pages or sooner the browser would stall or crash. I thought nothing serious of it. In short, Blackberry has a browser and they haven’t perfected it yet. And little more time goes by and then other applications start stalling or crashing, which leads next to the frequency. So then I’m thinking maybe I installed something that is causing harm, I’m running too many programs, maybe I dropped it and something internal is broken or I’m getting close to using up my 1G or memory. I got to a point of resetting 4 to 5 times a day, Crack Head meet Crackberry user.

Naturally, I got to figure out why it is crashing so much and I go into options to see how much overall memory has been consumed and I notice a 0.0 for Application Memory. Zero for application memory, this has to be the problem. And then I immediately reboot and a low single digit number appears. I continue to use the Bold as usual and went back to check the application memory with number back at 0.0.

Yep, I searched Google for application memory and found other users that were having the same problem on the Bold. I started to realize that my freewheeling days of exploring applications where over, done with, finito. I was living and breathing with this device for over a month and now this realization. It wasn't buyer’s remorse; I was irritated by the fact that it can do all these things and because of application memory I’ll now have to pick and chose applications. All I did was mostly download freebies and a handful of trials that came from the Blackberry site. I only bought one program, just one program and who knows what else I want to buy. The tradeoff now is kind of interesting, not only do I have to think of the price of a possible new application, but also removing one or more of the free programs. Certainly hiding an application icon will become less of an issue.

So I posted a Message on this forum entitled Application Memory, I’m sure you can still find it or maybe have already read it. I basically wanted to share the situation and accurately describe the opinion of this user. I got responses that had a tone like I had done something wrong. I was expecting too much from the Bold, it is not a laptop and another basically saying that I should focus on maintaining my device better. Now, I respect those opinions and thank them for responding. All the responses lead me to understand my little Bold that much better.

Still, I’m not the one to describe what exactly happens. All I can deduct, cause no one has elaborated, all programs installed take up space in Application Memory whether they are running or not. For those that are not running, is it all of the program or some portion of the program residing in Application Memory, I don’t know. I shouldn't have to know, I want to install a fair amount of applications without having to decide which ones stay and which should go. Sure, some of them might be similar so I can compare. Maybe if you increase the amount of Application Memory the OS runs slower, I doubt that very much. Trust me, Blackberry already knows that this is a problem; I’m sharing this with you.

Presently, I have 46 applications of which 20 of those are ones that I have installed myself. So far I’m not experiencing any slowness, stalling and crashing at this level. Basically, I deleted seven applications to go from rebooting all the time to being booty free. You might want to be aware that if you venture over 20 apps without deleting any of the installed applications out of the box, you will have a greater probability in having the same problems that I have experienced. Who knows, depending on what you install, it could be less or you might be luckier than me with amount of applications and still be in the safe zone without having any problems.

The Bottom line is you only have 128 MB of application memory and you can’t increase it. Buying a memory card will do you no good; it is a limitation of sorts that you can only get around by mainly limiting your overall applications. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and check how much application memory you do have after a reboot and then come back and check it again after you have done a few things. It seems the safe zone, at least for me is the upper teens and after I run the bold awhile upper single digits. The closer you are around or above 20 MG Application Memory, the better. Some people might argue you should have more and you will have to decide what is best for you.

After saying all of this something else might be contributing to eating up the application memory. For example, it could be from email and the more you understand different facets to manipulate your bold, the easier it will be to track down or prevent a problem of slowness, stalling and crashing. The main culprit for me was due to the applications and tomorrow it might be something else. At this point I think I know enough to ward off any problem.

If you are a casual user of your bold, you might not ever experience any of this. But I bet over time a lot of you will be getting caught up in trying to deal with what I went through. Take some time to understand where you are with your application memory and how it changes each time you add or delete a program. The average user shouldn't have to deal with this and the next generations will more than likely solve this. I have mixed feelings when I say that it was worth getting cause of this limitation. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the Bold the best that I can.

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Re: 128 MB Application Memory

Thanks for the post about 128mg.


I am a new BB convert (from Palm OS, 755p) and I am pissed.  128mg in 2008-9.  You cant move anything to the 1gig onboard or (my) 16gig card except for pictures and songs??


I quickly ran out of memory in my precious 128mg just like the poster.  I donwloaded a dozen apps - mostly readers that make it infinitely easier to read (WSJ, NYT, ESPN, CNN), some productivity (splashID, splashshopper, agendus), google maps, googleapps and I am having a memory nightmare.


I read about memory leaks??? WTF???? The fixes on the forums are to upgrade your BB Bold above .167 but none of those installs worked for me.  I can get my AT&T Bold to budge from .167.  


I reboot and at best have 11mg app free.  Then after use of the berry I am down to 0, yes ZERO app memory free.  The advice the poster and I have gotten is "dont install so many apps" "it is not a laptop"??? are you kidding me??? 5 years ago I was using a 3rd party app for every imaginable interest on my palm. If you ran out of the then state of the art onboard memory you moved them to your SD card and ran them from there.  If you had a large database attached to an app you moved the database to the card but kept the app on the device.  No such thing on BB.  Palm had a outliner (Bonsai, Shawdowplan) a major league notes manager (danotez etc). A full fledged database capable of synching with access (smartlisttogo) and those could generate a serious database.  No need to even write those apps for BB since you cant locate the DB on a card and the state of the art game changing device has 128mg of which approx 80g is used by OS and stock apps.


Something needs to be done.  


Move the partition over away from the 1gig media section.  Make it 50/50 instead of 128/86x.


what good will an app store be if you can squeeze the app onto your 2009 state of the art berry?


What am I missing here about memory size and management on my gorgeous (hardward) new Bold?


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Re: 128 MB Application Memory

I was also losing memory and I don't/haven't installed anything other than my email apps.  Saw a post about doing a soft reset by holding the alt-right shift-delete key and holding until the screen goes blank.  This seemed to work for me. I went from 15.8 to almost 40 mb free memory.


Also saw another post about closing apps properly to avoid the memory loss.  I am just starting to do this, so can't say for sure that that has fixed that.  Apparently instead of just hitting the red key to exit, hit the blackberry/menu button and hit "close" when exiting.


Will see if that works.

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Re: 128 MB Application Memory

The Blackberry's limitation of only using the onboard app memory is a security "feature" from the corporate/military days. This feature is embedded in the operating system.  It means that corporate IT administrators can remotely wipe the device and be confident that all data and corporate applications have been removed. I am not saying I agree with it, just stating why it is the way it is.  The 1GB of storage on board is not part of the application memory and therefore can only be used for file and multimedia storage.


A search of other Blackberry forums such as Crackberry.com will provide links and instructions on how to download the latest device software beyond .167.  The main thing when upgrading is to remove the vendor.xml file.  I would personally recommend, 190 or 210 which are very stable and resolves a lot of the memory leak issues. My Bold came with .126 which had memory leaks. An upgrade to .185 solved this for me (and many others according to other BB forums).  At the moment, I am using which is the latest software for my device (a factory unlocked Bold).



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Re: 128 MB Application Memory

I agree.  Furthermore, I did read up some of the advice on how to free up memory, and quite frankly the scare the hell out of me.  I'm the type who would make one wrong key stroke and lose everything, so I'm not going to try it.  Interesting that the data the other forums suggest you wipe out look pretty extraneous, so I'm not sure why there is not an easier way to do this.


There is a suggestion to delete as many emails as possible, but I file many of my emails on the network server, and they are readily available on the blackberry, so I'm wondering if these eat memory as well.


Also interesting - If you use BB App World to uninstall an application, it is still listed in the "My World" tab as "uninstalled".  While it doesn't show in the advanced>applications folder, there must be some data that continues to reside on the BB, particularly since you can quickly reinstall it, so now I'm watching all applications that I try since I'm wondering if the uninstalled application also eats memory.

There are some third party applications that are for sale on App World.  If I thought they would create signficantly more free memory I would be happy to buy one, but I wonder if they would just free up a little more memory, but just forestall an eventual problem. 

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Re: 128 MB Application Memory


It's a great help to my confusion. thank you.

I guess this one of the thing that BB must improve: memory and battery lifetime.


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Re: 128 MB Application Memory