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BBM 7 - Why Has It's Release Screwed Up?

I've been seeing a hell of a lot of threads started because of numerous problems with BBM 7, like "All my contacts have disappeared" and "BBM 7 has been deleted!"

Why didn't RIM test it out themselves? They released a beta before it came out, surly someone raised a question about the bugs and errors, and why didn't RIM fix them or at least postpone the update?

Hundreds of people are thinking of leaving BlackBerry because of this, just look at the comments on the App World!


How could RIM screw up like this? Or even take a risk of messing things up? Their shares have fallen, and more and more people are thinking of moving to Android or IPhone! 

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Re: BBM 7 - Why Has It's Release Screwed Up?


"how" and "why" questions, such as these, require "insider information" to truly answer. And, anyone who has such information would naturally be enjoined from releasing it...so I really don't think that you'll be able to get any definitive answer to this question. Plenty of opinions, of course...but nothing authoritative.

My guess is that, like all things designed and built by humans, there is a chance of defect that is greater than zero, and the chance of a perfect roll out is indeed zero. Further, with a complex environment such as this, my personal view is that it is simply not possible to truly test out all scenarios during the development phases...the final true test is what I've always called "field testing"...when the product is actually released to the world and all scenarios can then actually be tested. Sadly, the only way to do that is to truly release the product.

Note also that RIM is not alone in this type of debacle. Remember Windows Vista? And Windows ME? And (I think) Windows XP SP1? But Microsoft remains in business, in spite of those debacles. I suspect that, as bad as this BBM release may appear to be, RIM will continue to survive.

Further, it's impossible to truly evaluate the success/failure rate of this release from a forum such as this one. This site is specifically intended to provide help to folks who are in need...and so we naturally never hear from those for whom the update went smoothly and no problems ensued.

If you truly want to evaluate a "problem rate", the only metric you can draw is the number of complaints here divided into the entire BB subscriber base...and even that will be inaccurate as it cannot account for those users that are ineligible for the update or simply choose to avoid it. Nor can it account for those who have problems but go elsewhere for help.

All in all, my (100% subjective) take from the complaint rate is that it is a little worse than some prior releases that RIM has had, but not spectacularly so -- at least not yet.

You've been very helpful to a lot of folks here on this site...I do hope that you will continue to be so. We try to promote this site as a place to come for help...at the same time, we try to avoid it becoming a place to just "bash" RIM...for doing that really accomplishes nothing to help someone else out of a difficult situation. There is a plethora of choices in the world and no single solution is perfect for everyone...we begrudge no one their choices in mobile device solutions.

Good luck!

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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Re: BBM 7 - Why Has It's Release Screwed Up?

I have found the troubleshooting guide published by RIM about lost contacts in BBM7 :

so my conclusion if I wanted to be ironic could be "RTFM" Smiley Wink

(but I do agree that this troubleshooting guide could have been broadcasted more broadly.)

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