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Registered: ‎08-13-2010
My Device: 9530 Storm
My Carrier: Verizon

Desktop Software 6 does not connect to my 9530 and does not exit

Desktop 6 will not connect to my 9530 Storm. Apploader works fine, just reloaded OS last night. Mass Storage works, so there is no problems with PC not "seeing" the 9530, just desktop manager 6. I've tried all the suggestion about doing clean install. I have reinstalled 5.0.1 and it has no problems connecting to device. What confuses me though is that Loader.exe (AppLoader Version: can see and communicate with the device which is part of the Desktop 6 suite. Also when you go to exit program it freezes on screen and you have to kill with task manager. The only function that works is the "Check for software updates" (for desktop manager). Below is snippet from Desktop.log that shows versions and exit problem, also notice that device is null when you try to "switch" devices. Been watching multiple forums for the past couple of days and have not seen same problem or solution. Any help would be appreciated. Staying on version 6 because i use AppLoader more than Desktop manager.


Date|Log Level|Thread ID|Module ID|Log ID|Message [2010-08-12 21:20:39.546]
21:20:39.687|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|1|Application Started
21:20:39.765|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|2|Rim.Desktop.exe Version:
21:20:39.796|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|2|OS Version: XP [Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3]
21:20:39.796|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|2|CLR Version: 2.0.50727.3615
21:20:40.390|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|2|AppLoader Version:
21:20:40.640|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|2|Device Manager Version:
21:20:40.859|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|2|BBDevMgr Version:
21:20:42.375|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|2|Serial USB Driver Version:
21:20:42.656|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|2|USB Driver Version:
21:20:52.968|DEBUG|1|Rim.Desktop.Common.CommandBase|0|Start: Rim.Desktop.Common.Commands.ApplicationCommands.CheckForUpdates
21:20:54.359|DEBUG|1|Rim.Desktop.Common.CommandBase|0|Finish: Rim.Desktop.Common.Commands.ApplicationCommands.CheckForUpdates
21:23:38.125|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.BackupRestore|0|Device switch wizard operating in switch mode
21:23:41.437|DEBUG|1|Rim.Desktop.Common.CommandBase|0|Start: Rim.Desktop.Common.ViewModel.WizardPageViewModel.<CreateCommands>b__0
21:23:41.453|DEBUG|1|Rim.Desktop.Common.CommandBase|0|Finish: Rim.Desktop.Common.ViewModel.WizardPageViewModel.<CreateCommands>b__0
21:23:41.468|DEBUG|1|Rim.Desktop.Common.CommandBase|0|Finish: Rim.Desktop.Shell.Commands.ApplicationCommands.InvokeDeviceSwitchWizard
21:23:41.468|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|0|ReleaseDeviceManagementControl Executed
21:23:41.468|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|0|[ChangeCurrentDevice] CurrentDevice: null NewDevice: null
21:23:41.468|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|0|[ChangeCurrentDevice] Device state. null.
21:23:41.468|ERROR|1|Rim.Desktop.Services.DeviceManager|0|[CurrentDeviceUpdate] Resetting device to null.
21:23:41.468|INFO |1|Rim.Desktop.Shell|0|[ChangeCurrentDevice] Device state. Exiting.
21:23:41.468|DEBUG|1|Rim.Desktop.Common.CommandBase|0|Finish: Rim.Desktop.Shell.ViewModel.MyBlackBerryViewModel.<get_LaunchDeviceSwitchWizardCommand>b__1a
21:34:33.437|INFO |14|Rim.Desktop.Services.Device|0|[Rim:Smiley Very Happyesktop:Smiley Frustratedervices:Smiley Very Happyevice:Smiley Very HappyeviceMonitorService::~DeviceMonitorService] Dispose DeviceMonitorService.
21:34:33.453|INFO |14|Rim.Desktop.Shell|0|TASK: [Desktop Exit], STATE: Progressing, TRANSITION: none, OPERATION: Void <OnClosing>b__4(), ERROR: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Rim.Desktop.Services.Tasks.TaskManager.Close()
   at Rim.Desktop.Services.Device.DeviceMonitorService.~DeviceMonitorService()
   at Rim.Desktop.Services.Device.DeviceMonitorService.Dispose(Boolean )
   at Rim.Desktop.Services.Device.DeviceMonitorService.Dispose()
   at Rim.Desktop.Services.DeviceManager.DeviceManager.Dispose(Boolean disposing)
   at Rim.Common.Utilities.DisposableBase.Dispose()
   at Rim.Desktop.Shell.ViewModel.MyBlackBerryViewModel.<.ctor>b__5(Object arg)
   at Rim.Desktop.Common.CommandBase.Execute(Object parameter)
   at Microsoft.Practices.Composite.Presentation.Commands.CompositeCommand.Execute(Object parameter)
   at Rim.Desktop.Shell.Views.MainWindow.<OnClosing>b__4()
   at Rim.Desktop.Services.Tasks.Task.RunOneOperation()
21:34:33.453|INFO |14|Rim.Desktop.Shell|0|TASK: [Desktop Exit], STATE: Failed, TRANSITION: none, OPERATION: none, DURATION: 49

New Contributor
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎08-13-2010
My Device: 9530 Storm
My Carrier: Verizon

Re: Desktop Software 6 does not connect to my 9530 and does not exit

Just thought I would provide update, not working yet but I install USBlyzer to "watch" the usb port that my Storm was attached to. When I launch Loader.exe (AppLoader Version: it communicates with the device and I can capture the traffic. When I launch BBSAK (Blackberry Swiss Army Knife) it too communicates  and I can capture the traffic. When I launch any of my other tools to "look" at ny device on the usb port it can find it and communicate with it. However when I launch Desktop Manager 6, there is absolutely no traffic on the USB port that the device is attached to. So RimDeviceManager.exe can see it, BBDevMgr.exe javaloader.exe can see it....  all parts of Desktop Manager 6 install. So Why oh why can't Rim.Desktop 6 see it!