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Blackberry will not sync my calendar from outlook in Office Mac 2011 - is there any solution?

I have tried for over a week to get my BB to sync with my outlook calendar on my new iMac without success.  I spoke to an unhelpful guy in BB's technical support yesterday who would not help me.  I am tried to contact Microsoft (who don't work at weekends unlike us small business owners who have to) and have not been able to get any solutions from my network provider O2 nor Apple Care.  

I have tried to follow the knowledge based solution from the BB website (KB19148) but when I got to Sync Services the boxes are empty and I'm unable to populate them.  Has anyone got a solution? 


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Re: Blackberry will not sync my calendar from outlook in Office Mac 2011 - is there any solution?

I can not sync my bb with my mac with MS Office 2011 Outlook.

Just for the info I am using Mac OSX 10.7 and it does not have iSync.


First time I synced my device, the bb desktop manager asked me what to sync with what.

I did sync my contacts with Mac address book, but now I have MS Office 2011 for Mac and want to sync all four

1 Calender

2 Contacts

3 Notes and 

4 Tasks


with my outlook. 


Can some one please guide me on how can I get that done?

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Re: Blackberry will not sync my calendar from outlook in Office Mac 2011 - is there any solution?

Folks, it's just not going to happen the way you want it. If this is the final time you needed to learn this to confirm what you have been suspecting as you started reading these forums then you can close this window, take your BB back to Windows or try to use iPhone for your business needs which most of us who use it for business know that it can't match a BB. If you really want to know how I came to this conclusion, you may proceed.


As much as we may want it to happen and most of us may need it to happen, it's not going to happen. I made my first Mac purchase recently with a MacBook Pro, top shelf, fully loaded with full-blown Office 2011. Like most of us I believed that with MS Office and BB DM it would be business as usual. I was sorely mistaken. I had BB from when it was a RIM pager with a silver and black LCD display. Now we use the Bold 9900 so BB runs deep in my veins.


Contacts: After gathering up my Blackberry Desktop Manager (DM) software and before making my first Sync with Mac I preformed a full BB back up with DM on Windows and also did a MS Office/Outlook 2007 PST back up (cannot afford to lose 3,000+ contacts, 24 Note files, 300 Calendar events and random Tasks). Although on the first attempt from BB to Mac transferred all my contacts, all the emails within the contact cards were labeled as "OTHER" (not the typical Work, Home). No biggie but rather displeasing. After performing some routine contact functions, add New, contact updates on both BB and Mac and doing a Sync I noticed that there was no message or prompt alerting me of a pending change in data which is what we are used to with Windows. Not a deal breaker and something I could learn to live with if all else works. What was disappointing is that sometimes it would make 1 of 3 changes, sometimes 3 of 3 and other times no changes and for no apparent reason. Taking it to the next step I removed all my Contacts from my BB (using Delete Data on DM) and all the contacts from Outlook 2011/Mac (and the Mac Contacts app as well) and Imported my contacts PST files from Windows to Mac figuring I would approach it from that end. It worked for the first 10 tests then for no apparent reason it stopped working all together. Try to Export a contact from Mac to Windows, not going to work without laying out $40 for a program that converts OLM to PST. Putting the Contacts issues aside I figured I'd move onto Calendar hoping that in dealing with getting that to work I'd find a solution for Contacts. As a side note, the fashion in which Contacts are displayed on Office 2011 for Mac leaves a lot to be desired. You have very few options to how you can view your contacts and my preferred style "Business Card" is not an option. You cannot modify your mail settings to send mail manually, once you click Send, off it goes and there’s no chance on making an update to that email or the possibility of not sending it at all.


Calendar: I wasn't shocked to find out that this wasn’t going to work correctly either. Yes, it imported my calendar but many dates were wrong on the Mac side. I reviewed every calendar event and made the necessary changes in dates on the Mac and re-Sync'd, update successful, finally looks like we’re making some progress. I added an event on my BB and added an event on the Mac, performed a Sync, same results as the Contacts. Sometimes it worked other times it didn't and for no apparent reason. 


Notes: Yes, the Notes imported on first attempt but they were all blank on Outlook 2011 in Mac. I took the time to run a small test with creating a NEW note on the Mac and Sync it to the BB. Perfect, that worked, the note transferred from Mac to BB and was viewable on both ends. Now try to change the text in note on your BB and Sync it back to the Mac and the note goes blank. I ran several different scenarios and got the same results, time to move onto Tasks.


Tasks: Dead issue. Figuring that the first three were unsuccessful I put minimum of effort into this.


Tech support was unable to resolve these issues, or maybe unwilling. I did a lot of reading about this and for the most part found that everyone who posted about this problem was having the same issues. Ultimately it’s my fault for not being proactive enough to have done extensive research prior to the MacBook Pro purchase. I have way too much data that needs to be consistent on the BB as well as Outlook, can't afford to be off by a single digit or character.


Final Decision: As much as I took a liking to the MacBook Pro I realized that the BB plays an instrumental role for us to conduct business in the field and we need to utilize all aspects and functions of Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks. For it not to play nice with Mac made it easy for us to remain with our proven computer design (Win7 and BB). At the end of the day I restored my Windows Outlook 2007 with the back-up PST and did the same with the BB, no info lost which is crucial. I do think the iPhone is a cool phone, but with 200 emails a day, 2-4 hours of talk time, their internal battery you cannot swap and a POP3 email push it doesn't stand a chance next to BB. We can't hitch ourselves to a wall socket or car charger for power and that external battery add-on case just isn't enough. 


Win7 won this round, The MacBook Pro and iPhone lost out to what would have been 35 Macs/iPhone during the 1Q and a possible 15 more beginning of 3Q. If I were using this for personal use or a very small business my opinion may have been different.


Happy Sync’ing