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My Device: 9800 Torch

9800 Torch 3/4 reboot then hangs

I just want to state that in the past I have been very happy with Blackberry support, I hope I am this time!


I have tried soft reboot, double soft reboot, hard reboot (removal and replacement of battery for 10sec to 1hr). Due to the reboot can not connect to computer to assist. Removed the sim and memory card and attempted to reboot with no success. Attempt to reboot in safe-mode failed also. I can not shut down except to remove battery. I have tried being connected to the computer without the battery and then replacing the battery that did not work either.


I like this model it has all the features I need, I need to have it functional ASAP or I will will have to change the phone and the service provider. My company is not tolerant of companies that do not support their productsand provide service solutions in a timely manner. This problem started sometime around 7-3-2012 (this doesn't have anything to do with the 5000 Blackberry layoffs recently, does it?) 

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Re: 9800 Torch 3/4 reboot then hangs

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Hello and Welcome to the Community!

We are so sorry that you are having so many difficulties. While many experience the same (a search here will reveal that fact), there are also many who have very positive experiences with their BB. Not every device is suitable for everyone -- which IMHO is why there are so many choices.

If you are thinking that, by posting here, that you are seeking any component of your formal support, I sadly must inform you that you are not correct in that assumption -- these forums are a user-to-user support channel, not a user-to/from-RIM formal conduit. As per your contracts, your support is provided by your carrier, authorized reseller, authorized service center, or other such entity that you have contractually arranged for...but these forums are not part of anything formal whatsoever. Consequently, your subtle "threats" fall on deaf ears here...indeed, the kind volunteers here may well be less inclined to help you...we tend to work with folks who want to work with us, and avoid those who enter here and immediately post their threats. Human nature and all of that. Plus, time being what it is, we can only dedicate so many minutes per day volunteering here...so I fear that your expectation of timeliness here may be un-met...but, again, there is no SLA here...it is 100% voluntary.

As I said, front line support for BB's is, by contract, not provided by RIM. The carriers and authorized resellers are responsible for ALL front line formal support to their end users, and have the ability (indeed, responsibility!) to escalate cases into RIM that they cannot solve (at no fee to the end user). It is possible to bypass your carrier and seek assistance direct from RIM, but such involves fees since you are bypassing your support contract with your carrier. You can research "Incident Support" here:

If you desire to ask other kind volunteers for specific assistance about how to get the most use out of your BB, then this forum would indeed be the correct place for that.


Now, to your specific issues...from what you describe, I would surmise a hardware-level issue, for which no amount of software nor internet-distance, volunteer-based, attempts at assistance can possibly overcome. Only hands-on evaluation by a qualified hardware technician could perhaps determine a root cause. It could be moisture intrusion, or a motherboard failure, a loose circuit inside, or a whole host of other possibilities. I recommend you find your formal support path and utilize it. If you are beyond the manufacturers warranty, however, you might want to avoid getting your hopes up too much.

Good luck!

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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