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Re: BB insists my email password is wrong when it definitely isn't. HELP

I've colour coded this post as I thought it might be confusing as to who's saying what....


This is my cousins theory as to the problem. He's the designer of my website and set up my account with Media Temple, and all of his clients are also on MT. I've tried entering the true server address but my phone still gives me that same error message - 'password is wrong' (IT's not! IT's soooo NOT)


You don't own your own security certificate, so when attempting to connect over a secure protocol, everything defaults to the Grid-Server's security certificate, which (surprise surprise) is registered to "GridServer.com". Some mail programs will default to a secure connection (STARTTLS or SSL/TLS)... if you use mail.billieachilleos.co.uk as your mail server, the certificate and domain name don't match: GridServer.com vs myemailaddress.co.uk... Mail programs like Thunderbird will have the good grace to ask you if that's OK, and if you should permanently allow the mis-match (which can be dodgy in other circumstances). If you use s*****.gridserver.com as your mail server address, there is no mis-match, and MediaTemple's mail servers are configured for everybody using the GridServer hosting package to do this...



So that was a bit of a dead end. I passed that theory on to Orange. They couldnt make it work either.


Orange forwarded this answer from RIM to me


“We were able to determine that the cause of issue is most likely due to firewall issue. User will need to contact IT and confirm that all of the firewall requirements are confirmed per KB11036 below. We were able to integrate the email account successfully to a different BlackBerry Internet Service account but not the user's. Because of this, we have concluded that all firewall requirements and IP ranges were not whitelisted. Link: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB11036 "
The most likely reason for this is a change in the hosts security policies, and an update would be required to their IP whitelist.



So I forwarded the IP list to Media Temple and recieved the following replies: -



I can confirm the entire Blackberry IP range that appears in the article has been whitelisted. I would advise you to contact Blackberry for further troubleshooting. Our records show that blackberry has not initiated a connection to our network or datacenter in the other cases we have seen.


And then in a further reply from Media Temple's support -


We have added all IP address for Blackberry servers to our allow lists and Blackberry says they have been working on a solution with the issue of their servers. At this time many customers are now able to use your Blackberrys for email. If you are still unable to connect I suggest contacting Blackberry to see if there are any other options for resolution of the issue.



Is that not confirmation that the problem is with RIM?




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Re: BB insists my email password is wrong when it definitely isn't. HELP

It might be but this is beyond any of our capabilities here to handle. You'll need to get back in touch with RIM. You should have a case number that you can use.

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Re: BB insists my email password is wrong when it definitely isn't. HELP

Many thanks for this detail info. The problem to me is certainly mediatemple. If RIM is having problems with only mediatemple clients, at least the hosting company should at least dig further by making sure that the gridserver security config accommodates blackberry.
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Re: BB insists my email password is wrong when it definitely isn't. HELP

In the UK if you're not a business customer you cannot directly contact RIM for support, it has to be through your service provider, which took me two weeks for them to take me seriously enough to escallate it to RIM. It's been a month now since the problem arose and the representitive at Orange dealing with my problem is still getting excuses from Blackberry and no real answers.

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Re: BB insists my email password is wrong when it definitely isn't. HELP

This is my most recient reply from Media Temple


We have made sure that the IP address ranges in that list are whitelisted and permitted through our network. We have been working with our backbone network engineers and they have determined that Blackberry needs to work with Limelight to get the BGP announcements working again. Our network engineers have routed this traffic around that peering network temporarily, but this route change expired, as the only permanent solution would be for BlackBerry to resolve the issue. Please update Blackberry with this information, as it will affect them routing to multiple destinations.


I suspect that information would only make sense to someone at Blackberry?

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Re: BB insists my email password is wrong when it definitely isn't. HELP

I am replying to this thread since I just had the same issue and I just had it fixed just a few hrs ago after several ticket number from my service provider ( so yeah, i know how frustrating it is) Anyway here's what we did:

 1. I also had a replacement phone of the same model. The first time I went there, they updates my account info particularlymy  IMEI ( I had a prob with BB service before when I switched from Curve 8520 to Bold 9900)

2. After their update, they did the battery pull ( dont know the relevance though) and asked me to wait a few mins (I had to wait the following day to report though)

3. Nothing worked so they created another ticket and advised RIM (still no response up to now from them)

4. One of rep I spoke with earlier tried deleting the email add who's password can not seem to be recognized and just activated the one that is good and "ready for activation". A few mins later, here's what I received via "messages" on my device --> the one with envelope icon:


FROM: Blackberry from Research In Motion Limited

SUBJECT: Email Stopped On Your Other Device


"Email is no longer being sent to your other Blackberry Device (phone model)

You have multiple devices that are set up with the same wireless service provider and that use the same Blackberry ID. Your email is associated with with your Blackberry ID and can only be delivered to one device."

** the other statement were instructions on how to still receive from other device and not the new one.


AfterI got that message, i went ahead and tried another set up with the same username and password and it worked!

Bottom line, for any recent replacement  esp if it's of the same model, email addresses (esp BIS) will still be associated with the previous device. ( when you started the set up, email address/es were already reflecting and you just needed to type in password right?) What's important is that YOU DELETE IT FIRST and continue with another email account that says "ready for activation"( you have seveal options anyway at the start whether yahoo, hotmail,gmail or even Outlook) and that it. Set up your email as usual.


Hope this helps.