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Re: Does no one know how to help me with this? (was not user friendly)

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Well, there are a lot of "should be's" in that, and I'm not going to try and answer any of it point-by-point. But just leave it at the fact that this site has nothing whatsoever to do with any formal support from BlackBerry whatsoever. As you've noted, it is volunteer supported, and a user-to-user community. You may want SLA's, but they don't exist. You may want more than this site can give, but that doesn't exist. I may want to be financially independent...but that doesn't exist.

Lastly -- it is my understanding that when a new user signs up that they are indeed presented with all of the Ts and Cs about what this site is about and what to expect from it. If you were not presented with any of that, then there indeed may be something "broken" in the site that needs fixing. So please confirm what you were presented with when you signed up here, and if that was not the proper things, then we can ask the MODS to look into it.


Edit -- Lastly2 -- is it fair, given all of this, to start out by "bashing" the volunteers for the failures you see? For, if you re-read the opening of your first post in this thread, that's exactly how it gets interpreted, given how the site actually works. If your intention was to bash BlackBerry, then that did not come across...

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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Re: Does no one know how to help me with this? (was not user friendly)

I spoke truth as I see it. The opening of my first post was "I notice that most posts don't get answered in here too. Personally it really upsets me that people come in here because they need help yet they don't receive it." I was agreeing with the person I was responding to and what I truthfully noticed. Perhaps "most" was the inoperative word and using the word "lots" would be more operative but let's not get caught up in semantics. Facts are facts and the fact remains that there are a lot of people who come in here who do not get responses to their posts. It's just a fact. There was no "bashing" of volunteers. I am allowed to be upset that people go to a SUPPORT FORUM and do not receive support. I do not see how that is "bashing" anyone. In the last post before this I was pointing out that the system is flawed, not the volunteers. How about you yourself go back and read. Yes, this sure appears to be a formal Blackberry support forum. It definitely should state it in the write up description when you do a search that it is not the formal Blackberry support forum if it is not. Or at least at the top of the opener page where you see Blackberry Support Forums. Most people don't go into a site and read the terms & conditions to find out first if the site is official if it looks official. I most certainly believed this site being a "formal" Blackberry site (which you just stated is not) was Blackberry's responsibility. Again, go back and read the last few lines I wrote in my last post. I don't need to repeat what I said.

Do a search on Blackberry Support Forums. I would love to show you what I found in my screen capture but I have no idea how to add that in here. This forum is the first that comes up in the search. It says General support, not unofficial support. The "sub titles," if you will, under it says Developer Support Forums (Welcome to the Official BlackBerry). Under that there is a "sub title" that says Blackberry (Welcome to the Official BlackBerry Support Community Forums ...). Both of these "sub titles" have the same forum address..official to me means official. Why should I believe anything different? You click on the link and enter the site to a welcome message "Welcome to the Official BlackBerry Support Community Forums. This is your resource to discuss support topics with your peers, and learn from each other. New to the forum? Please visit the ‘Getting Started’ link below." Either you are misinformed that this is the official site or the public are being misled and this is really not the official site.

I couldn't tell you what I was presented with when I signed up since it was way back in December of 2011. I have a hard time remembering last week. I would assume there were terms & conditions but I honestly don't remember. I couldn't tell you what I saw and what I read.

Upon looking at the terms & conditions right now there's a lot of info about RIM and the usual what we agree not to do, etc. It has the usual disclaimer of warranties and liabilities. It says suggestions, ideas and concepts belong to/are the property of RIM. RIM does not guarantee the accuracy, etc. It does say "You acknowledge that any user of the discussion board who works for RIM is deemed to be doing so solely for identification purposes and that you agree that any end user content provided by such user shall not be deemed to be RIM content, or be representative of the views and opinions of RIM." I admit I'm a little confused by these statements. It says in one breath "suggestions, ideas and concepts belong to/are the property of RIM," goes on to say "..user of the discussion board who works for RIM.." but then in the next breath says "what they say shall not be deemed to be RIM content or representative of views and opinions of RIM." If you're working for someone you ought to be representing them. Just sounds like "oh they work for me but I'm not taking responsibility for what they say." But that doesn't say to me anything about this not being an official support site.

I don't know but this whole Terms & Conditions thing wreaks of RIM ownership except that last statement, under Intellectual Property Rights, I mentioned. However! There is NOTHING in there that says anything about this site not being official Blackberry help. Don't know what I read back then but that's what I read now.