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BB Desktop Manager won't sync Mac Address Book with Contacts

My mother just got a replacement Blackberry Curve after her last one literally fried itself.  I attempted to restore from her backup via DM but that failed.  I forget her last device and tried to do a fresh sync but the contacts will not syncs. That is the only thing she syncs.  It looks like it is syncing but it fails at the very end and disconnects the Curve with no contacts transfered.  The last Curve she had, I set up and it worked just fine.  

Keep in mind I am helping her via iChat and screen share so forgive me for not having more details at the ready.


Her DM has the latest update

She's in Leopard 10.5 (most likely on the last update) 32 bit mode

DM updated her phone

I've checked to replace all on BB

Music will sync and DM does see her Address Book but will not sync contacts.


I've searched around the forum but must not be using the right terms (I'm not a BB user)


My Mom appreciates your help in advance!





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Re: BB Desktop Manager won't sync Mac Address Book with Contacts


Backup the BlackBerry smartphone. Clear the effected database on the BlackBerry smartphone. In BlackBerry Desktop Manager top menu select Device-Forget Device. Unplug the BlackBerry smartphone and Restart the Mac. Re connect the BlackBerry smartphone and setup the sync again. Select overwrite Device data.

Thank you



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Re: BB Desktop Manager won't sync Mac Address Book with Contacts

I have the same problem.  I tried exactly what you said and it still won't sync.  I've invested hours into figuring this out, so if there's a solution I would love to hear it.  My Curve 8530 was syncing perfectly before I installed the latest upgrade of Desktop Manager. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Manager with still the same result.  

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Re: BB Desktop Manager won't sync Mac Address Book with Contacts

Hi There,


I have just returned to Blackberry today with the Blackberry Curve 9320. I downloaded the Blackberry MAC software and had the same problem in terms of not being able to sync my MAC "address book" with my "contacts" on my Blackberry.


I however have just worked out to do it and it seems to be all about how the MAC "address book" is set up. Basically, I only realised today that my "default account" on ym MAC "address book" was iCloud...so...(baring in mind I know very little about these things) I believe that all my MAC contacts were actually saved onto iCloud and not the MAC itself. This being the case, there was actually nothing for the Blackberry software to sync with (because it was all being stored electronically on iCloud). 


A few simple changes of the setting allowed me to sort this out:


On you're MAC:

1. Open "Address Book"

2. Go to the top bar and select "Contacts"

3. Select "Preferences"

4. On the first 'tab' you'll be in 'General'

5. in 'General' go to the bottom menu labelled "Default Account"

6. Click "Default Account" and change it to "On My Mac"

7. Save and Close


You should now notice that in your "address book" on the MAC, you have additional tabs on the left hand side so rather than it just saying "All Contact"... you should now have Three Main Tabs saying






The MAC 'should' then just put all your contacts into the ON MY MAC tab as well as the ICLOUD and ALL CONTACTS tab. Click it and see if your contatcs have merged over.


To be doubley sure, you can create a separate "group" to put all your contacts in as well. To do this, on your new "ON MY MAC" tab:

1. hover over it and click the little + sign to the right of it.

2. This will create a new 'group' folder and it'll want you to name it...so name it what you like (simply, I called my 'Blackberry') and hit return so the new group is created

3. Go to where ever all of your contacts are and go to the very top one - click it - then scroll down to the very bottom one and hold SHIFT and Click the contact at the same time - this will select ALL of the contacts.

4. Drag and drop the highlighted contacts into you're new 'group' you have created.

5. Scroll through to make sure they are all there.


Now, I shut everything down at this point and restarted everything. This included "forgetting" the Blackberry and starting new as a fresh. I set up the Blackberry sync software again and went straight to sync the contacts and immediately it recongised all of the contacts and the separate group I had created. So i pressed SYNC on the contacts and it worked - it even sync the pictures for the contacts!


Hopefully this will work for you!


All the best!!!!

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Re: BB Desktop Manager won't sync Mac Address Book with Contacts

I took a quick look at your description and I guess this fits perfectly the situation that has been described Sooooo many times on this forum about contacts synching on a Mac!


This problem came out for the first whan Apple implemented the "iCloud" functionality which caused indeed the "data files" to be removed from the computer and stored "in the cloud". This rightfully caused problems to BBDM as it had no more files to sync with the BB device!


As you seem to have discovered and confirmed yourself....


Thanks anyway for the very precise description of steps you have taken, this will hopefully help others in the same situation.


I am always puzzled when I see the number of people posting their problem without even taking a look with the search function of the forum first  

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Re: BB Desktop Manager won't sync Mac Address Book with Contacts

Same problem here — by getting my contacts off of iCloud I was able to get them on my phone. Guessing that when you select iCloud your contacts really aren't on your computer any more. Blackberry doesn't have the access to iCloud so when you ask it to sync, it's syncing with nothing (because they're not on your computer anymore).