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Beware of the Mac desktop Crapberry program... full of bugs!

Beware... your mac address book contacts can be deleted by this software. If a dialogue box comes up saying it has to delete XX entries CANCEL IT!


Sync the blackberry first to your mac  via bluetooth (pc users can go to... wherever Microsoft tells you to go). Transfer all your Blackberry entries to your mac and then import them into your mac address book. Sync your blackberry and be sure to check the box that asks you if you want to overwrite, destroy, or kill them in whatever words work for you that eradicate the old data you want to overwrite.


The bug has to do with the fact that you must first sync your BB or Crapberry before adding entries on your BB or Crapberry otherwise it wants to delete all your address book contacts on the mac.


There are so many bugs in the software. I've wiped the Crapberry clean, re-synced everything because calendar entries were duplicated... contacts issues are very buggy. It won't let me change an email address for a contact on my Crapberry or delete it or save changes because it gives a stupid message about external data something, closing display and data will be lost. If you can read fast enough to know what that blip of a warning says before it vanishes... let me know. Any intelligent programmer at RIM should at least let people read the message and press a key or something when they are ready. This flash and run crap is for Microsoft as is the stupid crapware that copies music to your BB which it won't play because it doesn't know how to.


Half the time I can't sync changes in contacts to my Crapberry because of the crapware desktop program. (I'd call it more a game because of the high frustration rating and lack of usefullness but others might find offence). Multiple syncs are often required to make updates to contacts happen so you'll have to sync, eject, check, re-sync, re-eject, re-check etc. Syncing a blackberry doesn't work the way macs do syncing so don't expect the rational to make sense any time soon. Normally de-selecting what you don't want to sync should remove it but RIM thinks like Microsoft which is why it doesn't make sense to Mac users. The only way to remove the data is to wipe the phone.... dumb!

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Re: Beware of the Mac desktop Crapberry program... full of bugs!

just one question....how do you   "Sync the blackberry first to your mac  via bluetooth"?


iSync is not compatible with BB...if you could do this you wouldn't need the DM...LOL hybrid
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Re: Beware of the Mac desktop Crapberry program... full of bugs!

I am having the same issue in that when I synch, it will at times ask me for permission to delete all my calendar entries. I overcome this by overriding all the entries on my BB. However, this is not good if I have added entries on the BB and want them to synch with those on my computer. This resolves the issues for a few synchs and then it appears again. Very frustrating. I have a BB Storm and use a Mac with Snow Leopard. I did remove and reinstall BB synch program a few days ago. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks