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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks

I'm gonna try this later on because I'm having the same problem, when do I run the JL_Cmder?

I tried installing it now (I don't have my phone on me at the moment) just to get all the stuff I need, but do I need the phone connected to the computer to run it?


And any tips on how to catch it when the phones connecting to the cpu or just gotta be quick? 



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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks



I am expierencing the same problem one day it worked took the phone out of my pocket one day got the same responce no boot no active responce just blinks twice and the a slight pause then blinks 3 times again. Then it repeats the cycle.  I had to take my phone in for service. Since I wasn't able to get a active responce.  When the process is continuing I've called my phone and it has gone right to voicemail.  Think is completly odd. In this situation, this did happen about after 6 months or so after updating to OS 5. I guess the greatest OS update isn't the best. Smiley Sad



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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks

thanks tbilisoft for all your help. this totally saved my life because your instructions really worked! my blackberry tour was crashed.. not turning on at all whatsoever. So i wiped it with the jl cmder utility .. and it didn't wipe any of my information, contacts or anything. everything was still there.. even all the apps i downloaded. then i installed the os. now everything is running back to normal. thanks again tbilisoft!! 

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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks

tbilisoft wrote:

Something is broken in Blackberry Device filesystem that causes the problem.

Device in that condition is available for Blackberry Desktop Software for a very short period of time - when it starts.

Use JL_Cmder utility to wipe your device memory when the device is available for this short period of time.

It is not easy to catch the moment - but let's try.


This is probably where I'm going wrong....can you clarify where this "moment" might be? Is it right after you plug it in...etc.??


thanks in advance!!

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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks

This is exactly where my issue is. It'll make that connect sound (when I plug it in with my USB cable), but I don't know how to get the JL_Cmder to wipe the OS.


I've tried wiping it (pressing enter after I type "blackberry"), right when I plug the USB in, it just goes to the red screen, and says "Connecting to device...." Then it just brings me back to the regular home black screen.


Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks

Smiley Very HappyYeah i have this problem.... when i deleted a game it froze so i removed the battery and then the red light came on tthen it loaded but then half way through when it was loading it froze and so i removed the battery and tried again but it kept doing the same... i havent tried connecting to my computer but i will try it and hopfully it might work!

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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks

Hi i am having the same problem but my phone wont connect to the computer any suggestions?

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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks

Yeah, same here. Any advice? At least what the blinking lights mean?

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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks




uros wrote:

Yeah, same here. Any advice? At least what the blinking lights mean?


It means its not a happy little BB, but the following should have you on the go again.


This what I did to completely wipe my BB. I wrote this before starting and printed it off.

If your device is functioning, perform a backup now if you haven't already done so saving the file to a place and in a name that you can easily locate on computer.

I then uninstalled DTM and then deleted all other references to BB/Rim in Windows Explorer thus removing the OS for the BB from the computer in order to ensure that the version I would reinstall would be a brand new downloaded version.

Get the latest Desk Top Software (DTS)

and install it on the computer.

Get the correct latest version of the OS


and save it to computer.

If the PC does not recognize the BB, You need to connect the via the USB cable. Then pull the battery from the BB.
With the battery pulled, connect the BlackBerry to the USB connector and as SOON as you see USB-PIN:UNKNOWN hit Next. You have to be quick. From there you can put the battery back in (make sure you install the battery or else when the OS update is completing and the device disconnects from the computer to reboot, it will lose the power provided by the USB connection and you will get an error and have to do it all over again!).

If you don't get it right the first time, try again (unplug from USB, pull battery, connect and hit Next while USB-PIN:Unknown is showing). You have to be fast and the timing is key, so it may take you three or four attempts.

To erase all the data on your BlackBerry device, complete the following steps.

1) Download JL_Cmder from http://www.4shared.com/get/oqP9V-2Q/JL_Cmder_v19.html

2) Install JL_Cmder to computer.

3) Double check you have already backed-up the BB. If you DO NOT, you will lose ALL data.

4) Make sure the DTS is closed and plug in the BB to computer via USB

5) Go to the JL_Cmder on your computer and double click it to start. Now,this may take a few tries to connect, so keep trying until it does.

6) On the first screen, Press any key to continue.

7) Now, if your device uses a password, enter it now. If not, press "N"

8) Press 4 to initiate the WIPE

9) Press "Y" to continue

10) Now type "blackberry" to continue

11) On the BB you will see a white screen with a'507' Error. Don't worry, this is what you want! You are now ready to install the OS.

Launch the new Desk Top Software on the computer

1). On the home screen of the BlackBerry® Desktop Software, click Device > Update my device.

2). Click View Other Versions. Click the version of the new OS you previously downloaded.

3). Click Install. The DTM will install the OS and then provide you with a list of applications to install. If you have had difficulties with an app, do not install it.

Do not disconnect the device until the whole process is completed and the device has rebooted.

After 10 minutes reboot again by removing the battery whilst powered-on and leave it out for a couple of minutes.

Leave it again for 10 minutes. You should now have a fully functioning BB!

Blackberry Best Advice - Back-up weekly

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Re: Blackberry won't turn on and red light just blinks

Hi All...


I already try all the step, detail step.. from tbilisoft n stevels400 on my Jav wiyh no luck

Still stuck at 4 ret light blink....


at JL_Cmder no luck, even with command: LOADER -u wipe         ....there is no respond from the Ja.. it stop 10) at there is no 11)step of stevels400


with loader.exe  /nojvm    ... it stop at "waiting for device inialization" whit an error of Loader.exe said :  "Application Loader was unable to connect with your device...."  and again, one long red light follow with 3 short red light bilnk... pause.. 4 red light blink... pause.. 4 red light blink... pause.. 4 red light blink and so on...


once awhile I manage to found white page with "no application linked" when I try connect the Jav with my pc....


Informed that I should re install the BDM and OS and use the BDM from the Jav box... I did.. but the story remain the same... 4 blinking red light.... Smiley Sad


Please help...