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Hi Everybody,


My first post on this board and sure enough, I'm going to complain.  First of all I have a 8830 with Verizon and feel treated like a second class citizen from both Blackberry Rim and verizon.


They are keeping us in the dark by not upgrading their version from 4.2 to more current version .


I was waiting for one year for the Blackberry Bold to be released and guess who gets it?  AT&T the biggest corporate crook in the world.

In addition At&T got the Ipod so now they own the top cellular phones available.  There is definitively a corporate conspiracy between Blackberry and AT &T for keeping customers with other carriers from getting the Bold.


I don't understand why Blackberry does not force their carriers to have current version software as well.  It is in everybody interest! 


I am so pissed, I am contemplating switching to Apple once and for all.


Maybe someone can explain this racket to me....


Thank you for listening

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Hi eventsbyphil!


Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community. I understand you frustration and at times I too get waywired due to this behavior. It's true that some carriers bought exclusive rights (especially for first couple of months in a specific region) for certain handhelds to get some upper hand over their compititors. This is a marketing war. But there is no way that RIM force carriers to adopt a new OS without their true willingness. This won't be a good for anyone (carrier or subscribers). There are exceptions as well, for example, at times some device become discontinued and hence all the support for that device is stopped by RIM. Hence carriers had to stop seles/support for that particular device. Again this can't be done for every case.


If you want to have new device which is not with your carrier then buy one from elsewhere and get it unlocked. For OS upgradation, though its suggested to have OS released for specific carriers...but you can have other carriers OS. This won't give you any trouble at all. 


I hope verizon will incorporate OS 4.5/bold within shortest possible time. 

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Also consider that.....


- Wireless providers don't release software for many reasons, but primarily, it is due to compatibility.  If an application the wireless provider uses is not compatible or causes a 'crash' in the phone....until that software is developed for ease of use (business impactor) they will not release for public use.  Replacing thousands of phones for incompatible software wouldnt be too good for a phone company...


In addition the memory allocation of the 8830 is not as substatial as its successors, thus causing a lag in the phone - ever wonder why there are specific CPU requirements for Vista?  Same reasoning. 


Hope that sheds light! Smiley Happy

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I'm with you,Eventsbyphil, really peaved w/ both BlackBerry & Verizon. No one at Verizon has been able to give me a straght answer about when Verizon will support the OS 4.5 upgrade - always with some vague response, sounding as if it's right around the corner. Well that's been more than a year. I finally decided to be patient and wait for my "new-every-two" date and upgrade to the device that has a keyboard as good or better than the 8830 - the Bold. Wouldn't you know it - Verizon doesn't do Bold. I know I'm speaking out of total ignorance, because I don't know all about the marketing aspects of these things - but good grief - their must be 10 zillion 8830's out there, and most of the owners begging for a OS upgrade. I don't get it. I saw on another post that the issue with the 8830 and OS 4.5 was that the 8830 doesn't have enough internal memory. Gee willikers, make it work with a memory card - The stores would be absolutely deluged with people wanting to spend their money on additional memory. Or was the 8830 sucha collosal mistake that it can't be upgraded - At&T seems to have done it ... C'mon Verizon!
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FYI: I choose the option to be notified by e-mail in the Desktop Manager program v4.7. Yesterday, I recieved an e-mail stating that the 4.5 update is avaliable. Even though Verizon's website still show's the v4.2 update. http://vzw.smithmicro.com/blackberry/download.aspx?ct=personal Smiley Happy