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Re: Blackberry Desktop Manager doesn't recognize paired Bluetooth Connection

Hey all!  Got an update for you-- and the folks at RIM are NOT gonna like it.


Turns out, the misfit is the Blackberry Bold 9700, or more specifically the OS on it.


First, an update on a couple of events:

1) I've had to install various variations of Windows7, Vista and XP on several boxes recently, all using Bluetooth of one type or another.  Some built in, some with external dongles.  HP's, Dells, Toshibas, you name it.

2) My Bold recently died and T-Mobile was gracious enough to replace it under warranty-- which was GREAT!!  They even sent it next day air, which was nice of them.

3) I had to upgrade my Bluetooth drivers from the MS drivers, to the Broadcom drivers due to a requirement in something connected to my system with more priority than my Blackberry-- namely, my keyboard and mouse.


With all that said here are my observations along the way (not gonna tell the whole story because it has been an exhausting experience):

1) Some devices need the more specific driver for their system, that means having to use the Toshiba, Broadcom or whatever driver your system requires.  I need my keyboard and mouse to function properly at all times.  For RIM to say that I can't use a specific driver is to limit what I can use with my system.  And if something can't play nicely with others, then that product (as in the BB) will be replaced, not the others.

2) I would normally be more accomodating on the point above, had I not picked up this little tidbit: the Bold doesn't want to connect nicely with Windows under certain conditions (read on for more). 

3) If the Bold is connected to Desktop Manager, and I shut down the Bluetooth connection at the phone, then turn the Bluetooth back on at the phone later, the phone will reconnect with the Desktop Manager without issue.  This is with BOTH the Microsoft drivers and the Broadcom drivers.  However, if I close the Desktop Manager while the phone is connected-- the phone enters a strange looping pattern, which I'll describe later.  Note that "connected" for this paragraph means "connected" and not "synchronizing."  There is nothing being exchanged-- just a "status" of being connected.

4) The difference between drivers is very specific: when I cut off the connection at the DM using Broadcom drivers, the phone never recovers and will never talk to that desktop again...until I pull the battery out of the phone and force a hard reboot.  If I do that, and restart the Desktop Manager on that machine, the phone WILL reconnect and Desktop manager will recognize the paired device and allow it to sync.  With the Microsoft drivers, when I close DM while connected, the phone will behave similar, however, here is the difference: if I pair my phone with another BT device, say, my headset (Plantronics Voyager PLT 510), and let that stay in use for a while-- when I restart DM, after a while, the phone will be seen by DM and allow me to sync again, though this doesn't happen immediately, just eventually.

5) The looping pattern; this is where I think the problems lies on the device.  For some reason, when I close the Desktop Manager, and I look at the connection status on the Bold, it flips back and forth, continuously, between "On" and "Connected."  Now note, this won't always happen, but usually does.  Anyway, this continues and continues until I connect my bluetooth headset.  And once I disconnect the headset, and if I'm within range of the PC-- it doesn't always continue.  Sometimes, it does.  Now, if I reboot the device by pulling the battery-- it stops and the device reconnects to the PC without issue.  However, if I reboot the PC without rebooting the device, the thrashing back and forth continues.


Bottom line:


It appears as if the RIM bluetooth tech is immature or has a bug somewhere.  My Treo650 never had this issue, nor any issue with any driver on any computer.  If RIM is unable to accomodate 3-4 drivers in the marketplace, shame on them.  I will go back to a Treo, or maybe an iPhone on my next purchase if they don't have their act together by the time this phone gives out on me.  I don't care who is right or who is wrong, or who is or isn't implementing some garbage "spec" -- all I care about is if my stuff just works.  And right now it is not working as well as older, more obsolete hardware did.


And to add insult to injury: one of my buddies has the iPhone 3GS (which is alright, but doesn't sync as nicely as the BB), and it has ZERO issues with the Bluetooth sync.  Heck, we pulled into his driveway and the Bluetooth connector jungle went off before we got out of the car-- automatically!


Bottom line: RIM, stop pointing the finger at others and making excuses and just DWIT to get it to work, before you lose another fan.

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Re: Blackberry Desktop Manager doesn't recognize paired Bluetooth Connection

HI there


Am new to this so please bear with me -


Am trying to sync a Blackberry Pearl with a PC with newly installed Windows 7 and the latest DM software, which I downloaded and installed today. Trouble is the pearl is not recognised ? If Iook in the system tray the blackberry device manager is there but it shows a status of disconnected and the DM software doesn't recognise the pearl at all ! have tried searching for windows 7 drivers - should they not have installed with the latest DM software ?


Any help or suggestions welcome - thanks,



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Re: Blackberry Desktop Manager doesn't recognize paired Bluetooth Connection

[ Edited ]



Are you saying the problem lies with Blackberry - specifically with their bluetooth device/sw; meaning it is impossible to setup a connection?  Or are you suggesting that work-arounds for different operating systems with different bluetooth adapters exist?


My setup:

2003 Sony Vaio laptop

Windows XP w. SP3

Kensington Bluetooth USB micro adapter


Blackberry Storm 9530

v5.0.0.328 (Platform


Desktop Manager Ver.


Bluetooth connection settings via COM40


I already tried removing DTM, re-downloading and re-installing without success.  While I re-installed DTM, my Storm was paired to my laptop..


>  Can you give me any hints?  The greater the detail the better..

>  I think I gather from your posts that it is possible when I download certain updates from Microsoft?  Is this correct?  Can you give me any further details?


Thank you in advance!




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Re: Blackberry Desktop Manager doesn't recognize paired Bluetooth Connection

I have recently installed the Bluetooth Module for my MSI S6000-017US laptop because it was not installed in my laptop when I bought it. I have had my BlackBerry Style 9670 for about a year now (Desktop Software installed). When I try to connect via bluetooth with my computer and smartphone in Windows Explorer I see the following in the screen "Service discovery failed" and on my phone it tells me that it is unable to connect to my laptop. Not to mention that the Desktop Software is telling me that I do not meet the system requirements for bluetooth connectivity feature of the software, thus the bluetooth options for the software are greyed out on my laptop. The card for my laptop meets the current bluetooth standard however I am still unable to successfully pair both my phone and laptop even though every thing that I have mentioned indicates that they see each other and are able to talk to one another.


My Laptop::


OS: MS Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

Model: MSI S6000 - 017US

CPU: Intel Core i5-450M


Any help would be appreciated...