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8220 Pearl Smart? Phone Major Device Issue

Ok, my turn... Here's my request for assistance then...


Blackberry 8220 Pearl Flip. Y'all know the story... the (expletitive of your choice) thing keeps shutting off then takes it's sweet time turning back on. Does this in the middle of calls, in the middle of sending text, in the middle of doing it's most useful job - as a paperweight.


It even does this if I shut off cell myself... A few minutes later I will look over and see it going through that startup sequence that takes about 5 minutes.


I have tried EVERYTHING on this forum. I spent about 6 hours reading and trying everything. Updated software - made it reset more often. Tried the business card between battery and cover, no help. Tried wiping the phone, no help. Tried leaving memory card out, no help. Thought of throwing it out of my truck at 80 mph, *probably* wouldnt help. Tried everything. No help no help no help.




Auto on/off is disabled


Software update seems to be default answer on here... Kinda like Pilot Error anytime there's a plane-crash.


Battery drains completely in about 5 hours from resetting so much. Tried new battery. Drains just as quick.


Tried new SIM - no help


I realize this forum is staffed by volunteers - big surprise to me I must admit... But what can be done? Obviously by now, RIM must be aware of this problem... If they were into any kind of customer service, they'd offer a solution by now - replacement? Cheaper upgrade to phone that actually works? SOME kind of exchange or recall program?


I got my 8220 as a gift, so no receipts... Does this mean I'm screwed?


Provider is Rogers Canada and they are pretty much as useless as my 8220 right now, so please dont suggest going to provider - I have done that too. All they suggest is update software even when you tell them you just did 30 minutes previously. Plus, Rogers employees are definitely not the smartest peanut in the third. Paraphrasing here Smiley Happy


I work for AT&T Customer Care and Tech Support, so I'm not a complete idgit when it comes to troubleshooting... I even tried the troubleshooting that is on my computer here. No help. Actually, the 8220 isn't listen in our computers.


I agree, there should be less bitching in the forums, understandable we are frustrated, but there should also be solutions. This is not a slam against the volunteers cuz I can see you guys are trying... But this many people complaining about the same problem, shouldnt that be a wake-up call for RIM???


So, after trying everything listen in the forums here, what else is there to try??? I am willing to try just about anything...


Please help

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Re: 8220 Pearl Smart? Phone Major Device Issue

There are some great people on this forum but because the 8220 is a LEMON it cannot be fixed. You would think out of the countless web sites that have 8220 talked about as defective that this offical blackberry site could help. The worst thing is that they still sell these phones every day wthout any warning. We reading this have a computer and internet access. What if someone cannot try the installing OS **bleep** the carriers tell you. How many people cannot call their carrier because their phone don't work. How about an emergency call that needs to be made. RIM looks like it pumps a new model phone out every month, so nice of them!

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My Device: Pearl 8220 Flip
My Carrier: Rogers

Re: 8220 Pearl Smart? Phone Major Device Issue

As someone else said... What will happen if someone with an 8220 has to make an emergency call, and because of this problem, people die? Will RIM finally take notice then?