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Accepted Solution

9000 AT&T Firmware298 Japanese Romaji Input



I have downloaded the official AT&T firmware release for the Bold 9000 with East Asian language support through the BlackBerry site (9000jEastAsia_PBr4.6.0_rel298_PL4.0.0.157_A4.6.0.167_AT&T.exe).  I have successfully installed it on my AT&T device.


I selected to install the input option for Japanese Romaji, but while I can now read the Japanese font, I have no option to use the Japanese Romaji input.  The option doesn't even appear in the Input Language field of the Language options.


As a test case, I installed the Korean input option, which works perfectly fine.


Is anyone else having issues with the Japanese Romaji input?  Is this a known issue?




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Re: 9000 AT&T Firmware298 Japanese Romaji Input

I have this issue as well.

I spent about 2 hours on the phone with my carrier(AT+T) and RIM tech support.

It turns out, that despite the fact that it says Romaji input method, they are only rendering fonts.

You can't write in Japanese.

I was advised to look for 3rd party BB software to write in Japanese.



I also tried the "removing the blah blab blah=Hidden" line from the AJP.ALX file as well as the download from a pacific rim carrier methods, and neither of them allowed me to input in Japanese. 


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Re: 9000 AT&T Firmware298 Japanese Romaji Input

Thanks, martianleader, for doing the legwork and finding an official answer (albeit a discouraging one).  It's also good to know that other Pacific carriers' software doesn't solve the issue.


I refuse to believe that AT&T forced RIM to manufacture specific hardware for them that disallows Japanese input, just so 3rd party developers could still sell their solutions.  I'm going to assume for now that this is disabled in connection with the carrier-locking.  I guess I'll have to wait until my Bold is eligible for unlocking by AT&T.


(Unless there's some kind of dip switch configuration on the Bold hardware, although that seems unlikely...)


Anyway, thanks again!  If anyone else has more information, please post.  Much appreciated!

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Re: 9000 AT&T Firmware298 Japanese Romaji Input

After further googling...


There are at least two blackberries that supports Japanese input, the 8707g and 8707h






Docomo will also apparently be releasing the Bold 9000 in Japan.


I can't imagine they'd sell a single unit without Japanese language input support, so hopefully, we'll see a US input release soon (or at least a mod derived from their firmware)



Handango claims to have something to let you read and write in Japanese.


Features include:

  • Read Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Korean on your BlackBerry
  • Write in your language in any native BlackBerry application
  • View BlackBerry Calendar, Tasks and Address Book Entries in their original language


$95.99 seems a bit steep me to take a chance on though (I'll wait for a free solution)



I'm going to nag RIM tech support some more tomorrow.

If the Bold is being released in Japan, there must be some kind of input support.

I just need to convince them to let me beta test...


If anyone knows of any free or pay 3rd party Japanese input software for a BB, please let us know! Thanks!





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Re: 9000 AT&T Firmware298 Japanese Romaji Input

I had the same problem,


Installed the japanese input but it doesnt show up. Now I'm just waiting for someone to figure out how to make it work :-(


Hopefully someone will figure it out soon.

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It worked!!

[ Edited ]



After many experiments, I found out that it actually works with OS from Telstra! I have no idea as to why only this version allows you to choose Japanese input, but well, it works, so I'm quite happy. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Re: It worked!!

Trying your method now with the Telestra multilanguage installer.


What installer did you use?

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Re: It worked!!

I can confirm that the above method does work for both reading and writing in Japanese characters.

tobytheevilbird  You are a genius!  Many thanks!


Below is what I did to use tobytheevilbirds method:


1. I uninstalled the BB Destop Manager, and all language packs.

2. I reinstalled the BB Desktop Manager from Telestra (link below)



The specific file is: 460_b016_multilanguage.exe

2a. During installation, Uncheck the "start BB Desktop Manager now" box.

(I did this because I needed to erase the vendor.xml file before starting the BB Desktop Manager for the first time)

2b. Erase the vendor.xml file.

It is located here:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Vendor.xml

3. Download and install the Telstra Asian language pack.


3b. Again, do not let the Desktop Manager start after install.

3. Again, remove the vendor.xml file.

4. Start the desktop Manager.

4a. Remove the Japanese language fonts/Romaji input method.

(On AT+T there a check box for each, but on other vendors it only shows the Romaji input method)

(Just remove whichever one you can see a check box for).

5. Reinstall the Romaji Input Method (Check the box next to it).

(I didn't see a box for Japanese Language Fonts on the Telstra version of the Deskop Manager-it did reinstall the Japanese Fonts though, along with the input method-both reading and writing are working fine-confirmed by a native Japanese speaker).

6. Go into the settings (Either Green Sunburst icon then Calculator icon, or Wrench icon then Wrench icon (doesn't matter) and change your read and write languages to Japanese.


7. Go into SMS and type a message in Japanese.

8. Done.

Reply to this message if you need clarification on something.


Thanks again to tobytheevilbird for figuring out how to make Japanese writing work on a Blackberry Bold!!!




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Re: It worked!!

Hello martianleader, I'm quite new to whole Blackberry thing and I wonder if you could help me.


I'm based in the UK and the mobile carrier is O2, they don't do CJK code.

Vodafone operate in Japan so I thought they have something, but they don't do it yet.

Please can you let me know the followings if I am to follow your instruction?

  • Is it necessary to install Telstra Desktop Manager? And Why?
  • Do I just add Japanese romaji input from Telstra code on top of existing O2 code?  


Many thanks!

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Re: It worked!!

I don't know if you need to install the Telstra desktop manager, or not.

This is my first BB, and I don't know if changes will work without actually trying them.

I have merely documented the steps I followed.


You might be able to install it with a different desktop manager.

It sounds like it should work as long as the vendor.xml file is removed.

I'd suggest you try all the steps, but instead use your own desktop manager instead.

You can always try the other way if it doesn't work.


Maybe a more experienced forum member could comment?