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Can anyone help a newbie with a few questions plz*

Hi everyone I'm very new to the BB world and need a little help if anyone has time I would really appreaciate it Ok here it goes lol plz be easy on me I'm new. 1.Its not allowing me to click the option to follow threads how do I fix that? Also sometimes there's no where to click most time to start my own thread(found over here by fluke) 2.Games- I got the Euqure Card game from Bplay it says u can play with actual ppl when u use the network option but it seems to always put 3 computer ppl at the table ..when it said I could have a real person partner am I doing something wrong? 3.My media doesn't hold much as in pics ,games or apps is there a way to fix this ? Any responce or help would be so appreaciated its frustrating that it doesn't hold much is that the norm With the Curve? Thxs again
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Re: Can anyone help a newbie with a few questions plz*

Good evening.


I am not sure of some of your questions.


When you say you have a curve, do you mean the 8310g?


Answer to question 3: (My media doesn't hold much...)

If it is an 8310, this has about 64MB shared.

If you have plenty of music/video, I would recommend purchasing a memory card.

The 8310 takes 'micro SD' (a.k.a. 'transflash'), this is great as they are the best value, and in my experience with mobiles and digital cameras, the SD format (Secure Digital) is the most reliable.  Grab at least a 2GB card, recommend SanDisk, but most are fine. Best advise though, if it is really cheap, don't buy it! (standard advice for anything I guess).


You may have been supplied with a card, often comes with a standard SD size adapter.

The micro SD card is small (about little finger nail size), the full SD size is about postage stamp size.

If you have one, put it in (see your manual for instructions on where it goes, and how to put it in).

Just be a little careful, it is 'spring' loaded so you can get it back out again.

I have accidently slipped pushing one in, and it flew about 7 metres. As it is so small and black, very hard to find.

The memory capacity is printed on the card.


Question 2- not sure on games sorry, hopefully someone else will know and post a response


Question 1- not sure on this one either, are you used to the track ball yet? maybe need to find focus first.

Normally it will outline the link before you can press the ball in. But, I would guess you can do this part already.

Same as before, I hope someone knows what it is you are having problems with, and posts a response to help you out.





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Re: Can anyone help a newbie with a few questions plz*



As the person above mentioned, it would help if your questions were more clear. Try hitting 'enter' to separate them in the future as I do below.


1.  Are you referring to the BB web browser? Do you get a magnifying glass instead of a hand? If so, you need to zoom in further or press the menu button and go to 'Get Link'. To start your own thread you need to be in a section of the forums like General or your specific phone model. If you are looking for 'new thread', try looking for 'new topic' instead as that's the button to use here.


2. I'm not familiar with this game but if it involved network play, make sure you have a data package with your phone that you can use.


3. As the person above recommended, get a media card. 8GB microSD cards are around $20 now so they're basically dirt cheap. Smaller ones can be had for around $10. A media card will:

  • Allow you to store more information/video/pictures/music on your phone
  • Help keep limited system memory free on your phone for smoother function
  • Allow you to move the media card to another phone or a computer and keep all of your data together.

Hope this helps.


If you do have additional questions, please separate them and word them clearly - it makes them easier to answer.