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Curve 8310 on AT&T - Various Questions


I just got an 8310 from AT&T (version 4.2.2170 on the phone and 4.3 on the Desktop) and have some questions and would also like to confirm some information I've gotten from RIM. Answers to any questions would be greatly appreciated, as well as a pointer to a technical FAQ or other resource.

1. Tech support from RIM told me that I cannot load applications on my 2 gig microSD card - that it was designed to hold only media. I was stunned to hear this. Is there a workaround for this or a 3rd party app that will do this?

2. I was also told by RIM that I cannot delete a list of all calls under "Phone" in one fell swoop - much like what can be done with the "Delete Prior" in Messages. Is there a way to do this or do I have to delete each and every phone call listing one at a time?

3. I'm coming from a Palm OS environment, specifically a Palm TX. Over the years I've accumulated in excess of a gig of ebooks for my Palm in formats ranging from .doc (Palm format, not MS Word), .txt, .pdb and, of course .pdf (for Adobe Reader). Is there a conversion tool to move these into BB OS format? (Next question is a tie in to this…) 

4. Additionally, I was stunned to visit a website today and see Sun Tzu's "Art of War" selling for 4.99. I also saw a copy of the US Survival Manual for 49.99. Are all ebooks available for the BB for sale only or are their sites devoted to creating not only ebooks for the BB but also a descent reader app? So far, the only thing I've run across are apps like "Documents to Go" which would require porting an awful lot of data to MS Word format. I can live with that, but I'm hoping that something better exists or is at least in the works.

5. BB has a nice little app that comes with the Curve called "Passwords". Tech support told me that it doesn't come with a desktop interface, which pretty much makes it worthless to me. Is there a 3rd party piece of software that will write data to the BB "Passwords" app? I found "Splash ID" and again I can probably live with that, but I'd rather use the BB app if that's doable.

6. The BB Curve ships with a rev of Roxio’s Media Manager. It seems horrifically slow in moving data to the Curve. Can .mp3’s and .avi’s be directly copied to the card bypassing Roxio Media Manager (I have an SD apapter for the microSD)? Additionally, when I went to port an .avi file to the Curve, Roxio wanted to do a port of it to .mp4 format. Is this required in order to view it on the Curve or will BB’s Media software handle it OK without the conversion? 

7. Is there a way to get embedded video files from sites such as youtube, etc to run on the Curve? I went to Options and set javascript on as well as supported embedded media on and still can’t get this to work. I know using EDGE this might be a bit of a painful experience, but I’d like to see just how bad it is. Note: I tried m.youtube.com and I just get a blank page – not an error as some reported in other support forums like Howard's.

8. BB has an app called “Voice Note” which is nice, but seems like a rather wormlike way for AT&T to just jack up the number of MMS messages one has to send in order to just simply create a simple voice message to myself as a reminder, for instance, of what I need to pick up at the grocery store. Is there a descent 3rd party app that will do this? 

9. In BrickBreaker, does anyone else experience a paddle lock up on occasion for a second or two, causing the game to be – well – kind of a moot point?

10. RIM tech support told me that the Curve has a sensor to determine how much light is in the room and adjust the backlighting accordingly. In fact, I’ve seen this where it will come on with a bit of a subdued backlighting and then brighten up. Is there a way to disable this so the backlight always comes on bright?

11. Regarding “GSM Buzz” – that irritating buzz that comes through just about everything from a car stereo to computer speakers (Dixie cups and string might be the sole exception) – has anyone figured out a way to minimize this aside from moving away from the plagued device? From what I’ve read this is a problem for carriers using GSM and not other technologies like CDMA, etc.

12. Any recommendations for a descent database app if I want to create some simple relational databases that I can port to the Curve to do simple data entry? I’m only looking to do things like create a db to track time onsite at a clients, that sort of thing, but want to create master files with things like client data and rate, etc so I don’t have to key that in every time.

13. Is there a descent app that will allow me to do a backup of the entire gadget to my microSD card if I’m on the road?

14. How about a descent Utility app that will allow me to circumvent the BB OS and get rid of things I don’t want like the demo vid and ringtones I won’t use or to just be able to see what is taking up space?

Any help or pointers to help on these would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Curve 8310 on AT&T - Various Questions

Hi Cat,


I've only had my BB for a few days, but I can answer a couple of your questions.



I believe you can delete multiple items by using shift-select.



You can copy MP3s directly to the SD card if you connect your BB as a mass-storage device (I have done this)



Under Options|Screen/Keyboard, turn "Automatically Dim Backlight" off.




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Re: Curve 8310 on AT&T - Various Questions

It helps a lot - thanks Craig - I appreciate the input.

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Re: Curve 8310 on AT&T - Various Questions

Question 7:  Blackberry is currently in the process of upgrading to a 4.5 operating system. There are beta versions available and some carriers have released the supported version. This new operating system is supposed to not only support online streaming videos but also give your camera a video recording feature. I have not tried the new OS yet because I am scared of beta versions.


Question 10:  To get the backlight to stop dimming go to options then screen/keyboard and scroll down to "automatically dim backlight" click on where it says on and switch to off. back out using the return key on the right of your trackball. and click on save.

~Lorrie~ Master of All Things Blackberry!
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Re: Curve 8310 on AT&T - Various Questions

Much appreciated, Lorrie - thank you, kindly.  

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Re: Curve 8310 on AT&T - Various Questions

Regarding GSM Buzz. I have found a product that eliminate the nasty buzzing. It is quite simple. It is a device called the Buzz Shield. You slip it under your phone. You can find it at www.stopthebuzzin.com   I use it everyday at my office. It works great.
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Re: Curve 8310 on AT&T - Various Questions

1. You can not install apps on the memory card it is only for media.


3. 4.5 OS will open .doc files with Documents to Go.


5. No you can't get a 3rd party to write to the native Password Keeper app on the BlackBerry.


7. With 4.5 you can do this. It is not beta anymore it has been released by certain carriers. Here is the link for the latest 4.5 for your device http://members.a1.net/updateservice/bb/   

Scroll down to BlackBerry firmware then select the 8310.


13. You can't backup directly to the media card, but you can backup your BlackBerry like normal then copy and paste it to your media card.