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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000 - SOLUTION

I am a developer who has both a 9700 and more recently a PlayBook.


This is driving me crazy that I cannot purchase apps due to this error 10000.  I have tried 2 different (valid) credit cards and a valid "premier" paypal account (that has money in it, linked to a valid credit card and linked to a valid bank account).  I have tried resetting the playbook to factory, creating a new bbid, etc.


KB24454 was last updated on February 2011, and a quick google search shows people bringing this up 4-5 months prior.  I don't know how many potential buyers are affected by this, nor do I know how much lost revenue RIM and the developer community have lost through this issue but it must be significant.  Please RIM put a higher priority on this to get it resolved.

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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000 - SOLUTION



Thanks for the info but this is pretty frustrating.  I can't believe it takes this long to fix this problem and that I, as your customer, have to jump through hoops in order to solve the problem for myself (i.e. open a PayPal account).  It seems that mediocrity rules at RIM.  I will probably switch to a different phone.

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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000 - SOLUTION

Sorry but this Knowledge Book note doesn't really relate to the problem. For most of us, we have changed credit cards and payment methods multiple times without positive results. That is the solution suggested by this note. Still waiting on a resolution.

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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000 - SOLUTION

This is a very long time ago problem. You are losing developers and at the end, customer, because both cannot get what they want i.e. "developers" wants their games and applications to be bought and "customers" wants to buy games or applications. You have to prioritize this problem and resolve it ASAP. Not a band-aid solution like opening a PayPal account. And btw, even that is not working all the time - like in my case. Still Error: 10000.


Please help us to help your business...

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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000 - SOLUTION

Hey all,

There is still no update when a resolution will be made.  We highly suggest you perform the steps in the workaround.  Also let us know if you receive any different errors instead of Error ID: 10000.





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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000

Have not you guys finished investigation to find a proper solution or "workaround"?? It's been more than a year now since you posted this and I just got 3 of such errors yesterday and I got my credit card charged!


Ridiculous  Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000 - SOLUTION

When i look back on the log on this problem I see it's been goin on for over a year with no solution in sight. I have tried 2 different credit cards and PayP

ViciousFerret wrote:

Hey Mac1960 and klingon,


There is a KB article related to this issue:




This issue is being investigated and no estimated time when the issue will be resolved.

al and they all get rejected. It's no wonder that people are switching to Androids.

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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000


i just got my playbook yesterday and i was purchasing a game (sim city deluxe) and an error occured [ Error 10000] 

it is about my credit card authorization blah blah blah; i phoned in my credit card provider and they told me that there should be no problem with my purchase.


i tried to buy the same game, and same error occured, i tried to use my dad's credit card and same thing happened..


ive read soooo much reviews about this and i havent seen any definite, precise, exact solution Smiley Happy


well im planning to return this very precious playbook few days from now; and thank this apps vendor for charging me several times for an application thati never ever had..


thank you, nice stunt guys..

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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000

Can you belive KB29239 where exact billing address is needed? 



  • When entering the credit card address information, ensure the information is entered exactly as stated for the billing address


    Address Line 1: 12 Example Road
    Address Line 2: Apartment 123

    Upon viewing the credit card statement, the following format was used:

    Address Line 1: 123 - 12 Example Road
  • If the billing information is entered incorrectly, there is a chance that the transaction may fail



I could purchase anything from kobo but not from App World, are you kidding me?


Blackberry staff also not helpful and asking us for a workaround and to solve the problem ourself  where the problem has already been a year?


Shame on you!!

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Re: Appworld rejects payments error 10000

I just bought a brand new playbook. Updates it to version and I can't buy apps. I get the above noted error using PayPal or a credit card.

Can download free apps without any issues.