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8310 Doesn't recognize 8gb MicroSD card?

I purchased a 8gb MicroSD card yesterday, and could not get it to work in my 8310 Blackberry? When I tried to format the card linking up with my PC via USB, it only wants to format the card at 3.60gb? I'm running software version BlackBerry Device Software, which I believe is the latest version. Does anyone know how to get the 8gb card recognized in the 8310?
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Re: 8310 Doesn't recognize 8gb MicroSD card?

The 8310 only takes up to 2GB card.
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Re: 8310 Doesn't recognize 8gb MicroSD card?

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Not true.  The 8310 operating on a 4.2 OS can hold up to a 4 gig.  If you upgrade to the 4.5 OS it will support an 8 gig.  But I wouldn't recommend upgrading to the 4.5 OS until your carrier supports it.
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Re: 8310 Doesn't recognize 8gb MicroSD card?

You need OS version 4.3 or higher for a Media Card larger than 4 Gb to be recognized as documented here.


A word of warning.  Although these are ALL official RIM releases of the OS, your carrier may not yet support OS 4.5, so you may want to hold off on moving to it.  You also need to know how to install an OS that's from a carrier other than yours.  If you do not know how to do this, you may want to hold off.  For info on how to upgrade your OS, check the FAQ's here.


THe highest pre 4.5 OS available for the 8310 is 4.2.2. Here is a list of all carriers that support the 8310 and their URL's:

  • AIS Thailand (v4.2.2.181) :
  • AT&T (v4.2.2.170) :
  • Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited (v4.2.2.163) :
  • Bouygues Telecom (v4.2.2.175) :
  • Celcom Malaysia (v4.2.2.184) :
  • Centennial Wireless (v4.2.2.181) :
  • China Mobile Peoples Telephone (v4.2.2.181) :
  • Claro Brasil (v4.5.0.37) :
  • Claro Peru (v4.2.2.146) :
  • Comcel (v4.5.0.37) :
  • Cosmote (v4.2.2.181) :
  • CTI Argentina (v4.2.2.146) :
  • Dialog Sri Lanka (v4.5.0.37) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=10C272D06794D3E5785D5E7C5356E9FF
  • Hong Kong CSL Limited (v4.5.0.44) : https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareDownload/index.jsp?client=cB5RB4aRB
    Hutchison (v4.2.2.181) : https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareDownload/index.jsp?client=UhncPmcPJ
  • Indosat (v4.2.2.184) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=4DD9CEC1C21BC54EECB53786A2C5FA09
  • M1 (v4.2.2.184) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=0353AB4CBED5BEAE847A7FF6E220B5CF
    Maxis (v4.2.2.184) :https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=58AE749F25EDED36F486BC85FEB3F0AB
  • Millicom Central America, Paraguay and Bolivia (v4.2.2.181) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=7E83722522E8AEB7512B7075311316B7
  • Millicom Colombia (v4.2.2.181) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=EAA52F3366768BCA401DCA9EA5B181DD
  • Optus Mobile Pty Limited (v4.5.0.52) : https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareDownload/index.jsp?client=ddmcRMRPk
  • Orange Botswana (v4.2.2.181) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=60A70BB05B08D6CD95DEB3BDB750DCE8
  • Orange UK (v4.2.2.184) : https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareDownload/index.jsp?client=dcNdMSUiq
  • Personal (v4.2.2.166) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=43CCA4B3DE2097B9558EFEFD0ECC3588
  • Polkomtel (v4.2.2.181) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=D47268E9DB2E9AA3827BBA3AFB7FF94A
  • Porta (v4.2.2.146) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=471C75EE6643A10934502BDAFEE198FB
  • Rogers Wireless Inc. (v4.2.2.163) : https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareDownload/index.jsp?client=biERdLcdT
  • Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd (v4.2.2.184) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=3DD48AB31D016FFCBF3314DF2B3CB9CE
  • SmarTone-Vodafone (v4.5.0.52) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=9461CCE28EBE3E76FB4B931C35A169B0
  • SunCom Wireless (v4.2.2.181) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=E1E32E235EEE1F970470A3A6658DFDD5
  • Telcel (v4.2.2.146) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=2AC2406E835BD49C70469ACAE337D292
  • Telecommunication Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT) (v4.2.2.181) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=15231A7CE4BA789D13B722CC5C955834
  • Telefonica (v4.5.0.37) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=1373B284BC381890049E92D324F56DE0
  • Telefonica Spain (v4.2.2.173) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=07563A3FE3BBE7E3BA84431AD9D055AF
  • Telefonica Venezuela (v4.2.2.146) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=D010396CA8ABF6EAD8CACC2C2F2F26C7
  • Telkomsel Indonesia (v4.2.2.184) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=36A16A2505369E0C922B6EA7A23A56D2
  • Telstra (v4.5.0.52) : https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareDownload/index.jsp?client=eiKaMQ2dL
  • TIM Brazil (v4.2.2.163) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=68D13CF26C4B4F4F932E3EFF990093BA
  • TIM Italy (v4.5.0.52) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=1D72310EDC006DADF2190CAAD5802983
  • Trigcom (v4.2.2.181) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=28DC6B0E1B33769B4B94685E4F4D1E5C
  • Vodafone (v4.5.037) : http://www.vodafone.de/hilfe-support/blackberry/112008.html
  • Vodafone Australia and Fiji (v4.2.2.146) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=B86E8D03FE992D1B0E19656875EE557C
  • Vodafone Greece (v4.2.2.146) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=9AA42B31882EC039965F3C4923CE901B
  • Vodafone Ireland (v4.5.0.37) : https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareDownload/index.jsp?client=bBJRBidRg
  • Vodafone Netherlands (v4.5.0.37) : https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareDownload/index.jsp?client=ehna2gcRj
  • Vodafone New Zealand (v4.2.2.151) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=F9A40A4780F5E1306C46F1C8DAECEE3B
  • Vodafone Spain (v4.2.2.176) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=15D4E891D784977CACBFCBB00C48F133
  • Vodafone UK (v4.2.2.146) : https://www.blackberry.com/SoftwareDownload/index.jsp?client=HZMHZfRPj
  • Wind Hellas (v4.2.2.181) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=3210DDBEAA16948A702B6049B8D9A202
  • XL Indonesia (v4.2.2.184) : https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=88A199611AC2B85BD3F76E8EE7E55650
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Re: 8310 Doesn't recognize 8gb MicroSD card?

That was great info Jerry, and much appreciated.
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Re: 8310 Doesn't recognize 8gb MicroSD card?

Thank you so much for your quick responses, and useful information. My carrier (AT&T North America) doesn't support anything above 4.2.2, so I will wait until they catch up to the latest version. Again, thanks everyone...and have a great day.
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Re: 8310 Doesn't recognize 8gb MicroSD card?

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Hi and welcome to the forums!


Hang on to the 8gb card and wait for your carrier to release their approved version of OS 4.5. You can get a clean and supported OS. The rumor is that it has been released to the carriers and should be available in September.


Jerry D, excellent post, I will book mark it!



Eibrown, if this answers your question, please close the thread via the options over the yellow Kudo's star.


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Re: 8310 Doesn't recognize 8gb MicroSD card?

so now that it is Dec '09, what is the largest size microSD an 8310 will recognize, and what version of OS would be needed?

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Re: 8310 Doesn't recognize 8gb MicroSD card?


rborman wrote:

so now that it is Dec '09, what is the largest size microSD an 8310 will recognize, and what version of OS would be needed?



Hi there!


There is no direct correlation between BB Model and SD card size support. Rather, the correlation is between the device OS level and the SD card size...see this KB:

  • KB05461 MicroSD media card sizes supported by BlackBerry Device Software versions


Hope that helps!

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