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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

Well after doing just about everything under the sun, I took this BB apart and inspected what I could.  I then removed the white sheet on the main board that is under the keypad and cleaned the contacts on the main board with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip.  Put it back together and it has been working for 2 days now!

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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

SURPRISE!! Another Curve 8330 with the same issue here in sunny (and humid) MIAMI. I’d love to know how many people actually have this problem and why BlackBerry/RIM doesn’t do something about it. I know for a fact that for every post that is on this thread there is more people who never post a thing because they don’t think about it.


If any of the people who have posted this issue, the non-responsive keyboard/buttons out of the blue (not the fingers were wet, dropped it, etc.). Basically working one minute and not the next, in my case this was literally the case. I walked outside to grab the pizza I order on Saturday was talking on the phone with the delivery guy. Came in put on the movie and when I went to call my friend after the movie… NADA! The phone was just black and I though great the battery is dead. So walked it over to charge and low and behold the screen comes on it the battery is full and I started to try and use it nothing. I could use the tracking ball to shift from icon to icon but nothing could be selected. Not a single key would work and no side buttons either.


I was not happy so I tried the usual… pull the battery out let it sit for a minute and put it back in then pull the battery let it sit for an hour put it back in – no change. Then I started to charge it in case the battery had gone bad and it thinks that the battery is full but it’s really dead but after an hour of charging still nothing. When I googled the issue there was this thread and I read everything here and started to try it all. Tried the air can with no luck. Did the pulling out the tracking ball and taking out the battery suggested before and no change.


Then I tried the cleaning of the keyboards but without pulling the phone apart as this phone is only 5month-&-2weeks old so not voiding my warranty. But I have a computer vacuum hose which connects to my vacuum but is smaller for cleaning things like keyboards and computer parts. Did this for some time figured it would suck it out got it in the tracking back holding area and after about 10 minutes of vacuuming it in all parts put the battery back in and again it fired up and all was looking normal but no keyboard/buttons except the scrolling of the tracking ball.


Then I figured okay I have no cell let’s just take the battery out and leave it like this until the next day, 15 hours later I tried it again and there was no sign of this working. I gave up figured nothing I could do about this and left the battery off and figured I’d take it in to the store I bought it from Monday. So I got it to the office and figured let me try getting it to boot up. Sure enough no keyboard/buttons again. Call the store and told the guy the issue and he told me to bring it in after lunch.


So I put it on my desk in front of me, as I’ve always done and started to work. Next thing I know it started to just dial “5” & “2” on its own. I pick it up and try to us it and nothing. But after about 10 minutes I try to use it and a few of the keys started to work. Then finally I was able to get it to work completely. I answered my text and messages from the weekend. It was a bit annoying to have to explain to everyone that I was not ignoring them that my cell was just not working (it just sounds like a lame excuse). After I was done I put it back on my desk. It’s been about maybe 20 minutes, since I sent the last text and guess what now it’s back to not working. WTF?!?!


This phone does not get abuse as I’m actually one of those Type A who can’t let the cell get banged up or scratched or anything of the sort. It’s been in a protective silicone sleeve since I got it. The screen has its protective film on it also since the moment it was bought. THE PHONE IS SPOTLESS! Did I mention it’s only 5 & ½ weeks old?


I’m going to take it in to the store and see what they tell me and give an update but from what I have read all weekend this is very common issue with the Curve. But there was not been any comments from RIM or BlackBerry of what this problem is. I guess they figure if they ignore it they will have less chances of taking responsibility for the problem. I wonder where the others that have made these posts before live. Are these people living in humid climates too? Are the Curves so sensitive that they are not meant for use in the Southeast United States? Is this just a defect that RIM has not been able to identify in 2 years of people complaining about it? Do they plan on responding to all these comments from their consumers?


This is my first BlackBerry and I have to say this is not a good introduction to the brand. RIM should really read these threads and try to assist people in addressing the problem. If they would take the initiative and contact the consumers that are having these problems they would be able to study the problems and improve their product. But at the moment I just feel they are not interested in making improvements to their product. People keep buying them so why change anything.

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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

^ I know how you feel. I've been accused by my service provider of running my phone under a sink, so I obviously caused water damage to it, which is why my phone no longer works. Despite the fact that mere hours after I got it, the phone started messing up.


I called my service provider and asked them if there was a way to completely reset the blackberry OS, and do a fresh install, and they said they aren't trained enough to force the phone to do that. So I'm stuck with a bricked phone which I didn't break, under a 2 yr contract that will cost me roughly 480$ to cancel.


Why so much? Because my phone is 10 days old. I haven't even gotten my first bill from them yet, and I'm already screwed.

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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

I'm now on my second 8330 and a mere one week after recieving my new phone, I am having the EXACT same problems that I had on my last phone.  I have found people posting about this same problem on numerous boards and none of the solutions have worked.  It'll be interesting to see if RIM EVER addresses this issue.

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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

I'm in Arkansas and happen to have exactly the same problem. I'm on my third BB curve and now my keys aren't working. This is the second phone in a row with this problem. Is there something I'm doing that I shouldn't be?

I took it to the Sprint store today and they tried everything, yet have to order another replacement. Could it just be the fact that it's probably refurbished that none of my phones have lasted over 2 months except for the original? BlackBerry has to do something about this problem, or at least give us users an easy fix to this horrible problem.

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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

Thought I owed it to you all to share, since this post helped me out:


I too had the same problem everyone here is describing.  Blackberry 8330...keyboard non-functional.  Trackball too.  As my BB is password protected, I could not even scroll throught the icons. (although I could answer calls through my bluetooth headset)


I ended up backing up my data, using the usb cable (if you have yours password protected, remember that numbers on the keyboard do not normally correspond to the numbers on your computer keyboard-you have to look at the letters for the numbers, ie 4= s, 5=d, etc--I brainfarted and forgot this, almost wiped out my data with the 10 password try-erase function)


Anyway, after trying everything I could think of, I decided to tear down the unit, as it was out of warranty anyway, and I figured the only thing that could happen, was that I might somehow fix it.  If you feel confident enough to go this route, and you are out of warranty/insurance coverage, then it's worth a try for the tear down.  I used this video found on youtube for instructions on disassembly:



You will need a multi-head torx screwdriver.  I got mine at Home Depot for about $6.  Do not, I repeat DO NOT try to use a blade or phillips, or you will hose up the screw heads, and you will not be happy in re-assembling your phone.  Spend the 6 bucks...you can always return it if things dont work out.


Now after reading all the other posts, and watching the video, I took my unit apart, used canned air to clean all the parts(BATTERY OUT and no usb!!!) .  I'm not sure what finally saved me here, but I think I cannarrow it down to two things.


The first thing I noticed was that there was a small area of built up green corrosion on one of the contacts right next to the trackball placement.  It looked similar to corrosion you might see on an old battery.  I used iso. alcohol on a cotton swab to work this for a minute or two untill it was finally removed, and made sure all excess alcohol was wiped away and/or evaporated.  I figure moisture must have seeped down the trackball and allowed this condition over time. 


Secondly, I CAREFULLY pulled up the membrane, and swabbed all the key contact points on the board.  Replaced membrane.  I'm not sure how the keystrokes register, but I theorize that a stuck key might have led to the overall error.  By prying up the membrane sticker, and cleaning and popping out al the keystroke "buttons", this could be somehow related.  If a key was somehow stuck down, then the system may not be able to register any other keystroke or button input untill that key is depressed.  If you think this is the problem with yours, or if you hose-up the membrane in the cleaning process, I checked and found then on ebay, for usually around $6-8.  I t's called the PBC or PCB membrane, and you'll have to check the pic to make sure it matches your model. 


Anyway, after this whole ordeal, I re-assembled the system and it popped right on just like before.  Keyboard and trackball work again, no problems.  Best of luck to anyone with a busted BB!

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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

Same story as in the last 8 pages - Curve 8330, 13 months out of purchase, keyboard, all buttons and the scrollwheel click stopped working. I can get the phone to boot up, and whenever it is unplugged or replugged the screen will come on and the scroll wheel will allow me to scroll among the home screen. 


What's funny about this is that it isn't clear whether or not it is a hardware or software problem. Is a key registering as permanently depressed? Is the I/O for the buttons all screwed up? IDK, and no one has any answers other than that this model has a all too common flaw. If you search "blackberry unresponsive" this model name pops up everywhere.


I'm going to leave the battery out for 12 hrs and if it works I will post. Otherwise into the trash heap with the BB and onto an android phone!

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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

Wow this really scares me. I have had my phone since december and no issues but as of this tuesday this same thing has happened. Like what was mentioned before, leaving the battery out all night did work but within the next 10 mins it went back to that again. I am going to try and clean the pad and see if that works. Other wise a new one will be on order.

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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

i just join this site to post my problem i have a blackberry  curve 8330 too and its frozen up where the track ball only moves blah blah blah heres the thing im on of those "its my baby" type people but they still look beat up i dont abuse mine i may get water on it cause i need that so i know when to get out of the shower and steam but this is my 3rd phone my first was water damaged i droped it in water but it still worked then THAT PROBLEM they said no signs of damage and gave me a new one no questions just a look... no a glance at it and gave me a new one each one had the same issue and this last one is a fighter its done this a few times and made it but here are my 2 cents:


1) when i was a little kid i had a comp but my older brother used it and i froze nothing but the mouse worked then it worked at of the blue all of a sudden


2) if thats like your phone then heres what i think we should do; since they wont help us fix it we prevent it post what you do with your phone, do you text or call more (text), do you have internet if so do you visit possibliy bad sites (not porn but tell us if you do we wont judge)[yes;yes], is your email on there if so how many and what site(s) are they (yes;2;hotmail and yahoo),if you have email do you have spam and open it(yes;sometime not purposely), do you hae a memory card(yes since the first), ect. everything helps!


side note: that might be the reason why verison has a sale of buy one get one free going on as well


best of luck to us all and hopfully there is a common varible to this

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Re: Curve 8330 keyboard not working!!

I have not posted here for some time, but I am the guy who wrote the two very long posts early in this thread with the solutions:

1) power off, remove scroll wheel, power on without wheel

2) Phone thinks the battery is charged but is not. Charge it

3) Disassemble and clean instructions

4) Remove internal tiny battery for real reset.



I posted those solutions on two different boards and I just wanted to give some follow up and a new trick that may help people in humid climates.


Firstly I received tons of personal emails in the few weeks following those posts from people who found my solutions worked for them. Because I still receive these, I thought I would tell people that I think it would be more helpful to others if you actually say on the board what solution worked for you. (mine or otherwise).


But I do have a new trick that is just fantastic!


Humid climates and moisture issues


I recently traded messages with someone who had tried everything and with good evidence had concluded that it was his local humid climate which was causing his issues.


He had successfully dried out the phone a few times by simply leaving it for extended periods in a drawer or his old car and randomly found it was working again. The problem with this solution was that it was not really repeatable.


I suggested the following to him, and apparently it has solved the problem:


From food products to commercial electronic sensors a product called Silica Gel is used to control moisture. Have you ever opened up a bag of dried food or an electrical product and seen a small pouch that says "do not eat" which is about the size of a fast food salt packet? That is Silica Gel.

For a preventative and long term solution you can buy Propylene glycol or silica beads at any cigar shop. Simply keep your phone in a drawer, box or ziplock at night with one of these products. This should pull moisture out of the phone as needed.


If you are really hardcore or want a more elegant container then a zip-lock bag, you could actually purchase a small cigar humidor and place it on your nightstand. This nice wooden box would certainly look better then the zip-lock, and would do a much better job.


Another place where you will commonly find silica gel is mixed into cat litter.


So if you need to get your phone working fast.... just put it in a sealed container with cat litter. Remember that you should not disturb the sealed container too much as you do not want the dust to get into the phone. This may take about 24 hours but really after only a few hours you should have absorbed the moisture.



But remember that moisture does not really damage phones unless they are powered on.... so whenever you suspect moisture damage, your first step should be to power off the phone and remove the battery until the phone is dry.




Personally if I lived in a climate which was causing these issues I would consider opening up one of those silica gel packs and and placing the beads directly into the phone through the six openings on the back of the phone, under the battery door on either side of the battery.


At the very least start collecting those little silica gel packets and just toss one in your phone pocket on your way out the door every morning. I imagine each one would last for a while.