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App Error 104 troubleshooting

I've got a Blackberry Bold 9900 running Software Version 7.1 Bundle 1997, my carrier is AT&T. The phone is a couple of months old after the screen died on my previous Bold 9700. I use it primarily as a phone, calendar, and address book, lots of email and some web surfing. I have 6 email accounts installed. I'm not connected to an Enterprise Server, I don't do any social media stuff or games. About the only 3rd party app I currently have installed is Six Tools and that's fairly recent.

A week or two after getting the phone I started getting App Error 104 on a white screen with an OK button. AT&T tech support doesn't know much about it but did say their database says it's a network database error. According to http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB32737 it's a known error with no current resolution. I thought I'd post what I know about it to see if it helps someone resolve it. I'd prefer not to wipe the phone and do a selective reinstall.

One of the first things I installed was Opera Mini because I prefer that browser. There was no problem as a result of that. Then when tech support was helping me resolve some calendar issues we used the "Move" command to try and get all my calendar items in one calendar. I had a couple of thousand items mostly in one calendar, but a few scattered through 2 others. That didn't work, even after several tries. However I did start getting the App Error screens, sometimes several in a row. Occasionally I'd need to reboot. I determined that having Opera running (or starting it) caused multiple errors. It if was closed I got very few. Uninstalling Opera made them almost go away, maybe one every few days instead of every few minutes sometimes. Reinstalling Opera made them come back. Removing it made them go away again. When I'd get them in Opera, Opera would lose it's ability to connect to the internet until I rebooted. I'd also not be able to connect to any of my email servers.

One other thing that will still cause the error consistently is having the phone connected via a USB cable with the Desktop Software running and then receiving an email. I'm not sure if a synchronization is required first, I think so but it's too infrequent for me to be sure. When that happens the Desktop Software loses it's connection and the phone is frozen until I wake it up and press OK. It won't receive any emails again until the error is cleared, they just back up on the server. Even the battery monitoring software (Device | Advanced System Settings | Blackberry Device Analyzer | Battery Tests) freezes. The battery keeps charging so the monitor shows a flat line then a big jump once it wakes up. Having the phone connected and synched using Bluetooth does not cause any problems.

Both the Opera and the Synch issues could relate to a network interface problem. It appears that the latest version of Opera aggravates something in the phone software. Hopefully that will help someone figure out where to look for the problem.

Is anyone who is having App Error 104 problems running Opera? If so does uninstalling Opera make it get better? Is anyone running Opera without App Error 104? My guess is that it won't cause problems for most people and that mine was related to the large number of items in my multiple calendar's, the attempt to merge them, and the presence of Opera. We did get the calendar issues resolved by refreshing the Service Books. App Error persists but it's at an acceptable level for now.

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Re: App Error 104 troubleshooting


I did read your message entirely.
I know it is not the answer you hope for, but what I would do in your position is proceed with the security wipe then selective restore, then live one week without installing Opera Mini.

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too: