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My Device: Storm2 9520
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9520 Storm2 Bluetooth issues with Audi A4 2009 Hands-Free Kit - rings every 30 seconds

Hello more-experienced Storm2 Users,


I'm posting in the hope that you can offer some guidance on my Bluetooth issue that has recently developed.



BlackBerry 9520 (Smartphone 3G, Wi-Fi)

v5.0.0.497 (Platform

Micro Edition BlueTooth Version: 1.1

Carrier O2 UK with corporate-provided BES



My Storm2 is 2 months old. It is totally "out-of-the-box" I have no downloaded apps, media or anything on the phone, just how it was shipped to me.


For 6 weeks it has been successfully connected to the factory in-car handsfree kit in my 2009 model Audi A4 (is listed as Audi UHV 4881). Make/Receive calls OK. download address book to the car, really straightforward and easy.


2 weeks ago, I started having problems. Not aware of changing any settings etc on the phone.


What happens now it that, when I start the car, the Storm2 connects to the car, and within 30 seconds, the car mutes the radio, and shows an incoming call. Ring, ring....

If I answer the 'call', the car says "Disconnecting" (.. the call, not BlueTooth). There was no-one calling me.

If I ignore the call, the ringing stops after several rings.


That is all a bit annoying, but get this.. the car shows an incoming call and rings about every 30 seconds. Drives me crazy. In between the calls, I can place an outgoing call, either dialling a number from the MMI, or selecting a number from the phonebook, which by now has been read from the phone into the car.


Only way I can stop all this happening is to disconnect the phone from the car, or simply turn off bluetooth on the phone.


So far, I have tried these steps:

1) Reset the Bluetooth on the car back to factory settings & reconnected the phone (every time I get in the car)

2) Infamous "remove battery" get-out-of-jail-trick

3) Tried all combinations of Trusted/Encryption/Echo Control

4) Listed services from the Audi is simply "Handsfree"

5) Tried various combinations of "Silent", "Phone Calls Only" and other Sound Profiles, but I reckon that the phone is sending out a sync/keep-alive packet to the car, and the car is responding by ringing.

6) I've tried a couple of Motorola phones, and these work just fine with the Audi. Also, my wife's Bold 9000 is OK, this has v4.6.0.266 (Platform /Micro Edition Bluetooth Version 1.1. 

7) Get in the car with phone turned off, then start the car, then boot the phone...


Obviously, all of the ideas above have failed.


I'm right out of ideas. I work as an applications engineer in a semiconductor company, and I'm pretty good with technology. This has me stumped. I'd gladly try out some suggestions & report back, or get you folks more information if you need it. I cannot rule out the possibility that the network has updated the firmware on my Storm2 - I certainly have not updated the phone - not used the PC software yet) but all I know is the current version, not what it was when the BlueTooth was working OK.





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Re: 9520 Storm2 Bluetooth issues with Audi A4 2009 Hands-Free Kit - rings every 30 seconds

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Hi there,


I just checked the O2 UK BlackBerry Download site and it looks like there is an available upgrade for your phone to OS version  I'd suggest upgrading your phone and then see if you still have the same problems.  You can download the OS for your phone from this site:




If you need any assistance with the upgrade, let us know, but basically, you just want to download the OS, install it to your computer, then run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.  Note, you may need to reactivate your BES services after, so make sure you know your BES username and password, just in case.


Hopefully that will help out!

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My Device: Bold 9650
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Re: 9520 Storm2 Bluetooth issues with Audi A4 2009 Hands-Free Kit - rings every 30 seconds

I have a 2007 Q7 with the Audi Bluetooth device UHV 6500.  I have a BlackBerry Bold 9650 running software v5.0.0.699 on a Verizon network.  I have no problem pairing the devices and connecting, but I can only make one call and then, although the devices show connected, the second placed or received call does not come through the Audi Bluetooth connection. 


If I go in, terminate the connection, then reconnect it, I can make or receive another call, but after one call, the Bluetooth does not allow connect the call through the vehicle, but I know it is coming through the phone because if I activate the handset, the call is happening.


My Audi dealer says there is nothing that can be done.


Please help, this is a great car, but this procedure is a real hassle to do to stay connected.


Many thanks, 



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My Device: Storm 2 9520
My Carrier: Vodafone

Re: 9520 Storm2 Bluetooth issues with Audi A4 2009 Hands-Free Kit - rings every 30 seconds

This is my first post so please bear with me.


I have exactly the same problem with a VW Golf but the car model is not the issue. For the last 6 months I have been using my Storm 2 with a Parrot 3200LS without any issues until 31/07/10 when it detected an incoming call although no call was coming to the Storm 2.  I then connected the phone to a Nuvi310i Sat Nav and the same problem arose, the Nuvi registered an incoming call whilst the handset did not.  I checked with the garage who had installed the Parrot and they concluded that the handset was at fault.  As a further check I connected the handset to a Motorola H300 headset, again the headset detected an incoming call which repeated.


I would conclude therefore that the Storm 2 is somehow at fault.  I updated the software, through Desktop Manager, (01/08/10) this did not solve the problem.  It is my view that the handset is at fault and I intend to take this up with my provider.