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My Device: BOLD 9700
My Carrier: Orange UK

Call Failed on Orange in UK 3G issue?

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Hi I got my 9700 abt 6wks ago, everything was working fine,  Then abt 2 weeks ago I started getting "Call Failed" when trying to make calls.   Now I get it 90% of the time, and after investigating I can not receive incoming calls either.


I have contacted Orange who say it might be a network / location issue, but not sure and have not had any other complaints? However I have not moved and I get this all the time in my house, where as 6weeks ago it was fine.  And also when connected in the car driving around in different areas to my home town it still happens.


It seems to be a bug on the handset as my signal strength is full 5bars, 3G displayed, etc.  Setting under NETWORK MODE -  3G & 2G,   if I set this to just 2G then this fixes it!!! 


I am running v5.0.0.351 (plat


I have tried hard resets, wipes etc, and I finally got Orange to sent me a new handset.... Still not working!  I have also down loaded and installed what I think is the latest firmware update available for the 9700 from Jordan v5.0.0.442., still no fix so reverted back to v5.0.0.351


I think it might be that I have a weak 3G signal where I live, but switching over to UMA and connecting in my house through this still does not fix it??


Is there a known bug that the 9700 gets confused/freezes when trying to switch in and out of 3G/2G/UMA coverage?


From Googling Call Failed BB 9700 etc it seems that there are a few others out there with the same issue???  Any help how to fix/what firmware works etc  It is driving me crazy because I do not recieve calls, sms etc either!


Thanks Andy

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My Device: Bold 9700
My Carrier: Orange UK

Re: Call Failed on Orange in UK 3G issue?



Your not alone,


Bold 9700 on Orange UK.

I generally go 12-24 hours before it goes "call failed". Hard reset & OK again for 12-24 hours v.approx.


During "call failed" I can send sms, & RECEIVE calls & browse www.


At home mostly & get no signal 2g or 3g so always via UMA. But once failed if I go outside & get GSM it still fails. I wonder if 3g is an issue, 1% of the time I might get a signal at home in which case it is from a 3g mast so where yoiu seem to get more frequent problems perhaps its due to getting the 3g signal more often than me.


Not tried 2g only. Generally been on WiFi Preferred.


I thought it might have been my own created theme but annoyingly seemed better for longer but then failed again. Had bluetooth off all this time as thought might be worth a try.


Upgraded to .423 & was going to try .442 but if no better for you will not bother.


Bought ebay so don't think will get orange support was definately BNIB. Wife BB 8220 working fine off same router @ same time. If I connect directly to Livebox no better. but trouble shooting is a nightmare when have to wait up to 24 hours to see if worked.


I have got a few app's installed. Sky record, google maps, wifi file transfer. Fairly sure it did call failed before most of these were installed. Not run any of these between hard reset & fails. I think I will have to rule them out but inconvenient & just don't think it is any of these.


Frustrating, both my 8120 & 8220 were bit buggy & some firmware upgrades down the line before they finally settled down, mainly with UMA usage though, Not sure if Orange EVER added new firmware, if I had not done myself elsewhere the 8220 would prob, still be swtiching itself off every now & again without any reason.


Hope someone can shed some light.


Thanks I/A


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My Device: 9700
My Carrier: Orange

Re: Call Failed on Orange in UK 3G issue?



I have a similar problem which started just today after having my 9700 with Orange for a couple of months.  I've had a couple of unexpected glitches (like suddenly not being able to send texts) but they have been resolved by Orange very quickly and efficiently.


I could make and receive calls, but was cut-off (calls lasting between a few seconds and just over a minute) with the 'Call Failed!" notice appearing.  On one business call I made 5 connections with my 'victim' before resorting to completing the call by landline.


After visiting St Google, I checked the 'Manage Connections' menu and switched my 'Mobile Network Options' from 'Wifi Preferred' to 'Mobile Network Preferred' and it seems to have solved the problem. 


However, my question is why has this suddenly started happening when it has been fine for the past couple of months (some calls before today have lasted over an hour without problems).


Hope this helps.



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My Device: 9700
My Carrier: orange

Re: Call Failed on Orange in UK 3G issue?

hi all,


iam having the same problem with my 9700 on orange, i have spoken to orange and they have told me that the network can not handel all the phones that are connecting to it via 3g, i have been told to keep my phone on 2g!!! which i dont want to do due to it being so slow. apperntly it does not matter wat phone you have on the 3g network they are doing the same!!!!!. so im paying for a service i cant use, orange are refusing to discount my calling plan while they sort this out!!!.

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Re: Call Failed on Orange in UK 3G issue?

Yep. I had exactly the same issue. I called Orange they asked me what I actually used 3G for and that I could get around the problem by placing the phone into 2G mode which was more stable / faster and then use 3G mode for using video calling (which is not a supported feature on this phone anyway) or mobile internet.


He basically admitted without saying as much that Orange's 3G network couldn't handle the current usage in the UK and that it is better to use 2G for calling and general usage.


What's the point in having a 3G Phone when you have to manually put it into 3G mode to use some of the features?! I've paid for a phone with features that don't work because Orange's network can't handle it!


So I told him this wasn't an option for me.


He then looked into it and found that a transmitter in my area was down and would be fixed tomorrow.


We shall see, it sounded like he made that up.


I've been with Orange for, ooooh let me see, 10 years now(!) and I might be finally ready to move on over this as its just not good enough...the problem is going to remain whether I get a new phone until they upgrade their network infrastructure to handle the usage and that is not going to happen over night!

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My Device: Bold 9700
My Carrier: Orange

Re: Call Failed on Orange in UK 3G issue?

Having a nightmre with my new Bold 9700. Got the new handset from ebay, unlocked.

I am with orange, and have not since owning it been connected to 3G. I have tried to connect manually but I have only then been getting SOS only. 


Having changed to 3G only on mobile network options, I get SOS only, even in central london.


Called orange, explained the problem, was put on hold and low and behole "call failed". I lost signal. Have had this problem with lack of 3G before, but it was a simple software issue with an HTC Touch HD. That phone recieved full 3G at my home address, and I currently struggle to get 2G, often having no signal at all! Same contract woth Orange.


I just am beyond caring now, and tried to call again before i got chatting to another orange customer service lady - oh no, i lost signal again... lesson learnt, call from a land line.


Hope this problem gets sotred and sympathise with anyone in the same struggle...