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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

I am responsible for well over 150 mobile deivces at my office and have several "power users" who live and die by their phone, their contacts, and decent calling features.  Most of our Blackberry users are on Verizon using the 9650.  It is a decent phone with few complaints - except for battery life, which seems to be common across any platform - including the iPhone.


We have recently upgraded just a few people to the 9900 (less than 5).  Most have not complained about the problems noted here, but I may not hear about it until it gets worse.  As mentioned, battery life has been an issue, but we did find that the previous BB wall chargers don't have the same mA rating as the one that comes with the 9900.  We are recommending to all of our users to ONLY use the charger that comes with the device.  One has a 700mA rating and the other is 750mA.  May not make that much of a difference, but we'll give it a try.


I've seen two of the issues reported so far:

- The phone randomly gets stuck between the "Switch Application" page and whatever last application was being used.  Sometimes it can be cleared up by deleting an old email or a battery pull.  Very random.

- Occassionally the "All" screen starts displaying two rows of icons instead of the normal single row.  Again, very random.  To correct this, I open Options, Display, Home Screen Preferences, then Rest Setting and select Icon Arrangement.  That fixes it immediately, but still not sure of the root cause.


We use two carriers in the Atlanta area:  Verizon and T-Mobile.  The most users are on Verizon, but we do have a few that have stuck with T-Mobile.  The BIGGEST problem for T-Mobile users is that the UMA feature of being able to make voice calls over a WiFi connection has been removed from the 9900!  Very disappointing!  When I called T-Mobile to register my phone (to solve the login problems), they mentioned that this feature will come back later and will be labeled, "WiFi Calling".  T-Mobile has most likely done this to be able to charge for this nice feature that has been free for the past several years on all other phone models.


The reality of the situation is the RIM is imploding on itself following their 2-3 day "world outage".  The decisions to rush phones to market and then let the public test them is having very negative results as evidenced in these forums.  We are switching the bulk of our users to the iPhone.  I suspect that we will gradually (or not so gradually) transition away from RIM products in the very near future.


Thank you all for taking the time to post your issues and fixes.

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

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I want to throw my experience in here.


Bought the Blackberry Bold 9900, coming from a Bold 9000, on November 11, 2011. Phone initially worked well.


On December 8, 2011, I plugged the phone in to charge at night, as I always do. In the morning, the phone would not turn on. Nothing.


I returned the phone on December 11, 2011. Luckily I was within the 30 day window that the AT&T store allows for exchanges. They gave me a new phone.


On January 16, 2012, the cell service became horrendous. Frequently just in "SOS" mode, or just the dreaded "X". It didn't matter where I was, same issue. I went back to the AT&T store today, they tried replacing the SIM card, and doing a full device restore. Nothing fixed the lack of service - it is clearly a problem with the phone. They told me I missed the in-store replacement window by 7 days. I have to do the replacement via mail with Blackberry since it is within the 1 year warranty.


The terms of their replacement dictate that the warranty isn't extended with the arrival of the new phone. If this happens again after 320 more days pass by, I'm stuck.


At this point, I'm super-frustrated. I can excuse issues with a single phone - that happens. But two phones, each failing about 30 days after activatiuon? Ridiculous and inexcusible.


Unfortunately, I'm locked into the Blackberry for another 22 months. AT&T doesn't even allow me to pay an outrageous fee to switch to another phone for another 4 months.


At this point, I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

The phone got stuck today so i rebooted bys pressing alt+rght shift+del and it rebooted until 3/4 and got stuck so i tried battery pull, it rebooted all the way but did not start correctly and kept on giving uncaught errors. after a while a white screen came up with app error 606. ive downloaded an official OS update and installed it on my pc. ive tried to upgrade the OS on my phone to fix the poblem, but in the dialog box where it says there are no updates available, there is no link to show view other version to install and am stuck with this error. Any Help on this...

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

I have the same issues. Software update did not clear the problem up. I'm on my 2nd handset and still have same issues. I can download any apps either.
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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

After replacing the phone 3 times I solved my problem with a Galaxy Nexus.


I have been a Blackberry user and devoted proponent for about 9 years.  I have had two Blackberrys at a time for most of that period, a personal phone and a work phone.  I will have a great deal of trouble making the switch as I use the keyboard a great deal as an IT consultant (constantly typing out directions for people involving :s and \s, etc.).


After the horrible experience I had with the Torch (Useless on-screen keyboard requiring it be slid open constantly, horrible battery life, processor that was way too slow for its OS and hardware, and generally freezing all the time and requiring battery pulls) and now the dreaded 990, that was it for me.  Sure, I could have gone back to my 9700, but I am now dropping RIM out of spite, and I'll happily admit it.  I will suffer to make sure a message is sent to them.  Maybe if they start designing phones with reliability and durability in mind again, I'll come back.  I'm guessing it will take a buy out before that happens, but I guess we'll see.  


To add to my earlier list of issues with my 9900, here are a few other problems I had with it before I gave up.  Some of these problems happened on all 4 handsets, some not:


-          Flickering buttons, red light, cycle until battery is pulled after charging at night.

-          Battery pulled sometimes 4 times before it will boot all the way up

-          Will no longer add wallpaper from micro SD card

-          Battery dies suddenly

-          Freezes

-          After a whole night of charging the battery indicator shows about 70%

-          WAY more dropped calls than any previous BB

-          Red X then need to resend randomly, but pretty constantly.

-          Sending mail multiple times/recipients receiving multiples.

-          Bezel coming off (two of my 4 phones had this)

-          Doesn’t connect over USB properly every time.  Need to unplug and re-plug it in.

-          On-Screen ringer mute doesn’t work right away/properly rendering it useless.  

-          Have to press alt every time I unholster it to get back to regular operation.

-          BBMs just hang as transmitting for days. 

-          Entire sentences missing from emails until scrolled over (obviously a screen refreshing issue)

-          Failed calls 1 in 5 first attempts to dial out (loud beeping sound "call failed")

-          Video camera no longer works (fails to get viewfinder). A couple times phone turned off and rebooted when video camera initiated.

-          Volume of ringer suddenly much quieter.  Fixed itself after a couple of days, then happened again, then fixed itself again.

-          Voice dialing no longer working at all.  Prompts for a command then just sits there.

-          Blue tooth ringing after calls.  Complete a call then Bluetooth in car starts ringing "private name".  Can't be answere, can't be dismissed.  Turn Bluetooth off and on again to get it to stop (lots of fun while on the highway).

-          Bluetooth headset dropping after calls.  Right after completing a call and hanging up, the bluetooth disconnects from my headset.  Have to turn it on and off on the phone again to get it to reconnect.

- Generally speaking the bluetooth on the phone is terrible.  Phone can't even be in my pocket or it crackles.


This phone should have been recalled.  I'm sorry RIM, but if anyone over there is reading this, shame on you!  I have literally over 100 clients who ask me what phone to get every time they upgrade and they won't be hearing Blackberry from me ever again.  They'll listen too.

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

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I am so sad (a true addict). I just bought my new Bold 9900 (white) on Thursday evening after finding I couldn't handle the touchscreen on a motorola device.  My little bold worked really well to start, although it drained the battery quickly, which I put down to the fact I was on it from the moment I got home. I didn't try calling on it.


First problem was that, when I plugged it into the wall using the in-box charger, it didn't charge at all. It sat there for an hour and stayed the same. It charged when I plugged it into my USB, and seems to be OK from the wall now. But at work the next day--where various coworkers use the Bold 97something and older phones and where my lovely little 9000 used to be just fine--it wouldn't call out. I got 4 failed calls in a row when trying to dial! The 5th went through. All beeping. The network bar fluctuated wildly all day, and I only got a raft of text messages when I finally pulled the battery later in the day--friends had sent them to me hours before.  The clock on the phone seems to run 20min faster than network time even though it is set to pull the time automatically from the network AND displays the correct network time in the settings section for the time...it just doesn't show the right time on the clock itself.  I got messages this morning after I turned the device on again and was able to place a call. It makes me so sad that this was a surprise.


I was able to send text messages, albeit slowly, and got friends to reply with the time in their message. Some just came in this morning.  I couldn't even access the Rogers network last night or get the internet to load so I could show my dad what is supposed to be my new baby.  While playing with it yesterday, I experienced H+ then EDGE then GSM then back, all within minutes...my old Bold 9000 never had issues like this. Last night, I did get through to the number I was dialing, but it actually sounded like the person's phone was being flushed down the toilet. The ringing sound sounded like running water and his voice was scrambled into oblivion. I hung up. This morning, it actually called the same number, although the sound was a bit hollow. So, in 36 hours, I've placed two successful calls and received messages at about 6 separate times in large waves.


Blackberry is the only phone out there that provides the keyboard I want and the email functionality, but this is my primary phone...and it has to place calls! What has happened?


Can anyone help or advise? Do I have a dud device? I've already been to Rogers once and changed back to the berry and for the few minutes it was working, I liked my new Bold. I'll go back into the store (excellent customer service where I live, thankfully), but I am starting not to trust this device at all.  If I order another handset, should I anticipate these problems again? Is it a problem especially with the white devices? Is there any truth to the quality-control argument, that certain countries of origin don't produce as good handsets? Or is it a problem with the SIM card?  I thought maybe my otterbox was blocking the radio, but that's not plausible, is it?


I don't usually upgrade my phones and haven't installed a single app except for the Rogers MyAccount app. So, basically, the device is no different from what I got when I opened the box.


This phone has to last me. I actually feel betrayed, as I had an (apparently!) emotional connection to my old berry, which served me well. It's gone now...I surrendered it rather than repair it because I'd been hard on it and it had withstood the test but ultimately gone on...so now what do I do?

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

hey I am not sure if this applies to you but I when I first got my bold the battery drained so fast and then I realized that I left a ton of apps on and when i exited them the battery life improved a lot. Also, there is an app called battery booster that i downloaded and the battery life improved a lot from that as well, I didnt play with the settings either...worth a try. After i did those two things i can go a full day without charging my bb even if i play music watch videos and browse the web. 

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

I recently bought a Blackberry touch Bold 4 9900. I am facing a lot of problems with the software.

The main problem i face is, after making certain calls (about 20-30 sometimes even 5-10) incoming calls and while making  out going calls i dont hear any ringtone or dialer tone. When i answer a call, i cannot hear the voice of the other person.The same goes while recieving text messages also.The only solution for me is to take off the battery and put it back again. The fone alerts just doesnt seem to work. I had spent a lot of money upgrading as well as updating the software twice from an authorised Blackberry service center but still the probmlem was and is  not solved. Recently i upgraded the software to 2406.

This is the first time im facing this Kind of problem while using Blackberry and i am really getting annoyed to always switch off the phone,take off the battery and switch it on in order to recieve and make calls. Is there any solution to this??please let me know.


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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

My headphone jack doesn't work now either, I'm so fed up.

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9900 Major Issues!!!

I'm on my third blackberry bold 9900 two weeks into the purchase of the phone. The first one had an unbelievably squeaky trackpad that made noise even when the phone had been switched off. The second one had loose buttons and would randomly turn off. And now my third one never recieves calls, recieves texts very late, and I have to try to call people between 2 and 6 times due to the call failed message coming up and I have poor battery life on it. Is there any solution to my problem? Can the call failing be fixed?