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BB Curve, Pocket Mac, Mac Book Pro sync issues, all of a sudden

Hi, new to the forum here, but not to Blackberry or Mac! I've been using this sync combo since it's inception back when I first got a 7100, then with my T-Mobile Curve when it came out, with little or no problems. I now, all of a sudden, have issues! I did look around at some other posts to see if I could find a solution, or someone with the same problem, but I think my prob is slightly different, so forgive me if I'm repeating some things here that others already have talked about!


After dropping my Curve over in Europe last month and cracking the screen (ugh), I got a replacement from the insurance company, which turned out to be a remanufactured phone (for the $130 deductible??? - another topic!).......  there were apps missing, and the phones'  keypad did not feel right, but IT DID sync ok... at any rate, I got them to send me a NEW phone, which I just received. It has the same exact software version as the other phones I had.


I did my usual USB sync with Pocket Mac, starting just with the contacts (mac address book) and notes (stickies). I selected 'overwrite device' in the advanced prefs of pocket mac (all latest versions installed, with latest drivers as well).  Worked fine, as usual.


I then added some addresses in my address book on the mac, and went to do another sync. It was at this point that the sync did not work, either in 'overwrite device' or 'two way sync'. The added addresses were not on my phone.


What I've tried, and noticed so far:


On the phone, during the 2nd sync, no matter which pref I choose, the ARROW on the connection status window on the phone is going the WRONG WAY, towards the computer icon, not the phone icon. Since I added info only on the computer, the arrow should be going toward the phone, especially when in 'overwrite device' pref. This was NOT the case on the original sync, when the phones' address book was empty; the arrow was going the right way, towards the phone. I did the 'wipe/reset' that Brodie suggested in another post, which is going to the address book on the phone->menu->options->scroll to 'default' and type in 'rset'... that wiped the address book from the phone.


I then did another sync, pref in 'overwrite device' and again it worked fine, with all my addresses, including the recent entries, transferred as they should be to my Curve...


I again made a few changes as a test, adding one address on the phone, and one in the address book on the mac, did a 'two way' sync, and again, nothing, both new entries were NOT copied. 


The other thing I noticed, is the connections status window goes away after a bit of time on the phone (like it's finished), but the pocket mac software on the Mac is still spinning, acting like it's still syncing, with the status bar near the end, but it never finishes. I have to quit it manually. This did not happen on the 'clean' sync, everything finished like it was supposed to.


This obviously is a drag to not be able to sync without wiping the phones' address book, especially when data has been entered on the phone, and in fact, in that case, there is NO WAY to get it to the computer at this point! 


I'm running MAC OS 10.4.11. Brand new sync cable that came in the box with the new phone.


As I said, all software and drivers having to do with pocket mac and blackberry are the latest versions just installed.


Maybe the desktop mngr for mac will solve all this, but, until then? 


Thanks in advance for any help!


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Re: BB Curve, Pocket Mac, Mac Book Pro sync issues, all of a sudden

Hi and welcome to the forums!



KB10489 Data synchronizes from the BlackBerry device to the Macintosh computer, but not the other way.


See if this offers any help




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Re: BB Curve, Pocket Mac, Mac Book Pro sync issues, all of a sudden

Hi, thanks for the reply... I forgot to mention I did find that info somewhere and manually removed the files last night... just did it again with SyncClean... same result, no change in the behavior of any of what I described above...
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Re: BB Curve, Pocket Mac, Mac Book Pro sync issues, all of a sudden

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I'm having similar problems syncing a BB Storm (VZW to a Mac PBP running OS 10.5.8. using Pocket Mac with updates.


I ran the DataPurgeUI to delete all the Entourage 2008 contacts. However, none appeared to be removed from the BB.


when I run the next sync for contacts using override device, only 551 of 714 contacts are moved from the PBP to the BB.


Tried running it again today and got a "no mounted media card found" error message in the SyncLog.


Any help would be appreciated.





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