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Bold 9700 Media Card became unformatted



I have a BlackBerry Bold 9700.  I have taken many pictures that are on my media card.  I was on Facebook and looking at a friend's pictures.  It was taking too long to download the picture, so I hit the return key to exit out of Facebook. 


When I went into my pictures to view the ones I had taken, there were no pictures there and I got the message "A Media Card has been inserted that is not formatted.  Do you wish to format the Media Card now?" 


Of course nothing happens if I hit "No". 


If I select "Yes" it says "Warning: Formatting the Media Card will destroy any data stored on it.  Do you wish to continue?"  Of course I don't want to continue.  I just want my pictures and videos back!!!!


I have tried turning the phone off and taking the battery out.  I have inserted a different media card and it can find the pictures on that card.  I have inserted my media card into a friends similar BBerry and I get the same message about the card not being formatted.




1)  Is there ANY way to get my pictures back?????  I believe I downloaded most of them through the Desktop Manager, but I am not sure....


2) Any idea why this happened so I know how to avoid it happening again in the future???


TIA for any assistance!!!!


Smiley Happy



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Re: Bold 9700 Media Card became unformatted

Hi dawnieatwork and welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.


You can try to connect your device as mass storage to a computer to see if you can extract the media files off the card (see KB13564 to enable mass storage mode at http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB13564) but there is no guarantee the card can be read by a computer since it will not work in another BlackBerry device.


The media card will need to be formatted afterwards to ensure usability.


Thank you and have a great day!



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My Device: Bold 9700

Re: Bold 9700 Media Card became unformatted



I had the same problem as dawnieatwork. I lost all of my photo's, ringtones, music etc!! I was not able to update my handset and it seemed to freeze every time I tried to back up/restore.


When I got the message again to say the media card needs formatting, I selected 'yes' (as I had already lost everything), and formatted my card.


It seemed to be ok for a couple of weeks and then the problem occurred again!!!


The message shows every time I have plugged my phone to the computer and then disconnected.


It now appears to save my photos on the phone memory rather than the media card.


Please help!

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Re: Bold 9700 Media Card became unformatted

I've had the same issue. Any time I add files, even something as small as a new background photo, there's about a 50% chance that the blackberry will twitch out and deny the media card's existance. With the previous software, at least the 'repair media card' function worked like a charm, but the new one just freezes my system and I have to do a battery pull just to return it to it's previous degree of incompetence.

The only work-around I've found islame, I copy the ENTIRE blackberry folder (for simplicity's sake) onto my desktop using either a microSD->SD->USB adapter or I plug in using mass storage mode. I then format the media card in the options-memory menu, and then just copy the original folder back onto the blackberry, rewriting what's on there. It's extraordinarily aggitating, especially when i'm in a rush, and more especially because the problem was borderlined-fixed a couple of months ago and then someone at blackberry un-fixed it with the update to the Repair function, but that's all you can do.


As an aside, when the media card glitches out, you become completely unable to access it but the data is still there! Upload it to your computer and you shouldn't find a single corrupt file! So if this is the issue you're having, don't fret about lost data, your Blackberry has just forgotten how to access it!


Aside II, if you use the MicroSD to SD to USB adapter method, only one drive will pop up. Simple. If you plug in using mass storage mode, two drives will pop up, one is the media card and one is the internal memory. One, do NOT format your internal memory. Two, figure out which drive is your memory card by looking at the capacity of the drive in My Computer. On my computer, the highest alpha value drive is the media card; that is, if A: and B: pop up when I plug in, then A is the internal memory and B is the media card. If J: and K: pop up, then K is the media card, and J is the internal.


I hope this helps someone. Took me for ever to figure it out on my own.

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Re: Bold 9700 Media Card became unformatted

Thanks for your help. The thing tha work out for me was formating from the mobile itself, menu, memory menu boton y format, then after the notification of being formated, I remove the battery from the mobile and put it back, then evertything got back to normal. Magic!

Hope it works for everybody.


Greetings from Culiacán, México

Alex Benz