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BB10 Love and Notes

Dear BB and friends,


I didn't see any other areas where I could share my thoughts so I thought I'd put it here.


BlackBerry, I'm a recent convert and am quite happy with my Z10.  Good job on what you did with BB10 and hope you can continue as your efforts are very evident to me and many of your fans.


I had some suggestions for changes to existing native apps and functionality:

  • I know you'll have this working in 10.2 but still wanted to stress that its functionality will be greatly appreciated.  I would definitely like to see multiple alarm functionality added.  I find it quite useful.
  • In the calendar app, I would like to be able to adjust the snooze delay to something very similiar as I would in say Microsoft Outlook.  For example, I could choose the default 5 minutes, or 10 or 5 minutes before meeting schedule.  Finally I could chose 0 minutes, or some other term, to alert me at the time of the meeting.  You could consider adding this functionality to the clock app as well.  Maybe the effect could be achieved by holding down on the snooze button to display the option of changing the time.  I'll leave the coding awesomeness to your talented team.
  • The dredded carrier release schedule.  I am a developer but don't have to work with such corporations that can make or break your bank luckily.  I'm sure this has been suggested by my thoughts are why couldn't the carrier's input be left down to the radio software?  All OS changes could/should be a different package that should always be tested to connect to any version of the radio software.  That would allow for, in theory, you to control the release of the main components of the OS versus how it seems to work now.  When a radio needs to be updated, you can coordinate with the carrier to meet the requirements stated, but if you're just adding functionality like with say 10.1.0.xxxx to a new version, you could do the release.  I'm sure its not as simple as I've stated but I wonder if this could be achieved?  I'm pretty certain I've seen AT&T updates separate from Apple only updates when I was on the iPhone.
  • Folder images don't update after you delete one of the first four applications.  I don't download a lot of apps, but say if I've tried a game and then delete it, the folder keeps a reference of the old application's icon.  Asthetics bug.
  • The HUB is the greatest communication service I've had to date, thank you!  Also your email support is on par and better then some main desktop clients.  Thank you.
  • To stay on par with the efforts of Nokia and Microsoft, I would consider a native panoramic plug in to the camera.  And whilst on the topic of the camera, could image stablization not stay on with the use of the flash?  Just curious.  
  • To compete with Andriod and to attract some of the flashy kids, you could consider some kind of light animation support for the lock screen.


Thanks for taking the time to review.  Love the BB10 platform, hope to see lots of good things.  Keep it up.

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Re: BB10 Love and Notes

Good day

Welcome to BB forums

Just be advised that this forum is not run by any Blackberry employee, great advice and glad your enjoying your Z10

Good Luck!
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Re: BB10 Love and Notes

thanks rob, i didn't realize this forums didn't have exposure to BB employees, at least directly. but thanks for the response Smiley Happy
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Re: BB10 Love and Notes

I have to say that comparing the Galaxy S4 and Z10 head to head, that BB wins on active app page feature, a faster web browser, (or equivalent at worst), BB security, to its phone calculator.  Whereas the S4 has a better camera/video, better grouping functionality in the contacts, nicer calendar and a greater selection (of overvalued overhyped) appworld.  Surprisingly, the screen quality in watching videos is almost the same, perhaps an edge to the S4, but marginal.  The type and flick is certainly an innovative feature that works excellently and something BB should be promoting.  The 'docs on the go' editing is easy to use; something I found that was not as easy to use on the Samsung.  Of course iPhones don't even have this function, or NFC and yet they continue to get rave reviews!?   The gesture system is practical and easy to use once you get the hang of it.  Good phone quality, a decent two day battery power for my kind of usage.


Where BB really lacks, is Marketing.  There is no preloading of sample contacts, emails, messaging in the BB demo phones in the store outlets, yet Samsung, iPhone and the like do.  Hard to win sales when you can't truly show your offerings.  Even the in store ad boards are still on BB7 material!  Really??  This was coming from Telus Stores and the like in Canada.


As a side note, neither HTC nor iPhone could meet what BB and Samsung offer.  Although a thumbs up to Apple's Siri (still the best there) and their gaming if that's what you’re into.  And when most of your typical staff at any store is a 20 year old, they are going to always push gaming, music and videos, not practicality.  BB doesn't seem to get that part.  In other words, they need to get out and educate any sales force they are relying on.  Love my Z10 and the wife likes her S4.