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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

I bought a Bold 9700 one year ago and backed up my phone with DTM v.5 without problems. I upgraded to v.6. when introduced and had no problems backing up my phone.

Nine days ago I upgraded to a Torch 9800 and continued the joy of backing up my new phone's information with DTM v.6. This past Monday I transferred some mp3 music files from my desktop computer to my phone. Last night DTM v.6. crashed just like tens of thousands of other BB customers have experienced on this planet.

I deleted, re-installed, deleted, re-installed several times without luck. I decided to download and install DTM v.6. on my laptop since my desktop with DTM v.6. was crashing.  On my laptop it worked fine and I backed up my info. I haven't tried a second attempt to open DTM v.6. as yet on my laptop.

The last download re-install DTM v.6. on my desktop I tried using my Bold 9700 connected and the software functioned correctly backing up my info. As soon as I connected my Torch 9800 the program crashed again in the initial startup fase identically as previously.

Why did Bold 9700 function correctly with DTM v.6. and not my Torch 9800 with some music files?

This I find very strange. Late last night I conducted a clean removal of Research in Motion folders and registry entries as stated on BB website for clean removal including registry entries. Follow RIM's instructions for clean removal and you should not have problems restarting your computer. I found it quite easy following the HK_ etc. registry paths.

I am not going to install DTM v.6. again on my computer but will try DTM v.5. specifically as a backup security measure and to get some more mp3 files on the phone since Torch 9800 is awfully limited in ring tones compared to a Motorola Razr and Bold 9700. 

I am really happy with the BB phones as it serves my needs. But more than 5 months have passed when this thread was initiated. This is unexceptable that a fix for DTM v.6.has yet to be released. I understand many users frustations especially as a vital tool in their jobs.

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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

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Hi again,

After installing DTM v.5. on my desktop computer from a Blackberry User Tools cd enclosed with my Bold 9700 I connected my Torch 9800 and received the crash message everyone else has unfortunately seen on their pc screens. "Blackberry software encountered a problem and needs to close".  I'm running win XP sp3 on the desktop.

I followed instructions provided for a clean uninstall of DTM v.5.on KB02206 except step 6 stated below on additional information after pressing F3 the screen on the right contained over a hundred registry lines none of which pretained to Research In Motion.

Additional Information

If the preceding registry key removal doesn't resolve the issue, the entire registry of Research In Motion keys might need to be searched and purged.

  1. In the Registry Editor, navigate to My Computer.
  2. Click Edit and select Find.
  3. Type Research In Motion and click Find Next.
  4. Delete the result.
  5. Press F3 to automatically find the next result.
  6. Delete the result and repeat Step 5 until no more results are produced.
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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

I have a Tour 9630 and also downloaded the new desktop manager 6.0. in hopes that it would fix the outlook 2010 non-sync issue. unforetunately when i launch DM6 everythiing seems to go well until i attempt to sync and then this msg appears "Operation failed unexpectedly". what's next? I run Window XP and Office 2010

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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

I've had the same problem since downloading & installing Desktop Manager 6... downloaded-installed-uninstalled-rebooted etc. etc. numerous times and still no joy - same error whenever I try run the program- it crashes before it has even loaded (screen shot below).


Any advice?  Anybody been able to resolve the problem yet?  All the technical info is a little confusing for me so not sure if a solution has been found yet, hope soSmiley Happy


BB Desktop Manager crash.jpg

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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

This seems to be a trend.  I just changed from an 8820 which was notbacked up since downloading 6.0 to the 9650 Tour.  6.0 crashes prior to completeing the first sync.  I did the software reset of the phone, uninstalled rebooted reinstalled rebooted and it is still failing.  At least it is different from the first set of attempts wher only 1/2 of the contacts were loaded.  The second set yeilded a transfer of 1200.  Still not sync'd are the other type of files, like the calendar.  I hope there is a fix in for this.  I know that I am running windows 7 and that may be ahead of the curve on the OS.

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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

My Desktop Manager crashes when I am syncing my 8320 just after the message appears "Processing devise address book" then the error message "Blackberry Desktop Software has stopped working" appears. I cannot copy my log here as is is over the 200,000 character limit. How can I send it to you? I am reloading version 5 until a solution is found.

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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

Sorry, the link had added the ending period to the link and made it not work...


Download link for DM 5.0 (and all other versions):



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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

frustrating.  DTM6 was working fine with BB9780 until today.  Then the crash experienced by everyone occurs on starting DTM6.  Running xp sp3.  Lousy part is DTM5 is not compatible with Outlook 2010 (gives me no message stores error and ran all the fixes posted regarding fixing MAPI etc.) and DTM6 is - you know!  So, completely out of options for syncing phone and outlook 2010.  RIM has to fix this. 

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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

I found this in this site http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/dynamickc.do?externalId=KB24033&sliceID=1&command=show&forward=nonth...


The solution is revert back to BlackBerry Desktop Software 5.01 download at https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads/quickdownload.do;jsessionid=E6A9657765E1B4ED003A8804856421BA.no...


Cool guys!  I'm too a victim tried everything especially the one that remove videos from the folder and I even edited the registry entry.  It worked for a while after a couple of syncing it stopped working again.



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Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 Crashing

Hi all.


Are people still having issues with BDM6 crashing when trying to use it?


I have been having this issue for a little whilse and have spent the last few hours tracking it down.  Simply put, the issue(s) appear to be around BDM6 addresses the screen/video memory/Windows Aero.


An explanation:


I have been using BDM5 for a while and upgraded to 6 around August last year.  It was then I started having issues.  I ignored them as BDM5 worked fine for my Storm 2 9520.  Unfortunately, when my wife got her Torch 9800 BDM was no longer enough - needs BDM6.


The issue I found was that it would load fine and connect to the device, but whenever I attempted to click a menu item or anything with a tooltip (a little window with an explanation of the control) it would crash - though I only found out that it was this specific this afternoon.


I tried on a different laptop which uses Aero and all is well - this was when the penny dropped concerning the tooltips/screen addressing.


I have now checked this on 5 different laptops/PCs and those that have Aero correctly configured, I have no issues whatsoever.  Those machines that have older graphics cards/not enough video performace for Aero ALL had the SAME issue regardless of OS/RAM/Manufacturer etc.


Checking the logs on all the machines indicates that this is the fault that is showing up in the logs as a memory access violation (c0000005).


I would recommend those users that have an issue with this sort of behaviour to contact their local IT/Windows support organisation (if stuck seek out MRT502 Solutions Limited or similar organisations).


For RIM, I would look into how the application address the screen when displaying overlays - particularly the non-standard tools/plugins the developers are using when using Visual Studio to write the application (I have had similar issues previously when writing apps then deploying to disparate systems) and see if they can rectify this fault.


Customers would prefer an application that works over a pretty interface that doesn't - EVERYTIME.


Hope this helps some of you at any rate.