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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error

[ Edited ]

simon_a6 wrote:
Hahaha. Well if you feel that you should "have to", then that's lovely for you.

One last tidbit of advice...please stop saying that we all believe that the issues you face are "fine". As has been said so many times in this thread, that is simply not true. It is not "fine". However, it is what it is, and no one here has any power to change it. Rather, everyone here has tried to offer you assistance and information to help you figure out how to deal with it...but you continue to retort with telling us all how we feel. Doing that, my friend, is very insulting to the kind volunteers who have honestly tried to help you.

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

New to the Community? Click here and also here for helpful guidance. Also please click here for additional helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup schedule...click here for an article with instructions. If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button. Need a reference to BB10 OS/SR versions? Click here. Need a specific BB10 AutoLoader? Send me a private message.

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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error

It is a showstopper - it potentially deletes emails.
If you was trying to sell this device to someone in a store, and you was honest and said "I know that for many, OS7 runs down the memory storage capacity, and it can delete............. and the only way to stop this, is by restarting it each day, or getting an app that does the restart over night". I rather suspect it would be a sales-stopper, if you don't mind me saying so.

If I had learnt of this, I would not have bought it.
That to me is a "showstopper".

The way many of you have said things here, it sounds like you are saying "nahhh it's fine, we just restart. But we don't mind.". Maybe you don't, and it's clear there are fixes out there for it. Great stuff.

But it does demonstrate another way in which RIM is not hearing our woes. And this is a pretty big woe, frankly.

If you had a tyre on your car, that ran down to flat every day, I am rather sure you would not stop at a garage one a day, or twice a day to pump it up. Would you?

You'd take back the tire because of a fault, or replace it with a new tyre that didn't have it.

I think this, respectfully, is a better comparison that the garbage one.

All the best, and hope BB10 works well for you. Does look good.
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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error

I'm done with this thread.

Have a nice day.

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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error


We are BlackBerry fans. We get frustrated with the devices at times as well.


Let me make an aside here... I and others here for a year and half have been helpful, kind, forthcoming and gracious in working with you, maybe at times a tad acerbic.  Regardless, we keep coming back to help you out. Our pleasure. I have enjoyed helping you. We also tend to develop slight relationships with some users here, and you have been one.


But you can learn as well to be gracious. A simple thanks can mean a lot, especially when cast on top of your frustration, it softens your other words. So, today has been like a friend slapping me around after helping him out. You may not see that it that way, I do.


And, I',m done, again.

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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error

It just comes across as people not bothered by a big flaw in this device. "like taking out the garbage" as has been said.

I guess some are very lenient to issues like this, that can delete emails without warning.

I'm not so lenient. But I do apologise for offending anyone who is trying to help.

I think the tyre example is a good one tho. You'd never put up with that, because you could "lose your car". Same with emails/texts.

Safe journeys.
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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error

simon_a6 wrote:
But it does demonstrate another way in which RIM is not hearing our woes. And this is a pretty big woe, frankly.

I do not agree with your demonstration.


First, because this issue is inherent to all Java phones. From the Nokia non-smartphone phones, to Android smartphones, and through current BlackBerry phones.


Secondly, the garbage collection method used in Java is not the best one, and it is quite difficult to deal with it other than by emptying everything brutally (= battery pull or other methods). This has been going on since OS4.0, and has aggravated progressively when people started installing apps.




The issues are (there are of course thousands of other issues Smiley Wink ):

  1. the apps in the OS run in a Java runtime (to be fixed, needs to change entirely the OS)
  2. there is not much memory on the device (to be fixed, increase the memory available)
  3. many apps today to not monitor correctly the garbage collection (to be fixed, only install quality apps, meaning also from RIM side, give a way for a user to detect a quality app)
  4. a user is not told when something is not correct and can harm data, no pre-emptive action (to be fixed, emit an alert or abrutply reboot the OS)

Has RIM taken care of those three issues correctly?

Not really. issue 4 is unacceptable. Many people try to advise users how to live with that.


Has RIM listened to our woes? Yes because:

  1. the apps in the OS do not run in a Java runtime anymore with the BlackBerry 10 OS (it is a QNX runtime which handles remarkably nearly everything including garbage collection)
  2. there will be plenty of memory on the BB10 device (1 or 2GB)
  3. it is easier to spot quality apps in BlackBerry World than in the previous AppWorld
  4. since the apps of the OS do not run in a Java runtime, the data is not stored at the same place as the garbage stuff (the one that is poorly collected by the runtime)


That being said, of course it is easy for me to write all that. We are 8 days from the official launch of BlackBerry 10. I can't complain though, better in 8 days than in 8 months.




You have hung aroung this forum for some time, simon_a6, you do know that the contributors here try to help and be as positive as possible regarding all-things-BlackBerry. And when something cannot be changed, well, we deal with it in the best way possible.

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:
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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error

Update on QuickPull App: it had an error when it did its reset.

I then did the manual reset and that cleared the memory issue and returned to over 82mb.

I have since left it to do it again tonight, so will see what happens in the morning.

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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error

Hi Simon,


I am using smartphones of apporx every OS including BlackBerry, Android & Apple. 


Bi-mistake I bought 8 GB iphone and when I checked memory status later, showing 7 .5 GB used, where ? that God knows. No mail configured, text messages can be count on fingures and even 4 or 5 apps installed.


Searching for Solution of this since past 8 months no solutions till yet. Not a temp solutions as well.


Android is totally a kidee OS, even my 4 years daughter can handle that easily.



Your concern as a  user point of view, May be acceptable but never look at once side of a coin & have a look on the other side, the knowledge base behind BlackBerry smartphones, support behind blackberry smartphones, security (BES_EXP) behind Blackberry smartphones awesome.


Here I am not praising BlackBerry and forcing anyone to do that, these are what I do feel by using BlackBerry & sharing here.


Overall, you can't compare CAR TYRE with Memory storage, yeah you can compare CAR Mileage with the Memory storage coz.... TYRE can be compared with hardware issue of Blackberry, if any. Smiley Very Happy


& during service, we defiantly ask once to check mileage which is not constant . As a solution Mechanic says Stop engine, when to stop more than 2 mins or drive in between speed limits....this & that..!!


Atleast you have a temp solution to come out of the trouble & not a mathematical formulae to perform that...!!


Sorry, if I hurt anybodies heart...!!



Super Contributor
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My Device: 9900
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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error

Sorry but I don't agree where you say the Car Type analogy to be wrong.

A car tyre should not really go down, at least not to 1/4 pressure every day.  So you don't expect to have to go and check it each time.


If it ran down to zero each day, you'd damage your wheel..... or in the 9900's case, lose emails!


So you have to make a manual attempt to check/restart it each day.


I've not heard of such an issue on other devices - that said, there are issues on one of the devices you mentioned, the issue being scratch resistence, or in the case of an 87 page forum thread, lack of!

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Re: Brand New 9900 Application Storage Error

If you need to PUMP your Tyre daily, that is definatly a manufacturing issue and Memory Low can't be compared with that.


If you think 512 MB is less memory then I would say most of the Database Owner not satisfy with TB space as well & I assure you, most of the users will complain, if Blackberry will come with more than  512 MB i.e.. 1 GB or 2 GB coz.. definatly they would have many other apps or materials which will utilize the space and they will demand for more space...!!!


Further I would Suggest you to Boot your handheld in Safe Mode and observe...!!


KB17877: How to start a BlackBerry smartphone in Safe Mode


Does still memory get sucked itself and needs reboot...Ensure to close app after use either a FB or any other..!!