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Battery issues with your Blackberry? PLEASE READ

Hi guys, I'll try keep this short.

I realised one day that when charging my torch, it was show a lightening bolt (charging) then none (not charging) Discovered my charger had been bent so much the wires were poking through the black plastic cables.

I then bought a new cheap no brand charger off of ebay. Worked instantly. About a month later, I took a picture with flash on my torch. My battery was about 60%, and it restarted my fone instantly. No warning, just a flash, black screen, then restarted. Phone came back with 60% battery.

Over the next months my phone would:
1. Restart randomly with no warning, even with a nearly full battery. After restarting, would have the same amount of battery power as before.
2. Shut down randomly with no warning, but then wouldn't turn on unless plugged on to charge. Would have an empty battery
3. Battery would go from around 50% to saying "battery drained shutting down handheld", or from 50% to flashing low battery, just like that.
4. Charge REALLY fast from an seemingly empty battery. Fully charged within 20-40mins.
5. While ON charge, it would restart and come back with an empty battery/the same amount it restarted at... And sometimes do this upto 4times in a row, Unplugging it from charge would stop this... However, point 3 would normally occur soon after.
6. I'd get anything from 2-8hours use of my battery, knowing when it would drop to empty was random.


I searched tonnes of sites mostly saying its an OS bug. I upgraded to .668... Same problem. Then downgraded to .666 same problem.
Some saying the on board battery meter is out of sync... Load of rubbish.
Something to do with the memory card? Didn't work for me

HERE'S the good bit!

Some people with the same pproblems as me said they replaced the battery but the problem still remained so I was hesitant to spend £20 on a battery.
THEN one night after doing a battery pull, I realised the back cover wouldn't go on easily and when it did, it wasn't sitting flat. I examined the battery and realised it was SWOLLEN. It had swelled on both sides so the battery had a slight, but noticably bulge.
THAT convinced me to get a new OFFICIAL battery.

Make sure it has a blackberry hollagram at the back, and not those replacement batteries.

New battery sorted it out, BUT I became suspicious of my cheap charger. The problems started since using it so I would only recommend the official charger that comes with your BB.

My phone is fine now, lasts over 12hours easily and it drains slowly and steadily without any crazy dips.

Sorry for the essay! Hope I helped!
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Re: Battery issues with your Blackberry? PLEASE READ

I had the same problem with my curve the battery was swollen and my storm 2, form what i have read there is a problem with the hardware on some storm 2 models the slot for the battery is too big and the battery is loose, i fixed this by taping down the battery but any problems with your storm 2 and it done most of the things mentions above (randomly turning off...) then try taping down your battery
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Re: Battery issues with your Blackberry? PLEASE READ

Hi. My bb torch is doing almost the same thing as yours and it is swollen. It started by rejecting my charger and I swopped with someone else's charger. This worked for a while. But now if I fully charge it and I start chatting or calling, it quickly drains to zero % within seconds. Now I have to keep it on the charger and it is not charging with the charger that I have unless I position it very well. Very annoying indeed. I thought of getting a new battery and charger but I think the best is to get a new phone. I was told I had to change the battery. Then someone else said my phone has a problem. Gosh!  

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Re: Battery issues with your Blackberry? PLEASE READ



I am having exactly the same issue, I have asked for the replacement of battery as my BB is under warranty.




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Re: Battery issues with your Blackberry? PLEASE READ

I have the same issues with my Torch also, and I replaced the swollen battery with an official BB battery but the phone stopped working. I don't know if the swollen battery affected the function somehow but it won't turn on - the red light just flashes and the phone gets hot. The new battery is not faulty because it works fine in another phone. Any suggestions?

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Re: Battery issues with your Blackberry? PLEASE READ

just do not over charge batteries...