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BlackBerry Bold 9780 v6.0.0.480 Bundle 2115 word wrap, Visual Voice Mail, documentation Column View

BlackBerry Bold 9780 T-Mobile Version 6.0 Bundle 2115
BlackBerry Desktop Software Version Bundle 21


(1) I went to http://docs.blackberry.com/en/smartphone_users/subcategories/?userType=1&category=BlackBerry+Smartph... What is the proper URL Link to find documentation on my BlackBerry I have spent so much money on please ?  These, obviously, are not the latest docs on the BlackBerry Bold 9780.  I make it to page 25 before the features listed do not work.  And, with the later releases out now, surely there are more up-to-date docs for them.  Right ?


(2) There is pre-installed junk advertisement software on my BlackBerry.  I want to remove the junk, not hide the icons.  TeleNav is a perfect example.  So, silly me, I pressed the icon and it wants $10 a month to give me Navigation which I declined.  Instead, I have loaded LifeInPocket, which is free and provides the same app.  In fact, it works with Google Talk and Google Maps.  How do I remove TeleNav ?


(3) T-Mobile TV is an app on my BlackBerry.  Am I to understand that if I am at a football game and want to watch the replays, that that costs me $10 a month to have that app work ? They have got to be kidding me.


(4) How do I find out if the apps on my BlackBerry are the most current release of the apps ?  It does not appear to me that BlackBerry Desktop Software does that.  I have all kinds of apps such as Poynt, Gmail, BlackBerry App World, etc and would like to know if my apps are up-to-date. 


(5) I am having a seriously hard time with OS on these 4 opening folders.  In the User Guide, mentioned above

BlackBerry 9780 Smartphone User Guide Version 6.0 SWDT643442-941426-0128013204-001

It says in the last paragraph on Page 25 highlight the folder, click BlackBerry key and rename it.  That is not the case.  I don't care for these 4 folders, at all.  I want all icons in 1 folder, and then I want to be able to move icons out of there to a secondary folder, for example.  And, I do not want 4 folders.  I also would like to be able to move icons from 1 folder to another.


(6) Visual Voice Mail is an app which I cannot delete, says required, yet every attempt to turn it on, does not work.


(7) It says in the User Guide that I can make a contact, FAVORITE by clicking add to FAVORITE, and that does not work like the User Guide says either.


(8) I was told for all this time that v6.0.0.480 would have COLUMN VIEW as it is on OS5 on my BlackBerry 9700.  I still might get this back out of the drawer and use it, because I cannot read the WebPages on the Internet yet.  Example : http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/031311aah.html  I cannot read it.  I cannot find any documentation on how I set word wrap and find myself over at CrackBerry.com talking to posters there who said it did have COLUMN VIEW and now they state for you here at BlackBerry.com SUPPORT FORUMS for RIM that OS6 never will have COLUMN VIEW, ever again.  I do the double-click and use the space bar to read WebPages now with v6.0.0.480 Bundle 2115 but WebPages such as this URL Link I provide in this question are not rendered where I can even read the WebPages.  I have to move the trackball left and right to read every single line.  Are you guys out of your minds, or just don't care ?  Do you want to go to this site URL Link I give you here, and try to read it on your BlackBerry ?

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Re: BlackBerry Bold 9780 v6.0.0.480 Bundle 2115 word wrap, Visual Voice Mail, documentation Column View

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Re: BlackBerry Bold 9780 v6.0.0.480 Bundle 2115 word wrap, Visual Voice Mail, documentation Column View

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Point eight is exactly on the point. My biggest dissapointment after purchase of Blackberry Bold 9900 OS7. Opera Mini works well as a substitute, but it is not possible to make it a default browser and for me not alawys awailable as a choice of browser when pressing on a link either. Smiley Sad