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8310 Downloaded / installed Applications not working

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Good day


I have searched these forums but can't get any answers for my problem. I have a 8310 and vodafone is my carrier.


When I download applications for my phone via OTA or install them with desktop manager they are not there. They show in options - advanced options - applications, but there are no icons nowhere to be found. I have looked in all my folders, pulled the battery while the phone is on (about 50 times), slapped it around, deleted and re-installed app's... nothing.


When I go to options - screen/keybord - right or left side convenience key opens: and look under the applications there the app I installed don't show. So it is not on the phone? But in Applications it show that it is installed?


When I installed google maps it worked 100%, BB maps- nothing,  yahoo messenger 100%, windows live messenger 100%, blackberry messenger -nothing, application centre- nothing, facebook- nothing, twitter- nothing, a few games with desktop manager 100%, facebook alx file with desktop manager- nothing, gmail app 100%, google app 100%


If someone can give me some advise on this I would REALLY appreciate it.


My wife have the 8300 on the same network as I am and she has no problems installing new app's at all.


Thanks in advance


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My Device: 8310
My Carrier: vodafone

Re: 8310 Downloaded / installed Applications not working

Something I forgot to mention that may be related to the problem that I'm having.


When I try to download from blackberry app world with my phone connected to my pc I get the following


- I click on download

- blackberry id sign in ( ok )

- blackberry app world setup

1. Get the BlackBerry App World Browser Plug-in ( ok )

2. Connect your smartphone  ( ok )

3. Update your software ( and it just keep on loading and loading ) not getting past 3.


Could this be why nothing associated with blackberry is working on my phone ?


Because number 3 say's ' You need the latest version of BlackBerry App World installed on your smartphone to continue.'

and this is not getting installed ?

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My Device: 8310
My Carrier: vodafone

Re: 8310 Downloaded / installed Applications not working

Thanks for the 1000's of replies


In my quest to find answers I came across this thread on blackberry forums. So if anyone ever struggles or is struggling with this tipe of issues, your prayers is answered.




Up until OS 4.2 the Blackberry Messenger application was an optional download. You simply went to the Blackberry website from your BB and downloaded it. However, beginning with OS 4.2, RIM decided to bundle the application in the standard OS package and preinstall it with each device. If for some reason that version gets removed the download from the Blackberry site will not work. The app will install but will not show up on the device. Here are complete instructions for successfully installing/reinstalling BBMessenger to your device if you have never used the Application Loader in Desktop Manager before.

Handheld OS 4.1 and below:
If your device is running OS 4.1 and older then simply download BBMessenger version 1.0.94 OTA from www.blackberry.com/messenger

Handheld OS 4.2 and above:

The above download from the Blackberry site is not compatible with handhelds running OS 4.2 and above. The Blackberry Messenger application is already installed with the OS and should already be on your device.

However, if the app gets removed for any reason and you need to reinstall BBMessenger on your 4.2 device, follow the instructions below. If you attempt to download and install the OTA version to a 4.2 handheld it will install ok but will not show an icon anywhere on the device. However, it will show up in the list of installed applications in Options >Advanced Options.

Note: Before beginning, if you've already downloaded the OTA version and can't find it on your 4.2 device then first remove that version by going to Options >Advanced Options >Applications and deleting Blackberry Messenger v1.0.94.

Installation of BBMessenger for 4.2:

1. Determine your specific OS version by looking in Options >About.

2. Download and install the latest Desktop Manager 4.2 from here.

3. Go to your carrier's OS upgrade site and download and install the matching version of the OS to your PC. OS upgrade sites can be found here. Note: If you've already installed the OS or another carrier's OS to your PC then you can obviously skip this step. If a newer OS is listed then continue with these instructions and you'll get a new upgraded OS at the same time. If you're just installing the BBMessenger and not doing an upgrade it only takes a few moments. However, the full upgrade process can take up to an hour and will show a spinning hourglass on the device for up to 20 minutes at a time during the process. Don't get impatient and unplug the device until it's done during an OS upgrade.

4. Plug in the device and open Desktop Manager. Run Application Loader. You should see a list of installed applications with checkboxes next to them. Check the box for "Blackberry Messenger." Then simply hit next, finish, etc. to load the application to the Blackberry.

When you are finished you should have successfully reinstalled Blackberry Messenger back to your device. It generally shows up on the home screen or in the Applications folder. Happy BBM'ing.


This worked 100%


Just to add ( when upgrading your OS ) there is no need to download a newer version of the desktop manager , because you will only use it to make a backup of your phone . Before you do the backup, delete all the "missing" applications.


How do I upgrade the OS on my BlackBerry?

1. Delete the older OS from your PC by going to Control Panel >Add/Remove Programs.

2. Then download and install the newer version of the OS. 

3. Install the new OS to the PC by running (double clicking) the file you downloaded.

4. Go to c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader and delete the file named "vendor.xml."

5. Plug in BB and double click on "Loader.exe." It's located in the same place as the above vendor.xml file.


And voila


All the missing applications will appear

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Re: 8310 Downloaded / installed Applications not working

thank you for your feedback, Reynet. This kind of message and the solution is what makes this forum worthwhile!

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:
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Re: 8310 Downloaded / installed Applications not working

Best I have for you is that it could be an OS issue.  I had a similar issue with themes downloading, showing up in the applications list, but not being accessible.  I tracked it down to some themes not being compatible with the new OS (I have OS 6).  And the compatibility issues can go both forward and backward.  Older apps may not be compatible with new OS, but new apps also may not be compatilbe with older OS and hardware.  Also, the new OS 6 is really designed for the newer touch screen BB and that when loaded on a non-touchscreen hardware loses some of it's functionality and can result in the issue you are experiencing.


Very general comments, but I hope they provide some insigiht.

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Re: 8310 Downloaded / installed Applications not working

Hi, please I need help here. My vodafone Blackberry 9700 can not download any applicaton in the Blackberry world. It always display "error while installing try again" no matter how I try. Please help me. Am getting sick of this