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Browser Proxy Redirect annoyance

(just posted this on a non-proprietary forum, too, but what the heck, might as well try to get it from the horse's mouth)


Why does my Blackberry think that it is in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada?

No, wait, I'll answer that for you. The Web Browser (and at least one or more of the other internet applications) uses a proxy server for its IP address. That proxy is in Waterloo, home of R.I.M.. This is deliberate, and as far as I know, I can't change it. No matter where I am on the globe, no matter what service provider I use, my Blackberry thinks it's in Waterloo.

So, the real question is, why does R.I.M. insist that the internet connections be proxied? Idiotic! So, for example, when I try to use a web service that finds my location by IP (say, a map provider) and, it gives me all sorts of local hits for good restaurants in my area, "my" area turns out to be ... southern Ontario? Right, I'm sitting at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and I want my default location to be right next door to the Welland Canal. Don't get me wrong, I think St. Catharines and Niagara on the Lake are quaint an' all, but ... jeepers. Make it stop.

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Re: Browser Proxy Redirect annoyance

about the web proxy :
every single smartphone on earth does internet through a webproxy:
  • most phones go through the carrier web proxy
  • some applications go through another additional proxy (skyfire, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, BOLT...)
  • if the phone uses a Wi-Fi connection, it is the webproxy of the HotSpot
  • BlackBerry devices can use the RIM web proxy

about this sentence :

cliftonprince wrote:

Why does my Blackberry think that it is in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada?

well, it's not your device that thinks you're in Canada. It's the web server who believe they are smart and deduce your location from the proxy (one listed from above). You can complain to the webmaster of the website, that uses data network location instead of APIs that get information from cellular towers of GPS receiver.


An example of how all proximity-oriented websites should work if they were really intelligent: Google Maps and it's "My Location" feature.

An example of non-so-smart websites: MySpace


In my opinion, it is very important that users really do a feedback to those webmasters, otherwise the problem will be always there except for Google Maps and eventually we will all have the choice between a working Google Maps on one side and all non-working nonGMaps website onthe other side. ButRIM is not the correct target for that, and nor is your carrier.

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Re: Browser Proxy Redirect annoyance

Xandrex, I must disagree with you on many points. I am not sure if you work for RIM and whether your statements are RIM's official line, but I think there is a significant difference of opinion here.


"if the phone uses a Wi-Fi connection, it is the webproxy of the HotSpot"


The above assumption is incorrect. I have WiFi at my home, and by using snort I confirmed that my Web traffic over my WiFi home network is still being proxied via RIM. Not all WiFi access points are HotSpots.


When I access the Web from my Apple laptop via my home WiFi, my Web traffic does not get proxied through Apple, it goes straight to the destination address. My BlackBerry should behave the same. There is no reason why it shouldn't.


And the statement "every single smartphone on earth does internet through a webproxy" is not good enough. If every one jumps off the cliff does not mean we should do the same.


When the traffic is being proxied there are two major concerns:


1. Privacy

2. Performance


RIM does not need nor it should monitor and see our traffic. I do not know what those proxies are doing, and RIM has no right to see our traffic.


Second, for the traffic to go half way across the world to reach RIM only to be sent back to a location around the corner from where I am is unacceptable performance. Why are we paying tremendous amount of dollars on these devices only to get mediocre performance at best? Unacceptable.


"it is very important that users really do a feedback to those webmasters"


If you work for RIM, then this is a shameful response. You are pushing the problem onto someone else, actually, onto the customers and the entire internet. It is unrealistic to expect all BlackBerry users to solicit changes from all webmasters. It is not practical and unattainable. This is a corporate PR line, no more. RIM is backing out from its social and ethical responsibility at a minimum.



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Re: Browser Proxy Redirect annoyance

hello metador,

I do not work for RIM (fortunately for them), but I maintain most of my points. If the HotSpot does not have a proxy then of course the trafic will go directly to the destination. Otherwise, my statement remains correct. If you see your trafic still going through the BlackBerry servers, then you are not going through the Wi-Fi spot.

about the rest, I am not defending anything, just stating what happens. I do not care whether RIM is right or wrong. If everybody jumps off the cliff, and if it suits everyone, then I do not see why RIM should do things differently, knowing it won't get them more marketshares.

About the proxy thing : it you are concerned with privacy then :
you should as much as possible use SSL connections
you should read the specifications of the devices you intend to use. BlackBerry technologies are known to be the most secure on earth, but certainly not the most careful about a user's privacy as regards to RIM servers.

about the point about going to faraway servers and degrading performance, I would like to see true results and measures about that, because I have never experience those mediocre performances you are talking about.

About the webmasters, my answer is not shameful. As a webmaster, I despise those who take the IP of the UA to determine the location of the user. This is clearly not enough and of course should be addressed by... well, consumers. It's not your carrier's fault or RIM's fault if you are going to a website that is poorly coded. They have absolutely no leverage. As a consumer, you have.

when Bank of America refused to open it's website to browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, where were you ? I was a Mozilla tech evangelist and we did what had to be done (id est debug their crappy javascript code and deliver them with the correct code in respects to web standards). It was a consumer initiative, and that's the only way.

you have two solutions : bend to the webmaster's desire and use another browser/smartphone/carrier/hotspot or bend to the browser/spartphone/carrier/hostpot and go to another website.

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Re: Browser Proxy Redirect annoyance

"If you see your trafic still going through the BlackBerry servers, then you are not going through the Wi-Fi spot."


Why would you make a statement of fact when you do not have the facts?


Your statement is absolutely not true and you clearly did not understand what was meant when the other poster said they used snort to confirm that the traffic through their home network was still being sent to the RIM proxy.


The person is stating that they used a packet-sniffing program to intercept all traffic on their home network to verify the source and destination of every packet, their results are facts not opinions on how they think things work.


My Blackberry IS connected to my home network via WiFi, and it STILL uses the Blackberry proxy servers.


I don't THINK this is true, I KNOW it is true!


My problem started when I noticed that when I surfed with my Blackberry through my home internet connection, web sties reported that I was coming from a different IP than my static public IP address.


I started a packet capture session in my Sonicwall appliance that is the gateway to my internet service and found all traffic to and from my Blackberry was being routed through a proxy, here is one line from my packet capture that shows the origin and destination of a packet after the destination IP of the packet was NAT'd to my private network.


IP Type: TCP(0x6), src=[], Dst=[]


A reverse DNS lookup of that source IP reveals:

NetRange: - 
NetHandle: NET-204-187-87-0-1
Parent: NET-204-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
NameServer: XNS01YKF.RIM.NET
NameServer: XNS01LHR.RIM.NET

The destination IP is the private IP that my Blackberry received from my Sonicwall router, verified by matching the phone's wifi MAC with that IP in the DHCP lease list in the Sonicwall, and in the advanced view wifi diagnostic settings in my phone... AND what you don't see here is the source and dest MAC addresses are listed before the IP's in the packet capture so there is ZERO mistake, every packet coming from or going to my BlackBerry through my Sonicwall used the proxy at the above listed IP address.


Also I found these addresses in the advanced view of wifi diagnostic settings under BlackBerry Infrastructure:



I have not yet investigated  whether removing these addresses will stop the phone from using a proxy server when I am connected to my home network, I was actually looking for answers to a more complex question when I stumbled across this thread and felt compelled to correct the person that so matter-of-factly states that these phones do not use a proxy when connected to your home network, it simply is not true and would cause me to question anything else the person claims as fact.


My advice, if you don't know it to be fact, and you cannot prove it to be fact, then qualify your statements as being your opinion on how you think something works, otherwise the rest of your "facts" become questionable.




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Re: Browser Proxy Redirect annoyance

Your response was great, I am having this redirect issue on my phone and it is really causing me a problem draining my battery.  If the phone sits idle and this message pops up and I don't notice it the battery drains.  I really would like to know how to fix this issue.  I talked to sprint Blackberry support and they had no idea.  They actually wanted to wipe the phone clean and reset to factory settings, I said no. 

But sure would like to know how to fix this.  Thanks for your information, hopefully this  redirest to can get respolved.

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Re: Browser Proxy Redirect annoyance

I know this thread is a little old and I am a new (7 days) blackberry owner,  8530, but I think I can shed some light on this issue, and the problem that many are having with getting a WiFi connection with their BB.  Some history:  I have run an Internet company for more than 10 years.  In the early years we were a dial-up ISP.  At one point we offered to our customers a product from a company called Slip Stream, located in Canada.   It was designed to speed up email and browsing, and it did.  It worked by installing a small client on the  pc that decompressed incoming web traffic  that had been compressed by a proxy either at Slip Stream, or, optionally at the ISP, if they paid extra for the proxy server software, which we did.  Shortly before we exited the dial-up business, Slip Stream was bought by Research In Motion, RIM.  The key is I believe (I’m pretty sure) this Slip Stream product was incorporated into the BB. 


Fast Forward to today.  My BB has all kinds of problems connecting to and staying connected to my home WiFi (see grayed out WiFi icon issues).  Interestingly enough, we bought my wife an LG Ally (android) at the same time and she has no problems at all, and neither of our laptops do either  – just my BB.  So I spent the better part of two days getting up to speed with the device.  It was critical I figure this out since we are working on a project that require BB WiFi connections.  Here’s what I found:


BB WiFi web traffic must go through the ROC (RIM operation center) proxy or the client software on the BB can’t figure out how to work with it.  This is exactly what we saw when we were running the Slip Stream servers.  If our Slip Stream proxy  servers were down no one running the client on their pc could brows or get email.  The more savy customers knew they could disable the client software (not an option on the BB as far as I know) and all would be ok, slower, but working.  On my BB The WiFi icon is only bright white (fully connected) about 5-10% of the time when I’m well within range of my wireless router. If I go to Manage Connection -> WiFi Options -> highlight my SSID  and get the menu -> WiFi Tools -> WiFi diagnostics, I can see the problem.  For some reason my BB cannot maintain a stable connection to the Blackberry Infrastructure server.  It keeps trying and sometimes it succeeds, but mostly not. No connection to the proxy, no WiFi – connection to the BB Infrastructure and proxy, good Wifi, just like I used to see with my Slip Stream Service.   As further evidence I have found the problem is worse on weekends and after 5PM PST (but improves somewhat after 1:00AM).  I’m pretty sure this is because the BES (BB enterprise server) that businesses use acts as the proxy for business users, but when they get home, they start using the ROC proxy.  So the root of the problem is, I believe, squarely with RIM and the ROC.  The Black Berry Infrastructure cannot handle all the connections needed to ensure smooth operation of BB WiFi connections.   If it were not for this project, I would return the unit and replace it with an android, but I must ensure BB operation.