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New Contributor
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎04-26-2013
My Device: Blackberry Bold 9790 (OS v

9790 doesn't scan QR codes

I can't figure out how to scan QR codes on my new Bold 9790.  I've searched on every forum and every website I could find and any troubleshooting  or explanations appear to be irrelevant.


The only directions for QR scanning for this model read as follows:



Save a QR code as a smart tag

When you scan a QR code through the Smart Tags application, your BlackBerry smartphone automatically saves it as a smart tag in the Smart Tags application along with the date and time.

1.  In the Applications folder, click the Smart Tags icon.

2.  Press the Menu key > Scan Barcode.

3.  Point your camera at a QR code and hold it steady until a smart tag appears on your smartphone's screen.


I am bewildered on several fronts:

a)  To begin with, from what I have read, the terms "smart tags" and "QR codes" are interchangeable / the same thing.  Is this right?

b)  When I follow step 2 (above), there is no option that pops up on my menu to "Scan Barcode".  The only options on this menu are: 

     Switch Application

     Create Tag



When I click "Create Tag", a screen comes up in which I am to input a title and URL.  I have no idea what this means, but I know it has nothing to do with scanning anything.

c)  Since nothing happens I can't proceed to step 3 of the instructions, since the camera isn't on, and I assume from what I've read the camera application needs to be part of this whole QR code scanning.  I further assume that if the application is working correctly, that the camera *automatically* turns on in order to do its part in the scanning process.


I have already "Turn[ed] on NFC Technology" in the "Manage Connections" and turned on / enabled every option in this field. 


Also, I have no idea how the whole 'tapping' thing plays into using NFC.


If I may make a further request, please, no guesses or vagueness.  I've already guessed at everything that seems logical.


As per the suggestions as to how to post a clear question, the following may be helpful.


Carrier:  Fido Canada (Manitoba)

Model:  Bold 9790

OS:  Platform

Additional Software Installed:  Absolutely nothing.  I'm scared to download the smallest application in case it makes the battery performance even worse than it already is 'as is' from the factory.


The suggestions about posting also mention to include:

"BT device model / version (you will have to look at the BT device)"     Um...I have no idea what you're talking about.  If I might make a suggestion of my own which was made to me many years ago by someone much smarter and wiser than I am: 

When using acronyms, even ones which you think virtually everyone 'should' know, always spell out the phrase at least once first, with the acronym immediately following it in brackets.  Then everyone will actually know what you're talking about instead of being forced to guess and likely being wrong.



Posts: 3,198
Registered: ‎01-27-2010
My Device: BlackBerry Z10

Re: 9790 doesn't scan QR codes

Hi rmwpg,


Smart tags and QR codes are not the same thing or interchangeable. A smart tag uses NFC technology to access certain features or websites.  The steps you provided to "Save a QR code as a smart tag" only takes the URL associated with the QR code, and allows you to configure a new smart tag with it.


Only 2 applications on the BlackBerry 9790 will allow you to scan QR codes, BBM and BlackBerry App World.






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New Contributor
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎04-26-2013
My Device: Blackberry Bold 9790 (OS v

Re: 9790 doesn't scan QR codes

Thank you Cpt_Sweatpants for your kind reply.


I am afraid, however, that I barely understand what you've said and what it implies.  This might be because the uses for scanning QR codes that I'd read about (and thought I'd understood) which I thought the 9790 had built in already, don't exactly coincide with the actual built in functions that you've described for me .


Regardless, I assume that what the upshot is is that if I just want to scan QR codes directly, I have to install an aftermarket program to do that, yes?


Thanks again for your response,



Elite II
Posts: 8,981
Registered: ‎01-05-2009
My Device: BlackBerry PRIV
My Carrier: Rogers

Re: 9790 doesn't scan QR codes

To expand on Cpt_Sweatpants's reply, to use the QR function in either app that was mentioned, open the app and press the menu key. From there, select the Scan option. This will allow you to add people to your BBM contacts list or to download an app via QR code in BlackBerry World.

I hope that clarifies things. Smiley Happy

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New Contributor
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎04-26-2013
My Device: Blackberry Bold 9790 (OS v

Re: 9790 doesn't scan QR codes



Now I think I understand a little better.  So, that's how I can scan those QR codes that every application in BlackBerry World has.  Although....wait a minute.  If I'm on my computer and see that code, then I would have to log in to BlackBerry World with the phone and use that 'SCAN' option that pops up with the Menu / BlackBerry key to then scan the code on the computer screen. 


But if by that point I'm logged on to BlackBerry World on my BlackBerry itself, then I wouldn't need to scan the code on my computer screen would I?   *thinking*   Because if I'm on BlackBerry World with my smart phone, then I'm already able to just download the app directly onto the phone from the website without needing to scan the code on my computer screen, yes?  


Hmm....how easily one can befuddle oneself.


Just a footnote:  Isn't it interesting how much easier it is to show someone something when you're with them in person, compared to trying (often in vain) to explain it to them?  I've discovered this at times when I already know how to do something (say, on a computer), and then go back and read the instructions---which sound so cryptic it makes me wonder if I really do know what I think I do!


Thanks much for your responses.