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My Device: Blackberry Bold 9900

Brand new Blackberry Bold 9900 and the microphone is not working

Everything on the phone appears to work okay but the microphone does not work so no one can here me when I make or receive calls.

I have tried recording something just to check it but with out any joy.

If I tap the phone while recording on play back the sequence is heard on play back all be it is very quiet.

Has anyone any ideas with regards to this model?

Does anyone know is the fault a software or hardware issue?

If it is a software fault what can be done to fix the issue and if it is a hardware fault who do I need to contact to get my phone replaced as I bought it on holiday and cannot take it back to the shop.


Any help or information would be gratefully received.



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My Device: Bold 9900
My Carrier: T-Mobile

Re: Brand new Blackberry Bold 9900 and the microphone is not working

As I discovered, I had significant issues with the microphone and sound because I changed the housing on my brand new 9900. 

1.0:  Speakerphone / sound issue:  I cannot hear music or anyone when I put them on speakerphone.

1.1:  I compared the back plates (the large piece that the battery cover fits into) the original blackberry part vs. the new gold back plate I purchased. 

1.2:  I noticed that in the lower right corner of the original there is a rectangular piece that has contacts, and it looked permanently connected, so I didn't want to take the chance of ruining the phone by prying it out. 

1.3:  I ended up keeping on the phone the original black backplate, reassembled the phone using the new gold keyboard, and gold plastic facing that sticks onto the original touch screen, and the gold batter cover.  So now the phone is black and gold, and it actually might be even cooler looking than all gold!  Best of all, the phone speaker phone and outbound sound works fabulously!


2.0:  Microphone Issue (outbound sound from handset (headset wired and bluetooth worked fine)):  

The microphone is locted at the bottom front right corner of the 9900 under the keyboard (not visible from outside of the phone). I took my phone apart because no one could hear me talking. Note that I had recently changed my housing from the original black one to a nice girlie after-market gold one.


Essentially, since I had replaced the original blackberry black keyboard with a gold aftermarket one I purchased, I had to punch holes with my screwdriver into the lower lip of the keyboard (you can't see it until you remove that smile-like piece at the bottom front of the phone). What I did was create the identical amount of holes in the same locations as I could see on the original blackberry part. Once I punched the holes and reassembled my phone, everthing worked! I now love my phone!!  Here's how I did it.


2.1. Since the tiny microphone is under the lower keyboard plate you have to remove that plastic black smile shaped piece at the bottom of the phone (it is glued in, so you have to peel it off). There is a tiny slit in the lower right corner where you can slip a tiny screw driver into to pry it up.
2.2. Then you have to unscrew two tiny screws one on each side under that smile piece (one on the lower front left, and the other on the lower front right).
2.3. Then you have to take a tiny cell phone screwdriver and gently slide it into the whole in the lower left bottom and gently begin to lift / pry the keyboard up. You will have to also have one of those plastic cell phone prying tools so that once you are able to pull the keyboard up enough to have enough of a gap to slip the prying tool in, you can slide it around the bottom edge of the phone, and the keyboard will pop up.
2.4. Once the keyboard is up, you will see a little TINY round gold microphone in the lower right corner.

I hope this helps someone, because I was wracking my brain and scouring the internet, reinstalling the OS, etc.

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