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Bug: Holding the power button still turns off the phone when keypad is locked.

Blackberry Pearl 8120. OS


Bug: Holding the power button still turns off the phone when the keypad is locked.

Replicate: Lock phone by holding * > when locked, hold power button for ~3 secs > Phone powers down.


This is a simple bug that was enough to ruin my day at a critical moment which is how I discovered it. I was waiting for an important call with the phone in my jeans pocket. I waited and waited and waited. Finally pulled out the phone to check it and found it was turned off!! I missed the call and they left a message. I have missed the opportunity which I will never get back. I'm leaving out the details since it's private but this was a huge disaster that has ruined my day and damaged my relationship. I've called back and apologized like crazy (can you imagine an apology of "My BlackBerry failed..."? How embarrasing!!), I can only hope it's enough. I desparately tried to figure out why the phone would be turned off and found out the power button still turns off the phone when the keypad is locked. This is a business class phone and a bug with this kind of implication is unacceptable.


Is there a solution to this bug?

I'm pretty sure it's not a feature to shut down a phone when the keypad is locked. That doesn't seem to be a meaningful function. If it is a feature (and please explain what benefit such a function can possibly serve), is there a way to turn it off?


I've tried a few solutions on my own. If I use standby instead of keypad lock, holding power button takes it out of standby which can cause pocket dialing (AutoLock helps but is a roundabout solution that brings me back to the original problem). If I add a password, no change, power button still powers down phone. If I use the sleeve, it defeats the purpose of me buying the Pearl for it's small form factor, I'd have the bulk of a big phone but not the full keyboard or the big screen. I don't know if this bug effect other models.


I've also noticed other functions continue to work when the keypad is locked such as the alt, shift, and standby keys. You can put the phone on standby even when the phone is locked. I don't know what will result from double lock/standby. You can also change the input language by pressing alt + shift at the same time. None of these functions seem meaningful when a phone is supposed to be keypad locked so I'm convinced it's a bug and not a function.


If anyone else has experienced this bug, please chime in. Even if you haven't but support a fix for this, please chime in. Your support would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a showstopping bug that deserves a high priority fix. I worry now every few minutes that my phone will be turned off in my pocket and check it. Perhaps I'm being paranoid but my calls are important to me which is why I bought a business phone instead of that cutsy thing from the other fruit company. I bought it for it's powerful communication features but now I worry for it's ability to stay in the fight with me. I don't want to apologize for my BlackBerry ever again and I don't want my fellow BlackBerry users to either. Please help. Thank you in advance.





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Re: Bug: Holding the power button still turns off the phone when keypad is locked.

Very interesting Eggroll9000. I had no idea this could be done. I thought, "Oh it must be a 4.5 OS issue or maybe its the Pearl." Then I tried to turn off my 8900 while is was locked. And it started to power down! I am with you on this one. I am not impressed. 


I'm running which is almost the newest of the new for my device. I'm about to upgrade to, but I doubt that will fix this issue. 


I've never had a problem with this, but I can see how it could be a huge issue in the situation you explained. Has this ever happened before?  


From what I can tell in doing a couple of quick tests right now, Standby might be a better temporary option until this (hopefully) gets fixed. I know you tried this and found that the power button takes the phone out of Standby, but it takes 3 seconds and then...anyway, the chances are reduced that you'll have an accidental powerdown when compared to locking. 


I totally agree that this needs to be fixed. A keyboard lock should be a TOTAL keyboard lock. No exceptions. I can't think of a logical reason why this would happen and why it hasn't been fixed yet. 

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Re: Bug: Holding the power button still turns off the phone when keypad is locked.

I just switched over to a Blackberry Bold from being a Palm user for as long as I can remember. I never had this problem with my Treo's being in keyboard lock mode. I searched these forums and found that one reply was that "it was a feature" -- In such that when the keyboard is locked that one needs to be able to answer and hangup on calls. I can somewhat agree to this (especially being a non-touchscreen), but why allow it to power itself? I've had this problem for the first time (a day after switching over) of being in my jeans pocket and not even realizing it was powered off. I find this a major nuisance. (!!!) This problem exists on the other BB phone models, too; I had a few of my friends try it on theirs.


I see no option anywhere [in the BB configuration] to disable this ability. It's unfortunate...



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Re: Bug: Holding the power button still turns off the phone when keypad is locked.

Hey guys! Is there any uptades from anyone in this topic? I searched for this bug today and I am surprised that there are comments from 2009 about this. So here is my experience from these days: I have a Bold 9700. OS has been updated to the official OS6 from the Provider. I carry it about 70% of time in BB case, it protects well enough. 30% of time in jeans pocket seem to be not much, still I notice this bug way often. I did not try this on OS 5 but I am pretty sure the result is the same. Bold 9780 with factory OS6 also "knows" this. It is sooo annoying! I only use automatic power down at night, why would I want that in the middle of the day? Actually, if I don't check the device for some time, I won't recognize the power down at all. Of course there are no incoming calls during this state so BB does not give any noise. That's a convenient day so far but I always say some F-words when I check the phone....