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Bluetooth (Jawbone) connection issue

I have used a Jawbone hands free device with my other blackberry phones (pearl, etc) but when I got a new Tour recently I am having the following problem:


  • I turn on the Jawbone headset, it will pair with the phone and recognizes it.
  • When a call comes in if I hit the Jawbone to answer it will not connect the call.  I can hit the answer button on the Tour and it will then go through the Jawbone.
  • When I want to disconnect a call I cannot do it from the Jawbone, I must hit the disconnect button on the Tour.


This really defeats the purpose of "hands free". 


I contacted Jawbone thinking it was their unit, they did trouble shooting steps and could not fix it so asked me to mail it back to them.  They replaced the unit.  It has not fixed the problem so is obviously the Blackberry.  I tried another Motorola bluetooth device and the same issue.


Can anyone advise if they know of a fix for this?  Certainly you should be able to use a Bluetooth device with a Tour??

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Re: Bluetooth (Jawbone) connection issue


I have this in sevral posts. The best thing you can do is to call the carrier and ask the to contact RIM so they fix the problem in the next release of the OS.





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Re: Bluetooth (Jawbone) connection issue

Well I am having a similar problem. I first paired the Jawbone and started working super...no problem at all...I could just press the Jawbone button and it will "obey" my voice commands. But suddenly....somehow it disabled my Jawbone button (the one you use to turn it on/off or to give a voice command)....but It was working perfectly receiving calls using the BB answer button....I wasn't even able to turn it off!!...I had to reset the Jawbone to turn it off...


It seems that RIM has a lot of issues to solve about BT tech...lots of issues....I thought I was getting rid of "windows issues" when I changed from Windows Mobile to BB, but I think RIM has lots more than MS....but anyway...


Browsing over the internet I found a "user-way-to-solve-it"...you know, those kind of things, we users love to...those things that made MS so famous, with its magical solution...."reset your computer"!!!....Everybody knows how to solve a Windows or Office...or whatever MS app problem....reset it...reset it...somebody called this way of solving problems...."the Bill Gates Method"!!


So, my friends, the solution that I found over the internet...is a "Bill Gates Method":


1.Delete your Jawbone from the BT list

2. Reset your BB (taking out the battery or doing ALT + Right SHIFT + DEL)

3. Pair again your Jawbone

4. Get reading to use your handsfree again....


I hope this could help....



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Re: Bluetooth (Jawbone) connection issue

I have two Jawbone devices the Jawbone 2 and a Jawbone Prime.


I have had intermittent problems connecting both devices to my Blackberry tour and have even had to exchange the Jawbone Prime for a new Jawbone Prime just after purchasing my Blackberry Tour.


About a week ago I downloaded the up-grade Blackberry 5.0 operating system to my Blackberry and my intermittent problems became a constant failure of both Jawbone devices to function properly. This morning I reinstalled the 4.7 operating system and I'm still having the same connection problems. I receive indication that the Jawbone(s) is recognized  and connected, but I cannot make calls using the Jawbone. When I initiate calls through the handset I cannot disconnect from the calls using the Jawbone(s).


It is frustrating to try to solve this problem while driving, my ear has become very sore for from trying to press the control buttons and receive responses. I called Verizon and they said they have received several calls on this issue. They said they have contacted Research in Motion (Blackberry) and that Blackberry is trying to fix the software problem. Meanwhile I feel like a Gunea Pig. Why don't technology companies test their own products? 

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Re: Bluetooth (Jawbone) connection issue

I'm having the same issue with Motorola.  When I first got my Tour 3 weeks ago,  I was using my wife's H780 as a stopgap while I researched a new headset, since my old H710 had died on my former phone.  The pairing was successful and the headset worked perfectly for the first week, then the button suddenly stopped working - the audio was still fine.  I thought perhaps the headset was faulty, and it is still under warranty, so I set it aside to deal with later and went and bought a new H720 - I cannot comfortably wear an earbud all day and there are very few headsets without them.  Paired it up and it worked great!  Yesterday, my H720 went the way of the 780 - no button response.


I tried the Bill Gates solution and now my headset is working again - thanks, svaal!  I'll post any other developments.


Now, how can we flood RIM with complaints about this so they'll act on it...