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BlackBerry® OS Smartphones

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Has it happened to you that, your OS isn't responding as swiftly as before, or your internet has gone slow, or your volume rockers have stopped responding, or your keyboard is behaving strangely. Has it gone boinkers? Do you want to throw the device on the floor?

Before sweating profusely or panicking over if the device is broken, please bear in mind that this is normal (for starters). Over time, the device might become unresponsive or laggy. Battery pull is a quick and simple way to troubleshoot such issues.


For beginners, Battery Pull essentially restarts your BlackBerry Operating System on your BlackBerry device and is just like rebooting your desktop PC or Mac, when the latter experiences problem(s). Performing a Battery Pull not only solves most issues, but it also shuts down apps running in background (either explicitly or implicitly running), which may be advertantly draining system resources and frees up application memory (cache).
WHEN to perform this?

When you have one or more of these problems:

  •     Device display freezes or becomes unresponsive.
  •     Volume buttons don't respond.
  •     Keyboard not responding or acting funny.
  •     Landscape/Portrait not working as it should.
  •     Bluetooth transfer issues.
  •     Browser lagging.
  •     Social networking apps like Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn indicate there is no data connectivity, when there in fact is.
  •     Apps becoming slow, or feels like its been possessed.
  •     Not connecting to wifi.
  •     among other minor issues.


It can be performed manually by removing the battery from the device while it is powered, and reinserting after a minute or two. Yes you have to remove the battery cover/gate in order to get to the battery. After, the battery is reinserted it can take anywhere between one and five minutes for the device to boot depending on the number of applications your device may have.

Resetting your device like this is one easy way of keeping your device running smoothly, and should sort out most of minor issues.

DISCLAIMER: Save whatever you are doing before you are performing this, please take a backup. This exercise will only solve minor issues like the ones mentioned in this post. Please note: That Battery pull is only to be done as a last resort. If and only if, a soft reboot doesn't work.

Courtesy (sorry, forgot to mention this) of a pretty old post (2010): http://crackberry.com/blackberry-101-battery-pulls-when-why-and-how


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I respectfully disagree.  A battery pull on BB 10 should be the last resort.  Please consider...


A BlackBerry 10 device is more like a computer than any BlackBerry before. Even if you have no apps running, there are likely processes running in the background we are unaware of, as well as accounts syncing data back & forth to servers. If your PC was acting up, would you immediately pull the plug then restart it? No, you would be more likely to use Task Manager to try to stop the problem process, then reboot normally.


BlackBerry 10 gives us two built-in alternatives to use before resorting to jolting the device by abruptly killing power.


1)  Press and hold the power button at the top of the device until it goes to the power-off screen.  Tap "Restart" at bottom right.  The device will safely close anything running and do a reboot, clearing caches in the process.


2)  Press and hold the up/down media buttons on the right side of the device.  Hold them until the screen goes black, the BlackBerry name appears and the startup animation begins -- then release the buttons.  This seem to duplicate the "force close" function you'll see occasionally on a windows PC, then reboots your device.


I have been been told (and it is buried somewhere on this forum as well) that this is the method preferred by BlackBerry developers/engineers.  As it uses a built-in functionality, and these people know far more about the inner workings of our devices than I do, this is my preferred method to reboot my device, if required.


In fact, I have only ever had to reboot my device due to problems twice.  These were both due to 3rd party app issues.  Once I deleted the apps, the problems disappeared. I have not pulled my battery once since getting my device in February.


So, to wrap this up, I strongly suggest using one of the built-in alternate methods to reboot a BB 10 device.  Only if that fails would I consider pulling the battery.



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I'm with elessar on this.
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Ditto.  Battery pull is a last resort.   I haven't had to do it.   In fact the only time I have so much as turned my Z10 off is when traveling by air; otherwise I never have to reboot it.

- Ira
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Smart phones are really computers in a small package. At times they may require a re-start of the operating system, or a cold hardware re-start. This is like any laptop or desktop computer.

Normally, these devices are very stable and should not require frequent re-starts. If re-starts are frequent there should be some investigation. Most of the time it is installed, or running software that is the cause for instable operation of these devices. With some of the systems, because of the high workoad we have scheduled re-starts on specific days of the week.

I work in systems support with super computer systems and networks. We have servers that require re-starts at times. Even though the software's used are of very high caliber, when there is heavy activity a system can become instable, or even halt in operation. This is not frequent, but does happen at times. The facility uses a number of these servers in parallel operation to avoid service interruption during a re-start of one or two of the servers.

When we find a server is requiring a higher frequency of system or services re-starts we start to investigate the reason. Many times we find some cache files, or some data files have have developed some code errors. When the OS or the running software runs in to such an error it may produce some offsets that the system cannot correct. This can result in some system errors that cannot be recovered during normal operation. Such problems are not always easy to find. Once the files are determined, then correction or rebuilding of the defective files is necessary. During diagnostics of the file structure we look for CRC, and check-sum errors to start with.

The point I am trying to make is all computers from time to time may require a re-start. A smart phone is a lot simpler than a super computer server, but it is still a computer. Most of the problems extend from some faulty files. On less frequent occasions defective hardware can cause the need for re-starts. In that case technical service would be required.

With your smart phone keep track of the order you install software. Keep track of any changes you make with the phone's setup and anything you do with it. This way, if you start to have some problems it will be easier to backtrack.

With phones I have seen some downloaded software causing problems. About two years ago, I installed a game from Appworld which caused some problems with the phone. Un-intalling the game did not fix the fault.  I had to re-install the OS to fix the phone. After the re-install the phone was working okay. I then re-installed the game again, and this proved the game was at fault. 

I reported the fault to Blackberry. After they investigated the fault they pulled the game from Appworld. This game was causing packet errors over Bluetooth for Bluetooth data transfers. It was mainly effecting the Bridge mode and tetherning for the tablet. If the user was not using Bluetooth data transfer he would never know about the fault. Otherwise everything else looked okay.




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I can see the merit in the arguments for both sides and this is good because it shows that we have choices.
I jump to a battery pull to resolve issues almost right away and I'll tell you why. When you do a soft restart, you're resorting to the phone's software to shut down running processes then restart your phone. Therein lies a problem because issues are often caused by the phone's software and using part of it to resolve itself seems almost counterproductive to me. Doing a battery pull, even on a BB10 device, will harm the device about once every 1000 times you do it and the phone has no choice but to reboot itself.

I thank all who have contributed to this important topic so far. Smiley Happy

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My Device: Z10 LE
My Carrier: Airtel


I agree, this has both merits and demerits.


Lets keep the ball rolling. Anyone else, like to share their views?


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ujwalnambiar, did you solely author this original post or could it have been copy/pasted from another site/forum/blog?

If it is not your original material, a citation of and link to the original source will give credit where is due.

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If I have to re-set my phone, I first try to do a software re-set.  If the software re-set does not work then I do the battery pull. Most of the time when a re-set is required a software re-set is adequate and does the job.

Jerry G.
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CrackBerry wrote this article in 2010, it applies to BlackBerry OS 7.1 and prior.

For Blackberry 10, the advice is to first restart the phone with the usual means, if not enough then restart the phone and keep the top button pressed until restart, and in last action, do the battery pull.

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too: